Oh, I thought you’d not be busy today

I’m working this Christmas period. As mentioned before, I work in a Cinema… not saying which one for… reasons. I have Christmas day off, and new year period off.

But one thing I’m bound to hear from a customer, which I heard last year… “Oh, you’re busy, I thought it would be quiet today”.

Clearly though, others had the same thought. I actually don’t know why people would think that… I mean along with pubs and restaurants, we’re still open. It’s also weird because big supermarkets close at certain times and a multiplex cinema is basically a supermarket version of a cinema.

Christmas is the busiest times. I’m working until the cinema closes on Christmas Eve and Boxing day… so I wont get home till after midnight. I’m not complaining by any means, but I don’t think people actually know that Christmas eve and Boxing day is always heaving.

So I’ll be running up and down getting popcorn and Iceblasts until at least 9pm on these days. People will be frustrated, even if I wear a tiny Christmas tree on my head and a lovely Christmas jumper.

But the Phrase “I thought you wouldn’t be this busy today… you’d think people have homes to go to” just amuses me 🙂

Merry Christmas film fans.

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