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Back to the Training Centre

Only 2 months till my bundle of joy pops out of my wonderful fiance and the government decide that sending me back to the same place i went to when i left school would do me good… Uhh nooo!

Because my line of work is hard to get into they put me on an FTET Media and Design course. Now i dunno what that’s supposed to intale but i’ve just been sat on the computer job searching and going on Digitalspy when I’ve ran out of places to look.

Since then I’ve seen a couple of people who was there years ago including the warehouse Supervisors and the guy who is running the course I’m on. Anyway I’ve met this bloke who lives in Walcot as well, hates Swindon, hates life but is a right laugh so most days is just talking to him about how pissed off we both are and general chit chat about how to travel forward and backwards in time (however we dunno how to travel forwards because there’s no logical explanation) and how Britain is doing these days.

One good thing though, I’ve actually got in voluntary somewhere in Radio… Believe it or not I’m helping out with the sports coverage at…. BRUNEL FM

I’m doing very minor things at the moment, helping supply the sports stuff from IRN and updating the presenter with the half time and national scores. hopefully will lead on to something else but you never know. I also spoke to Original FM in Bristol on Thursday. Hopefully they’ll get back to me but I’m not holding my breath.

The Police, Thamesdown Transport and Asda

Song of the day – Petshop Boys – What have i done to deserve this.

Another day in Walcot and another pain in the ass. Yesterday i was testing out the lights i got for my birthday. I went outside the front to have a look at the windows because you could see them outside. The kids across the road asked me if i was having a party and said the lights looked good.

But then for no reason what so ever the lodgers kid went out slagging them off. They came round and started throwing stones and kicking the door. Now these kids are OK until you slag one of them off, there was about 8 of them aged between 5-12 so when i say kids they actually were kids.

I think they have the same mum or something, all boys. Anyway they were throwing stones and didn’t even see me and any one could see that i was stood there watching. One of them thought i was that thick that i wouldn’t spot his brother hiding behind a tree, when not only did i see him run behind the tree, but he was even poking his head out and didn’t even fit behind it. I went out and asked them to stop nicely. They didn’t so i asked them again nicely with threat of the police and that i would tape them coming out and throwing stones.

The Lodger came out then threatening to call the police. During that time, My brother Mat had an idea to shoot some warning shots with his BB Gun. I told him it was stupid that he wanted to do that and asked him not to. Apparently one of the shots hit a kiddy on the arm which left a red mark and they called the police. They arrested him for ABH but was let off with a caution.

The next day, i was already late for work after being up late. So i get my cash out the bank, Put my £11 pound CHANGE in the STUPID THAMESDOWN MONEY TICKET MACHINE for my weekly bus pass. I get on the bus and continue to listen to Brunel FM and think about stuff going round in my head. Get off the bus to catch the other one and just as i look for my ticket i realise that the driver from the bus before issued me with a Day Pass. Should of realised after when i got on the bus so that was a bit silly on my half but then i would still of had an argument with the driver if id noticed.

So i go to the travel office and now i have to wait till tomorrow… IF his ticket machine is too high, which it should be. The Drivers cant take money out of the machine so he cant of nicked it, they cant even give change. Also… they spoke to the river who couldn’t remember me or doesn’t recall anything odd so that’s a pain in the ass too.

Then i get home, have a rest and get ready to go shopping. I go shopping, get my stuff… then remember that asda only sell alcohol to you if your 25 or you will need id. I Just turned 23 by the way but i still have the feeling they’ll ask. My id is beyond repair (Gone curly wurly after leaving it in my pocket and then washing it) and is at home anyway so i call my dad to buy it for me.

He puts the alcohol on the check out and this woman asks him if were together he replies “Well we are but i came back in to get some alcohol, he’s buying his shopping” then she replies to me “Do you have any ID?” I say to her “Why should i need id, I’m not buying it” and she says “Well you are using the same trolley so i have to ask all of you” My dad is 50 years old this year, and secondly i do look over 21, i look my age, I’m 23, there’s nothing illegal about me buying alcohol so why shouldn’t i get served, Its obvious I’m not 17, 16, 15 years old, so why should i. If it was challenge 21 i would of been more than happy to say “I’m sorry i have no id, don’t worry about it just put the alcohol back” and get it from the local off licence.

But not only am i given attitude from the woman… bearing in mind that I am not buying the alcohol anyway and i shouldn’t have to get anybody to buy me alcohol in the first place, but she calls her supervisor over who explains that because i look under 25 and i have no i.d, i cannot buy alcohol. I question her.

Me: I understand what you are saying, but i know THE LAW when alcohol comes in to question, That is that anybody under the age of 18 can’t buy alcohol, anybody under 21 can be asked for ID to prove they are over 18 and you can refuse it if they do not. In this case – Even though asdas policy in now challenge 25 – THE LAW says that if i look under 21 i have to provide id. Do i look under 21
Lady:Asdas Policy…
Me: No not asda’s, UK LAW
Lady: I cant serve you if you do not show me id that proves you are over 18
Me: So i look under 18 then
Lady: no, But Asdas policy…
Me: OK there you go i don’t look under 18, I’m obviously not a 13 year old trying to buy alcohol am i?
Lady: If a member of trading standards is waiting outside and i sell you alcohol because you are under age we can be heavily fined
Me: So you are saying I’m under age then, even though its obvious I’m over 18
Lady: That’s not the point, our policy is that…..
Me: If your not prepared to listen then as far as I’m concerned you can keep all this stuff because its a daft rule that totally fucked up

I then walk out leaving my shopping on the checkout, the shocked Lady’s and my dad and my friend slowly following behind me.

What would happen if a couple (About 30 years old) Goes into asda with their 5 and 8 year old kids and the parents buy alcohol? My Dad, who was buying the drinks separately anyway and i was challenged because we used the same trolley… even though we had clearly stated that the shopping and the alcohol was a different transaction. What if it was actually my dad who wanted the alcohol?

Why should i have to put up with that. I’m 23. the whole point is that after you are 21 years old, you should not be challenged by shops, bars and so on, which is the reason its Challenge 21, not challenge 23 or 25 or 28.

Asda can get fucked and like McDonalds, I’m going on strike from Asda until they take this stupid idea off, and the person coming up with the idea is SACKED. I know me not shopping there isn’t going to make much of a difference but it makes me feel better anyway.