Monthly Archives: June 2006


Hello, dont worry, im still alive. Just havn’t been able to get to a pc lately. I’ve moved to my new flat now. moved about a month ago. Getting deeper and deeper into debt as well… how great (Say with down looking motion). Just finished work, asked me to come in the day time because one of the managers wasnt in.

Speeking of work, im sure i have a new stalker, and she’s probably reading this blog right now. I’m not going to tell you about the old one, all i’m saying is, she used to wait for me after work at the radio station and when i say hi to her she used to run off angryly, and called me up and put the phone down. But this one tops her (And i dont think its the same person). My girlfriend was at work one night (yep, still with her, lives with me now) and some angry bird turns up and shouts abuse at my bird. Now this bird isnt any old angry customer, because she’s southrn, Knows me and where i come from, and CLAIMS TO BE MY EX GIRLFRIEND!!!

Not only that but someone has been texting her saying i’m going to leave her because i left the person texting. Its all verry mad. Anyway this angry mental mysterious unknown EX then tell her we were engaged, then throws a bottle and a pint glass at my bird and hits her leg. Door staff eventually turn up but its too late, she’s gone away. My girlfriend, angry at me explained what happened and i had to try and explain that its nothing to do with me.

Now there are a few ways that this person could of found things about me, one of my managers told us about that some woman found him from the name above the door at a nightclub and looking on friends reunited. My name is all over the place, In the reception at work, and in bits and peices all across the web and this blog. So if your reading this mysterious mental exgirlfriend, Why not come to me next time, I’d like to have a laugh and find out who you are! it’s probably some weirdo.

TV licence called today… prosicution this, Big fine that… news for you I HAVE A LICENCE THANKYOU

I’m planning on going to swindon for my birthday with my girlfriend, visit people, have a few drinks and so on. At the moment i smell like cleaning fluid and alcohol because theyve just cleaned the carpets and i’ve been cleaning bars and setting stuff up for tonight, but i’m having tonight off, i havnt had a day off since i was in swindon last september (Besides from being ill once and being stranded on the other end if the country) and i really need it. apperently its free drinks cos im drinking at work and worked the football the other saturday. I went in to drink but they were being over-powered by customers and they were going to take over the club.

Anyway i think thats it, The website is still under construction because i’ve been coming up with business plans and so on and havnt got any of my own internet yet but will do hopefully soon.

C ya Soon