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Loving tooth ache like tooth ache.

I’m writing this blog in the morning in the hopes that even though I endeavour to be coherent later on, there coukd be a chance that it’s not the case.

Today the plan is to edit some podcast, get some admin work done and then have my tooth out with as little pain and as little post dental embarrassment and discomfort as possible. The last few times I’ve come back I did some podcast work and fell asleep at 8pm.

In other news I should now batten down the hatches for a very busy May as i need to really crack on with plans regarding the long podcast. I would imaging that’s a job to work on tomorrow.


For a change (and also because Zoe is away this week) I recorded the Prick Up Your Ears Podcast with Robin Smith which was quite a lot of fun. It was nice to have someone actually in front of me while we did the podcast as he was in the same room, something I’m looking forward to on the longest podcast.

I also had a lovely day meeting people at Park Campus on a random. They met Finn whih was pretty cool, he had 2 gingerbread men thanks to my friend Nicole. It was really funny watching him react to people i used to see all the time. I went to see Nicole to catch up but what always happens is other people go past or see us and come over and say hi, which is really nice. Missing all of them though.

Tomorrow… my tooth is being taken out. I’m dreading it because the last time “I got shot 9 times, plow plow plow” kept coming out my mouth. Groan. Thanks 50cent. 5anks.

I am a busy

Today has been a day where things did get done, and updated and all sorts really. Just as productive as yesterday really. I did most of the things I needed to. I’ve nearly done with my website so hopefully tomorrow I will get it to do what I want. I have at least done the about me section and the bars are done but the front page is all ballsed up at the moment. You can see the about me section at

I need to keep an eye on the websites a bit more often. Groan but smile.

Productive day

I’ve had a pretty productive day today. I’ve been a good and looked at the things that need sorting for the longest podcast. I’ve not finished tidying my stuff yet though.

I ticked off getting in touch with Audioboom, and we’ll have a new banner on the top of the Sound Gorillas page by tomorrow. Also I finally finished and uploaded the latest* podcast. I also made the previously mentioned banner, had a long conversation with Jelmer ipthis afternoon and set up things that will be uploaded to the website tomorrow.

And things are set to be busy again even though i have Finn I’m managing to get on with stuff. As I have Finn in the day I’ve ended up playing with him for most of the time he is awake. I’ve got a couple of jobs to apply for, a couple of promos, a video, some emails to semd off and a couple of other things to do by Friday and looking on schedule.

My life is so action packed.

*= latest as in recorded on the first week of April and passed off as more recent than it actually is.

Spring cleaning

So today I did a spot of spring cleaning. Well sort of anyway. We decided that the spring cleaning will be gradually done, but I’ve removed some of the crap from he kitchen so now it looks more like a kitchen and not like a warehouse full of reject things.

I have a massive box of things that needs to be sorted out. I threw out a bunch of old notes, but I read through some of them before binning them. I felt bad about doing it a little, but Id used them all, or they were notes during my Tone shows, i think it was more memories.

There was one note that stuck in my head though. In my first year of uni I wasn’t into pro tools. I did all my work using audition until the second year when I got pro tools. I think in the first or second semester and I went up to Yorkshire, met with my uncle Tom, and over drinking some foxes vodka (foxes fruit sweets and vodka that we had been experiencing with) we had a conversation about firstly a story about a nightclub where people were liquified as an experience and they danced around on the floor as different colours and they come out back as people at the end, but one night the cleaners threw some dirty water in with the “Splodgers” and they had to close the club down until they sorted out how to make the people come back. Then Tom explained that he had a dream where I was using the computer while editing… and said that in the dream the editing programme looked like this…


Here’s a screen shot of the Prick Up Your Ears podcast…


They’re quite similar. Anyway I just thought it was really weird that it was kind of what he saw then. But yeah, that’s all thrown now.

Right… ┬áTime for bed.


It’s Saturday and not really loads to report back on, not many long silly thoughts. This afternoon we went to The Harvester with Aphre’s parents to celebrate Aphre’s new job. It was nice but evey time we go there the service is utterly crap. Yes when we went in there was a little wait, it was a long-ish wait but nothing really valid to count as too reasonable – but had to waitfor her to clean a table before seated to be honest I’d have thought that cleaning the table would be a priority in order to be prepared and not looking like a messy place.

The woman guided us to a table of four… even though there were 4 and Finn… not really sure how she thought Finn would be eating… the high chair doesn’t have a tray so he’d have to have been squeezed in between us… so we suggested another part of the restaurant.

It turns out that part isnt table waited for some reason and one of the tables hadnt been cleaned for the whole time we were there. We had no cutlery so Aphre’s mum went to get some. There was none left in the drawer, and by this time we’d gone and got the salad, and had to wait 15 minutes until they actually came with some. Apperently there wasn’t any left, which is odd because the place wasnt full, but they were obviously short staffed.

Dinner came, which wasnt too bad regarding being served. It jusy felt really unorganised. I’d love to be like a Gorfon Ramsey about it. That would be a new tv show a little like kitchen nightmares but improvig big chains.

It was nice to go for a meal anyway… it just niggled me. Right i suppose it’s time for dinner.

I suppose it’s time to blog

Ok, ok so like last time I will occasionally /mostly release thr blog after midnight, it’s still daily so shush.

I have been editing the podcast today. It’s not been going bad, I’ve nearly done it. He’res a secret for you. We didn’t record one this week. Zoe wasn’t well. I’m editing the one that we didn’t release and attempting to pass it off as this week. There’s no date references in it and it’s actually not a bad recording, Zoe’s going to Wales next week for a comedy festival so I’m hoping that we can get one done before she goes.

Back to now and other than editing it has been otherwise quiet. Again, i had another facebook conversation with someone about things that I’m hoping has cleared the air.

I watched W1A yesterday. I kind of like it, but i find some of the dialogue annoying, really annoying. I feel like I should love it but there was an element of annoyness all the way through that I was struggling to get over.

Anyway I’m up waiting for Aphre to come home. Withnail and I is on Channel 4 again so chilling and watching it in zombie state, knowing i will have to get up tomorrow morning when  Finn wakes up. So much craving for a lay in but I don’t think it will be happening any time soon.

Do I look like an alcoholic?

Ok so since the other day when I was at the dentist and also at the chemist getting my medicine I’ve had a question on my mind that’s making me feel a little self conscious… is it standard procedure to tell the patient to not drink alcohol at every part of the interaction process?

I mean… I don’t really drink alcohol much. If i were to measure it monthly I’d say I have no mkre than a pints worth a month if any. It’s usually when I go out to meet a friend or something. Anyway I just find it really… I dunno even what the word is. Demoralising? Offended? I am unsure, the idea is that if it’s because it’s me then i don’t like it, if it’s just because they have to then that’s ok.

The general idea of it is that I’m taking antibiotics that don’t have penacillin in them because I’m slightly allergic to it. The tablets are gross by the way. I had some normal tablets before (which ended up having a bad effect on me) so now I have to take these big nuclear yellow slabs big enough to eclipse the sun and taste like eating a desolving dust cock (probably) as it goes down. I have to drink the water mega quick. Don’t be allergic. The good side is i need to eat before hand, which means the sponge cake Aphre made is getting smaller every time instead of being thrown away.

But every time it’s been “don’t drink alcohol”. Everyone seems to think i drink for some reason. Some people I’ve seriously had to sit down with them and say… uhhh… no. We have like 4 bottles of wine in he fridge and most of the christmas alcohol is still in the cupboard including 3 tiny bottles of JD, most of a bottle of black jack shots and some budweiser that hasnt seen the light of day for 5 months. Luckily for the drinker they have stayed in the fridge so they will be nice and cold.

Anyway in other news Aphre had some mire job news today which is good, as I await to hear from people. Also strangely there was a bird in our living room today, I think it was a Robin. It purched on the curtain and flew around in a circle. Finn was having breakfast in the room just watching it and giggling, acting like there was nothing out of the ordinary and rather calm. At one point he lit a cigar. He didn’t but he would have if we lived in advert universe. Although there were no alien kidnapping today, the bird fills the quota.

The typical day

So today was a typical day. There’s not much to one of those but it is worth explaining mainly for the perposes of imagin art (a picture I paint in your head via explination).

About 7am. The boy awakens. Aphre tells me he is awake but to be honest I will have already heard him as i automatically wake up 5 minutes before Aphre’s alarm and if I’m lucky I can stay in bed until his chirps become groans. I will have a long stretch then get up. He will usually require a nappy change and toast… whether that be with some spread, or honey, or pate or the new discovery – rasberry jam.

Aphre is at this point rushing around getting ready not having clothes ready… putting on clothes on a feeling whether they look right that day which is a thing I highly approve as I do this too.

Aphre leaves just as the boy watches either the Furchester Hotel, or everything’s rosie and Kate and mimim that Finn is watching on cbeebies. The boy has a bottle and watches tv for a bit until his chirps change to groans.

I start working on things – mostly sound gorillas, or finding a job while he eats. I pluck the boy out his high chair brushing off the crumbs, wipe him with baby wipes and plonk him on the floor. He goes round the and round the cajon on the living room floor, regularly standing up and tapping on it. I play with him for a bit then put him in his pigpen so he can play with his robot bear that sings and stuff, and tap around on some of his toys… until his chirps change to groans and wants to go to sleep… about 9.30. That gives me time to work untik about 12ish.

The waking up bit for Finn is similar to the morning. Get him up, watch the news, put the boy in his chair, food, bottle/drink, floor plonk, cajon, play, pigpen, chirp, grown, nappy change, sleep about 2.30/3pm. I go back to work, probably editing a podcast or writing some stupid sketch or editing.

At 4.45 he wakes up all happy again. Put him on the floor and this time he is curious about what I do, so starts tapping on my laptop or on the cajon or licking my feet have a play until about 5.45/6.15 when i feed him dinner. Aphre is back at 6.30 and Finn jumps all over her when she sits down, and then attempts to run away, picking up his bottle, watching it roll away, crawl around the living room until hes tired and goes to bed at 7 when In the Night Garden finishes. This was slightly different today due to various reasons I won’t go into.

Evening at either Aphre and I watch tv or I work on things that i couldn’t do the day and that’s about it.  Sorry it’s not that exciting and no aliens came and took us away. Maybe tomorrow.

Interesting day

So today has been a bit of an odd one, mainly because of the feeling of the day rather than events. I’m going to try make is quick so I shut up and go to sleep.

I sent someone an email today that I’ve not really spoken to for like 5ish years. It was nice to have a reply back. Then Aphre got her job which is bloody awesome and I’m so proud of her. Then  later in the evening had a chat with Robin (for new readers we went to uni together and did various shows with our dutch mate Jelmer). We’re hoping to record something next week for about an hour while Finn sleeps. It’s mainly so we can actually spend some time together as we’ve not done that since leaving uni in June.

The feeling of today kind of feels like that it may have… I dunno. The thought in my head is like things that happened today that were not massively big removed some groggy rainclouds that seemed to be lingering and hopefully the start of a new stage of something but I’m not really sure on what that might be, but it’s left me with a weird hmm thing going on. Maybe it’s a thing only I get.