Monthly Archives: August 2015

Another year

So I’ve donea lack of posts recently so thought I should have a round up of things that have happened since the last post.

It’s about 10 years of the blog. Happy blog birth time for me. I actually started it over on blogger in 2003 but deleted all the posts a year later and then started reblogging a year later. It’s been a great source for me to write about stuff, some of it much inferior to todays posts. Definitely better spelling and grammar but also I think in the more recent years it’s more coherent. I think part of that is to do with a little more education but mainly – and not to diss my life before that point but I wasn’t being stretched anywhere near my full potential and in some places I still could be stretched if someone would just bloody employ me to do radio magic thankyouplease!

It was also MY birthday recently… I still think you should be able to change your birthday the same as you can change your name or your sex.

Ruby has been down since a few days before my (official) birthday and we’ve had so much fun, but Aphre left for africa a day after. Although I’m missing her like mad, I’ve had an ace time with Ruby and Finn. Ruby and I went to TGI FRIDAY’S on… well friday… which is weird because everything costs more on friday than any other day. Shouldn’t it be the other way round? And on Saturday we went to Sherborne cinema to see Disney’s Inside Out. It is a really good film. Made me think about how my brain and emotions work.

Tomorrow Ruby is going back.  I’ve got a lot of work to do so in between looking afyer Finn I have plenty of things to do.

If anything comes to mind about stuff I’ve been up to I shall post it. In the mean time I’m trying to decide if I want to go to bed or stay up longer


Finally I’ve updated after like a monh. Hows things?

I’ve just finished recording a podcast with Zoe Fell, and I was going to finish editing the last one but actually I figured I should take a break and wind down for bed.  I enjoy doing the podcast and talking to Zoe about silly things and enjoyed myself tonight. Tonights recording made me think about alot of stuff, and I think that’s a good thing. I feel like it’s getting more of of a fuller podcast.

One of the things tonight has made me think of thinhs, like last year is my birthday. Yeah I’m going to be 31. Really not liking it.  My age feels like a number that doesn’t represent my way of thinking or the person I am, because I’ve always felt younger than my age, I get on with younger people and have always identified with friend as “people our age”. I really don’t feel like “proper adult” is a label I can make peace with. There’s nothing wrong with being a grown up, its slightly different. I feel like I can have fun. There were a few other thoughts about why I’m doing itor whyni do any of what I do, why i feek a certain way. There’s a few things I physically am but actually inside I feel like I shouldn’t, and I wont go into but yeah, just sooo annoing.

Anyway, what’s been going on since the last post? Not much that I can think of. Ruby has been down and is back down this weekend for a whopping 2 weeks. Aphre is going away a day after my birthday… which will be weird. I’m going to miss her loads.

Other than that, just stuff on sound gorillas, and looking for work and things. I’m stull quite tired from the last few weeks and the crazy amount of editing I’ve been doing.

Also what’s not also cool, mosquitos. They suck. One got me on my leg and had a nice munch I think. About 4 days ago I woke up to find 4 itchy spots on my legs, and they are massive. They still itch like crazy so trying to not scratch which is soooo annoying.

Time for bed, I’ve still got editing and stuff and I’m fallin asleep.