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Moving back to Swindon

Well the date is Set. Moving back this friday. Going to have a few drinks and a chat with people i havn’t seen for 2 years. I cant belive it actually is 2 years ago that i told Swindon FM that i was going.

2 years on, theres no Swindon FM, Community Radio Swindon is applying for a licence. Pretty proud of my self. The last 2 years have been eventfull, but due to unfortunisities i’m off back to my dads (For a few months) to make some money and get a radio Job. An just think, If it wasn’t for a man called Carl Humphries none of it would of happened.

My brother was calling me a Northern Monkey the other day on the phone. I’ve spent long enough over here. Since working in the nightclub i’m more confient in arguments and arn’t afraid to get pissed in public anymore. I dont think i could go without Caroline, its great that she’s coming too, And its Cool that Claire is coming too for a bit. She needs a break.

There are people from the night club Caroline and myself would like to invite to our wedding, but we dont have your contact Details, so If the following people read this blog please put a comment in and i will arrange to contact with you

People we like to invite. All from Coliseum between June 2005-October 2006

Louise (B & T) (Bar)
Jackie (Bar)
Gemma M (Glass)
Natalie (Also Worked in the Cell, Halifax)
Emma (Former Supervisor)
Kate Selby (Former Deputy Manager)
Sarah & Emma L (Bar)
Ronald & Amy (Glass & bar)
Anthony (Bar)
Rob (Glass)
Craig (Glass)
Ian (Former Supervisor)
Aidrien Smith (Former Admin)
Kevin (Bar)
Dale Mackerill (FISH, Supervisor)
Any others i may have forgot will be listed on my website next week

It was a pleasure working with you all


I was trying to think of a title for this but i couldn’t think of it.

Work takes the piss big time. I’m on the verge of getting fired for something i have not done.



I’m not going back to work, Instead


I’m so pissed off with how things have gone and now thats the final straw. I went to work today and was told to admid what i had done… I HAVN’T DONE ANYTHING SO HOW CAN I ADMIT??

I wasnt thinking of coming back to swindon till i found out about the Radio thing, but looks like i’m going to have to go if i don’t want to get even more into debt. I’m not going alone though. I’m bringing Caroline my fience, and our friend Claire to stay with us and my dad. My Brother’s moved out ages ago so his rooms spare, along with another room in my dads house. Its only him staying there in a 3 bedroom house so thats good.

I also heard that my little brother Matty had an argument with my mum and step dad about money and isnt living there anymore. I was waiting for that to happen and it did. Hopefully he will see my point and get the hell away from them.

The “Kid” subject has entered into my life now. I was banging on about it ages ago but now it’s been Resorected after explaining a few things to caroline about my mum, and we’ve decided that if we have any kids my mum won’t see them. I already offered her a chance, and nothingness has come from it. I had a comment back saying that she dosent forgive me so stuff her.

So i’l be back on line at my dads in a few weeks. Keep an eye on the Mental Page, i have some audio Ready to put up. (


Edwards!!! YES!!!!


And i had chips.

Last week i gained £120 from my flat mate dave, and it had been a while since i’d been out so i went to see my uncle Tom and Great Cousin Gordon. I met gordon in Bradford, went to this Bar, gordon thought it would be cheep but apperently his pint costed too much, so then we went to Edwards in Bradford, I got served without question. There was hardly nobody in anyway.

Through the whole day we had been putting cash into the fruit machines. Well then tom came in, we had a chat and watched Deal or no deal. I’d saved about £40 for going out that day, and then we went to Buckingham Bingo, (Im Really crap at bingo, the bloke goes too fast) Gordon Won loads of cash there so he split it and gave us a share. That was cool.

I got the train to Halifax just in time for the last bus and got home with £6 more than i went out with. Then i baught a takeaway. Funky Stuff. Went to Ethos and visage the day after. Nearly got into a fight but the night was good. £1 for VK Cherry.

Situation so far

God this is getting silly.

Been suspended from work since Thursday. Not allowed to discuss it with People i may know from the company so as a precaution i’m not going to mention the reasons till all has been sorted and for personal reasons i’m changing some of the words i’ve used in this blog before they come and bite me in the ass. What i will say is that friday 6th i had an interview with the bosses and i’m not allowed in at work untill further notice.

I also know that 5 other people have been suspended along with me, so i dont feel alone anymore. The funny thing is that the people who have been suspended confurm a rumour that they are trying to get rid of the staff that were there before the current bosses started, which all 5 staff have been as they are the most experienced, and All mentioned in a letter i sent to management.

I’m still looking for new work, had a meeting with this guy last week and will hopefully get in touch with me. If i get dismissed from work i will be applying for un-fair dismissal, which is why i am changing the words on my blog.

Still Skint, Still stressed and still pissed off. I cant sleep properly, i keep moving around at night and the otherday i smashed a chair up.

Oh well, i’m actually going to Phoenix tomorrow to put some tracks on to the computer. I found a tenner in my pocket too so that cheared me up, and while off work last week, Me and 2 other people (one is my girlfriend and one is someone we were mates with before we all worked at the same place) got pissed on thursday, Friday, Saturday and on sunday we had jelly vodka instead of working.

Work life is going down the toilet, bot other stuffs going fun.