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Dream watch: prison child

So I like to keep an eye on my dreams and regularly one sticks out. This one did. I think it was a film about a 6 year old child who was sent to prison for a murder they didn’t commit… because the child was 6. But nobody listened to the kid. although the kids mum and lawer couldnt get them off because the police didnt beleive the kid becaise they were the only person who could have done it. I couldn’t figure out properly if it was a boy or a girl because of how it looked but only hints by its activities, whih seemed more typically girl like.

Nothing dodgy happened. The dream seemed to be more about the 6 year old surviving in an adults world and not being able to get away from it. The child was treated harshly by the prison officers who treated them like a huge crime person. When they tried to use the phone it went to a phone line that said calls wasn’t allowed. The kid dreams about its parents and a baby brother, and used to play with little bits of blue tack and mess in its cell like in a family sinario. I think it was set in the late 80s or early 90s.

I didnt get to the end of the dream because someone with a metal grinder or something outside switched it on.

Put the radio on

This weeks been pretty epic. The highlight was last tuesday when I had 3 comedians sleep in my front room. We’d had a gig at pittville. I’ve got another this weekend. Its going to be fun.

I’ve had sleep issues lately. Mainly dreams where I’ve woken uo all scared. It usually happens when I don’t have the radio on.  Ive decided that I need to tey and out it on every night again.

Also sleep and tiredness gets the worse of me lately. Im havig problems seeing the keys so now I guess would be nice

Tucked in

Ive just re-stubbed my toe… I didnt post about it before but it was pretty bad, and ive just done it all over again so its all tender. Stupid coordination :/

Todays not been anything special. Saw Aphre earlier for a little bit which is i guess the highlight of my day, only for a walk from her work to bus. Normalised all my music database so the tracks are all the same volume. I could go on but it’s not anything worth bragging.

Tomorrow is just as exciting. I just seem to be tucked into my own little world at the moment. And on that its an early bed time.

At the third stroke…

So the round up of today is as follows.

I slept for 3 hours last night and woke up feeling dead, but I had a drink of monster and was fixed and fully functional by lunch. I’ve been living on idea street again with loooads coming to my head… and speaking of “coming to my head”…

My radio mockumentary has a name thanks to Zoe. Its “cum together”. If you have no idea what it’s about, it’s an audio comedy about radio students pitching ideas to the bbc, and then them turning ideas down in favour of a radio porno. The documentary follows the students make the drama and the hurdles they have to face… e.g the students unions encouragement to promote safe sex and the university’s policy on having sex in the classroom.

I had a chat with Zoe about the idea, and spoke about hers (which btw is probably the best subject ever for a radio programme) on the way to a comsock meeting, then had a chat with them all about the gig on tuesday.

Also earlier today I had to do the whole turning the music off at tone for the 2 min silence. I was pleased that my experience came into hand… oh darn it whats the time to the second? Suggestions: “Put radio 4 on” or “listen to a stream”. No no no no.  The real answer is to phone the speaking clock. Remember that. Write it down maybe?

Since getting back I’ve been working til now. So yeah. Lifes not exactly exciting at the moment but theres lots of boring things happening.

Hard day

So todays been a hard day but I’ve got through it. Mostly because it was a special day. My Ruby celebrated her 6th birthday today. I didnt get to talk to her. I was offered, but I was worried that like the last 5 times I would call to speak and it would be a trick to get my hopes up. My mum managed to speak which was nice for them, and although I really really wanted to, after what happened the last few times why should I believe that I actually would get chance to. Im not going to get fooled again.

So yeah, im just laying in bed. Rubys on my mind more than normal. Kinda in the mood for being left alone.  I’ve also got a presentation tomorrow which im looking forward to because I want to get started on the project. 5 and a half hour sleep time yay :/

Rest please

Its becoming a trend for me to write these blogs before bed. Even though its not every day I think im back into the swing of things.

Today was rather fun. I always enjoy Thursdays. Although today I’ve been rather up and down and not sure what to make of things. My mood has been so low at times.

I think im all idead out for a little bit. Thats not a good thing with the idea for my independent production at uni needing some work.

Sleep will do me good. I can feel myself drifting off

Under the blanket

Im finally under my blanket. Every minute of my days lately has been dedicated to creativity. I’ve stressed out and had a freak out under my blankets in private. The dyslexia thing is making things hard too because I get loads of ideas and they come faster than I can write and takes me time to formulate stuff. Atleast this blogs pretty simple.

So as short as it is,  time for bed to get enough sleep to do the whole boring thig again.


There have been many thoughts in this head of mine, which is probably a regular thing for you to read, but todays have been in there all day.

I think It came out emotionally though via funny things which is regular for me so it temporarily subsided when we were doin the live broadcast test earlier.

I considered a couple of things like whether I am unreasonable,  or if I have done something to bring bad things on myself or how people see me, whether it would the would actually be any different if I wasnt in it, cause im not really making a difference… whether I should drop out of uni.

Its been a weird day.

I did get to see aphre though,  see thor with robin and jelmer amd have a tango iceblast with the colours.