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How to shift a 32" CRT TV

Its a fresh day and according to the window the weather seems fair which is quite good.

I need to think about packing my stuff away to move into the new place this weekend. most of it should be fairly easy because its just things i can put in my bag… other than my TV and the big box of papers i seem to be hoarding. Maybe i should go through those and keep the important ones. Theres letters and assignments, notes and all sorts of college and uni stuff in there. As far as the TV… this may need a rethink because i’m not carrying and old fashioned huge 32 inch TV from one half of cheltenham to the other. I may have to see if i can find a stray trolly and do it student style. Same with the microwave, its a but heavy.

The last time i moved stuff with trollys was quite fun. in 1997 when we moved into our house in walcot we found about 4 trollys from sainsburys and tescos. We parked them all down our alleyway on the side of the house. We then started playing trains with them and found more. My dad told us off for finding so many so we had to dump them all back around Walcot.

Back to now… and yeah so i’m hoping to get things sorted by “Action day Monday” and then depending on what’s happening with Yorkshire move in ASAP.

I’m putting a new radio demo together as well and thinking about going for the Student Radio awards for best male with all my creative stuff and silly bits in there. In The Dark is already going for it but there’s things my show does that the other show doesn’t so it might be worth a go.

Back to the future "hoax"

Just mainly for people who saw it and people who know me, i knew that picture was wrong… I’ve seen the film loads… so when i saw that i was like “no… he went forward to 2015 in like October.


No i’ve not gone into the business of pyromania… or being a prodigy tribute act. I’m watching the Steven King film firestarter. It was a film i discovered when life got extreemly bad. It was on BBC1 and it helped me escape. plus the music in it was very 80s. It’s even got Drew Barrymore in it and it reminds me of Ruby for some strange reason. I was feeling in-different about things and the music in this makes me feel all fuzzy and warm inside, i wanted to make sure it still happened.

I just watched Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy, it was ok i guess. It seems like one of those films id have seen in the cinema and never see again, but i have it on DVD so i’m sure i’ll watch it again with someone.

Today was another chilled relaxed day. I went into uni to help Jelmer put the student radio demo together. Things are getting sorted with the new place which is cool. im off out to get that done tomorrow so Monday isn’t action day again.

Time to go and watch this film 🙂

Cheap Cake

I am a man. I like cheap cake. Rubarb pie is nice and apple slices are too. So in the short term my people of this blog thing, you must ask yourself this question, a question that has plagued me for years. How much does a ferry full of 3 legged grey hound dogs (With one floating dog for each car) in Robin Reliants weigh? That’s todays post Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated? Love you

Dawg Gone

I was at uni yesterday doing some more messing about in the studio, practicing things and just making lots of noise. On the way out the gates we were approached by a happy looking dog. It seemed to greet everyone so we said hello and walked on… but the dog followed us. I was with Jelmer and didnt know what to do about this dog, so we cooked it.

We did’nt really cook it, we called the police who were totally not helpful. So we took it to the security guard at park. We had to call him though because he was at another campus. Anyway we waited for him to come and sort things out while we sat with the dog. You’d have thought that dogs would have been found on a regular basis and the police would have done more to help us out with the finding of the owners, but it must have taken about 10 phone calls to a number of people who had a variety of different numbers and secret numbers for people with other numbers. He phoned them and they came with a barbecue and we cooked it.
That bit didnt happen either, but what actually happened was while waiting i spoke with the dog. Previously i suggested we ride it to town, and i asked what the dogs name was. He tripped while going over a ramp so i called him Trippy. We didnt know his real name but followed with enthusiasum if you said “Come on” in a high pitched voice he would go where you said. He seemed to be missing his owner i think because he told me. Well.. when i say that he didnt speak with his mouth. he wanted a hug and the hug shop was open. We waited till the security man managed to get hold of a warden. After nearly 3 hours wait and being bitten by midgies we gave the dog to the warden. It didnt have a collar but it was chipped, that was the good deed done for the day so we left. To my knowledge the dog was not eaten and was sent back to its owner.
Today didnt really consist of many actions. I stayed in the dark because i was having a dark day. Although i went out near the end of it. Just went to uni, messed about with music again and left. The Junkalitous tablets are going ok i think. So far ive not forgotten to take them.

Morning Toastie, and 2009 posts update

I’m sat on my bed having a toastie.

I’m taking these Junkalitous tablets, and they are making me more wizzy aroundy than regular everyday. I woke at 6am and been up since. I did some editing and got bored, and then a little sleepy again so i went to sleep but couldn’t. but i was hungry so that led up to this toastie event happening now. I’ve had have of it and to be honest i’m not really feeling it.

Ok i finished it now, and want some more at the same time as not. Jeepers if I’m unbearable regular everyday when people ask me what I’m on, god help the world when i actually am on something!

I actually think that i shouldnt do anything today considering that i was all a bit moody on Saturday and Sunday and should just watch telly. I should just not think. Watch some Jeremy kyle, but not get too into it to the point it mushes my brains off. I should get this demo for the SRA done though… It’s high on my list.

I had some tablity things before to help my throat get better before. I didn’t blog about it because it happened in 2009 and not much really was mentioned that year. Probably cause it was shit… I wont dwell, but i suppose I’ll update you with this long delayed posty bit… Below are some FB status updates from then 

  • Johnny Robinson Hates Jazz
  • I have a serious voice issue today. I’ve got a bad throte and i sound like Louis Armstrong… What great radio that will make tonight at 8pm
  • According to the Doctor i have a Viral infection in my throte. I’ve got some special Anti Bionics to take. Appererently im alergic to Parasealion or something… Learn something new every day. 
  • Dan Rodgers Penicillin?

    My mums allergic to that too… and brother has to take 2 everyday go figure.

    22 May 2009 at 21:21 
  • Johnny Robinson Yep thats the one… i cant seem to remember what its called. They should just call it something easy like sr11 or something

    22 May 2009 at 21:43 
  • Dan Rodgers lol they probs do but penicillin is the commercial name that it is sold under..

    22 May 2009 at 21:44 
  • Johnny Robinson ahh rity. Well whatever it is its complicated for folk like myself who is lacking of knowledge of this. I dont care what it is tbh just make me better and fast lol

    22 May 2009 at 21:51 
  • Dan Rodgers Lol, It isnt good for radio presenter to have dodgy voice..

    22 May 2009 at 21:54 
  • Johnny Robinson im going to sound rough tomorrow lol… A whole day at the asda in orbital retail park… then a show… ohhh. Might have to sit it out 😐

    22 May 2009 at 21:55
  • Dan Rodgers lol

  • Grrr Voice still not good enough to do voice overs. Whatever this thing is thing is i hope i don’t get it again.
  • GGGGRRRRRRROOOOWWWWWWLLLLLLLL! Throat killing me. Didnt get throat sweets today and shops closed now 😦 another crap night then
  • Ouch! I’ve been singing… maybe i shouldnt have. Starting to feel throte go funny again… Not to mention distroying next doors eardrums. Everybody’s unhappy
  • I wonder if im dieing of throat Fucktyness. If so hurry up cos its as annoying as me writing about it on here every 5 mins

Dan Rodgersposted toJohnny Robinson
27 May 2009
Haha, you ever going to stop bitchin’ ’bout your throat!!
    • Johnny Robinson  Not till i’ve revoved my voicebox… Im Fucked off with my bloody throat and its so annoying

      27 May 2009 at 01:25
    • Dan Rodgers lol.

      Hmm i wonder. if you insured your troat/voice would they pay out for when you get throat infections?

      27 May 2009 at 01:26
    • Johnny Robinson dunno… If i was insured it when i was 5 would they pay out when it broke?

      27 May 2009 at 01:27 
    • Johnny Robinson you know that kicky thing kids do when they dont like something? a bit like stamping but kicking. I just did that. I’d rather jump off a cliff than put up with this but i need to think of my adoring fans (Paul burgess and Charmaine Miller)

      27 May 2009 at 01:30 
    • Dan Rodgers LOL >< o yes you have to love your adoring fans…

      27 May 2009 at 01:36
    • Dan Rodgers and they love you. in fact. they are watching you right now… well one of them is anyway.

      27 May 2009 at 01:37 
    • Johnny Robinson if someones watching me stab me, poisen me, Throw me in a pool of that stuff that instantly changes things to ice just get this annoying throat thing AWAY. Actually dont kill me… Im listening to roxy music in the dark so that would ruin the moment. I wonder what would happen if i drank the contents of my almost full bag of sugar.

      27 May 2009 at 01:44
    • Dan Rodgers Johnny don’t do it! lol

      27 May 2009 at 01:46
    • Johnny Robinson lol weell atleast im showing signs of positiveness lol the bags mostly full not a little empty

      27 May 2009 at 01:47 
    • Dan Rodgers Ah true…

      Well you know what they say…

      “Always look on the bright side of life… do do do do de do dum

      always look on the lliiiight side of life.”

      27 May 2009 at 01:59

I also put “Hates Jazz” because i thought it would be funny for Johnny to hate Jazz and “Ahh! Weird boy in the studio”… a weird boy came in the studio that day and i had to ask him to leave. His mum told him to come in apperently. It was like a stray cat, but it was a boy. A stray boy.

Anyway this update was brought to you by the sun, shining down brightly most of the day!

Junkalitus, Spicy Food, Sleepynesss

Time goes so fast don’t it? It feels like this morning went in an hour… could be cause im tired. I could forget today even existed until i carved it up in to little bits and remembered “oh yeah… i did that”.

So lets go to jonk’s carvery:

A slice of morning shows that i woke up and caved around until my dad showed up. He came all the way from German place, to sleep and then just have a few hours around.

A chop of lunch time meat shows that I was in a pub like off life on mars. The glue pot looks like its not been touched since the 70s.

And this sliver from the afternoon shows me coming back on the train to cheltenham.

So its with this point the carvery is finished. I didn’t say it was big.

I got some tablets today… i should have started takin them on friday. I’m not gona say what for but lets just say its for Junkalitous – It doesn’t exist… but i’m sure the story of these tablets will be something i mention. I suppose a little story that keeps cropping up.

And finally i had some spicy dinner from the chinese place, it was pretty nice. I decided to not have Spicy stuff because it made me feel sick. I think its OK every so often.

I had this weird sleep last night which included a weird dream to do with an in joke. It was called “The great british countdown” and it was all about the best bits of britain. It included Jelmer and i visiting a high street in the town of UPTOWN (i dont know if this was real) and there were celebritys talking about it, where they started singing a song about it and then the last place on the highstreet was the electrical and television centre where they not only sold washing machines, fridges and other white goods, but also had this huge video and dvd rental place with loads of film stuff including batman posters that had “Uptown” written on them from all the batman films and the place was even famous in hollywood. Jelmer and i were walking around amazed and just generally thinking it was silly. Then they showed this video of Buzz from Home Alone saying hello to Uptown.

I’m gona write things once i get some sleep. I’m pretty tired. Night!!

this post is worth double gold coins

.todays blogsworth of fun is two days of posts because i fell asleep before i could do it.

i had a doctor appointment, then trondled myself into uni to mess about with the kit and did some mixing on my kit. i need to get better at it.

i got a text from my sister,she had her baby which was good. its weird because the way people get a few days before babys come its like they have an age wait.

jelmer and i are looking for good bits for our demo to the student radio association. this continued til 10 pm then went home. i think i didnt sleep til 1am, and jess texted me at 2am or something. i didnt wake up. I slept a bit rubbish.

i sware i was talking to myself in my head while sleeping cause i was all groggy like someone kept you up all night like they wudnt shut the fuck up, hehe.

My nose hurted, so i looked in the mirror and my face didnt shock me any more than a normal day so i left it alone.

i got ready to go out, and then i did, because thats what happens. whoo. jumped on the train and met mar. sorry these posts are pretty general arnt they – regular every day life.

so… went so see my sister, who is currently swamped with baby hungry friends but i managed to get a hold of the baby. conversation went onto a dead woman called fanny… so i said she was now named fanny holder. i nearly killled my mum as she climed up the steep hill when i said that.

id been on planet urrrgh for most of the day so went bak to mars and just been here since. went online and wrote this. i cud have seen my dad but im gona see him tomorrow before he goes. im just still on flaff mood.

so what will tomorrow bring? well tomorrows post will reveal. my question to you…

Should i do sumfin interesting or daft to spice this blog up?

one more thing to wrap up the day

today could have been the moment i found a golden ticket. i went to tescos get some bits and bobs and on the way back after crossing the road i found some scratch cards. nobody was around so i picked it up. i got back, scratched it and lost. but when i found it i thought… what if this one of those fate left this for me things and the charlie and the chocolate factory ive got a golden ticket moment and it won like 20k. but it wasnt. so it was a luck fuck. lucky i found the tickets but they were loosers so life didnt change at all.

im going back tomorrow at some point. ooh and i baught some audio books the other day. hitchhikets guide tothe galaxy series 4, some shakespear thing, george orwells 1984 and one called “how to change ur life in 7 steps”. i never listened to those things so thought id give it a try.  it had some good points to it but it was pretty obvious though. i found it funny in a haha way cause it said what i already knew but kinda put an explination behind it i guess.

anyway i should go to sleep for tonorrow. i shud be in a regular mood by then i think 😀 niiight

oh, one of those

last nite i forgot to charge my phone so got a txt from tom saying “happy birthday mary shingles” and then got on with cleaning up stuff in castle bobskull. but while doing that my leg started hurting and its still hurty. tom said it sounds like a strain or sumfin. other than that not much has happened today. just tired which is why iv not gone back yet.

im in one of those moods where i just want company. ive not really been in a funny mood last few days, probs because of my stress.  i think theres been a couple of times. i think i get annoying when i panic or nervous.

like when im waiting in court. i remember last time i was singing songs and this time i was saying so many stuff that was inappropriate. i wonder why my friends put up with that sometimes. i dont feel like ive had time for the stress to go away. kinda why another reason i didnt travel today bk to cheltenham. anyway thats not gona change till i do sumfin about it and im probs better off without

on a happy note, i have icecream. yum.