Monthly Archives: July 2010

Bit of an update

Ok so im sat here just being creatively frustrated.

Strange things have happened in life, which are for the good. Had a bit of a crazy week last week and i think Ive only just recovered from that. I went to visit my friend Dave in Newcastle (the one that used to live with me in Halifax) about 2 months ago. We had a bit of a falling out but things are OK now. I went up to see a friend i made last time i went up and had a brilliant week :D.
I’m seeing Ruby next week, i cant wait. Im bringing her down to Swindon for 2 weeks.
Radio stuff… well THE FIX radio is being worked on, it’s just a matter of 1 meeting to kick things off.
Thats about it really at the moment. I haven’t had a rant for a while… Maybe i should come here and have ago again soon!