Monthly Archives: October 2015

The long and short of it

I didn’t finish the third part of the last blog but let’s skim over that and save it for another day.

Since the last blog I’ve just kind of been ticking over. In short, ive had a hair cut, been working on productions and looking for work, plus lots of writing and generally catching up with sleep, ensuring I don’t stay up too late. Also we’ve been watchin agents of shield, which I’m really into at the moment. Arrow is back on but im finding it hard to get into, but that happens with whatever I’m watching always takes me time to get into. Looking forward to watching flash though.

Also… it’s clearly Autumn now and i don’t like it. It’s too cold already and I’m still not great with sleeping in the cold so I might need to start takig another blanket to bed with me. People say that autumn and winter are good because you can wrap up, when in the summer you have no choice to be hot… you do, you have have lollys and icy drinks… but still the thing about cold weather is it means you have to find the stuff to put on and then in some cases put it over my head because when i sleep i feel mega crappy.

Anyway its nearly time for bed. Hope that’s a good enough update 🙂