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Brief blog: on da coach 2 swindon

Me geordie and joe r on the coach 2 swindon til friday and joe is feeling the strains of no smokin on the bus. Weve changed coaches twice and on the second 1 the driver told me off 4 havin my mp3 player 2 loud, cant c how he can hear it, he was 2 far away. Im off 2 finish my salad.


Ok , so today i’ve had my last Big Mac for a long time. I’m not really a big McDonald’s kind of guy because I do believe that u cant have too much (And watched super-size me)

The Reason for this is simple. McDonald’s always do try to keep a high standard of quality when it comes to satisfaction, and also try their best to ensure that the food is tasty and stuff. However I’ve been un-satisfied too much. I’ve not mentioned this to McDonald’s, as it wouldn’t change anything. For Instance, here is a picture of the box of a big mac. They advertise this in the window and on TV, Which makes it look tasty and want one.

and then you open the box and find this.

During our kids night we get some food in, by the time we get the food the fries are cold. This is understandable as they have to go to KFC as well. But even if they went to KFC first the chips are cold and floppy. Anyway then when you get the burger it doesn’t look as good as it does on the packet. In fact if it didn’t have a packet, and I was served it on a plate in the restaurant, I probably wouldn’t eat it because it looks nasty. It just looks like it was banged together in a rush. If Ronald McDonald walked into one of his restaurants he’d have a fit and go on a sacking spree. An angry frown behind his painted smile. This is just not our local one, this is various restaurants around the country, so until this improved I have vowed to not have a big Mac.

So just to show that I have not always thought this… I will tell u a story about my 1st big Mac (This don’t mean I’m a fast food junkie by the way)

In 1995 (I was 11) I went into McDonald in Swindon with my brother and my (Then) step-dad Steve. He was on his break (He was a Bus Driver and we was with him for the day) and offered us anything we wanted. Instead of having a happy meal, just to see what he’d say I said “Can I have a big Mac?” he said ok, I was shocked! Then he asked Ben and he wanted one too! So we got it all and sat down and me and Ben was giggling because the advert on the TV was a man looking at a big mac and slowly going towards his mouth… don’t know why that was funny, but we was going on about what if he choked or if it fell out of his mouth. Anyway it looked almost like it did on the advert, and I’m sure it was bigger, a proper big macca Big Mac. The fries were good and the milk shake was tasty and Grimmace free (Click on grimmace if u don’t know what I’m on about). Anyway it was a good.

Yeah, maybe i do have 30p

You know when that scruffy looking guy comes up to you and asks if you have 30p? Well i’ve just been up the chippy (its closed by the way) and some bloke was sat outside the co-op “Eh Mate, you got 30p?” me: “Naa sorry” I walk off “I bet you have, your just saying that”. Obviously! I don’t give money to anyone! He called me a fat bastard, I was going go back and spark him one but I calmed my self down, as I’m a respectable citizen.

So next time ANYONE walks up to me asks me if I have 30p, i’m going to reply “yes Thanks” and if they ask to have it I just say “no”. If asked why, my reply is “Cos I want it”. I’ve had enough. If these people weren’t druggies or alkies then id say yes, but they’re not.


First off, whoever idea peek time prices is a nob head, it’s only a scam to make money from busy people, who are too busy to argue so they leave it. It’s a way so bus companies make 40p extra from each passenger, even when their off peak prices are stupid anyway.

Second is FIRST, The Bus Company. When I first came to Yorkshire, it used to cost £2.70 for a day rider, which got you anywhere around West Yorkshire. Then went up to £2.80. A month later it went up again to £3.00. Last week this went up again to £3.30! These big companies can get away with anything! GOD! I get a weekly pass; this has gone up from £12.50, to £14.00. That’s an extra £1.50 from every one who has one of these passes. Its not only busses, its everything, Trains, Crisps, Sweets, Alcoholic beverages, shows… no wonder why our grand parents tell us about the times when 1p was a lot of money, and our parents go on about telling us about the times a pint of cider used to cost 12p.

As far as alcohol is concerned imp not going to mention any more because of whom I work for, however I do sympathize with some of the customers I serve. But going back to busses, I am angry, today I paid £1.50 to get to town. This was off peak. On my way back the bus driver wanted me to pay £1.90. I ask why (Just incase the driver has made a mistake) and show him my ticket before and he points out that at that moment in time (5:50 pm) the bus fair is priced at the peak time and I must pay 40p extra to go home. WHAT!!! THAT’S DUMB. I go secretly angry inside, thinking what a nob, but its not him, it’s the company he works for. I get off the bus to draw my Tenner out. I could of caught that bus but somebody was well show at the cash machine, I wanted to just push them away so I could get my money but didn’t. Anyway they finish at the machine then my bus goes. Yeah Thanks. Anyway I draw my £10 out and wait 20 minutes for the next one. That one came at 6:10 pm and that was £1.50 back home.

And big companies can do it because they are big, people complain but they do nothing! The Pound is loosing its value and this is a sign of it because some politician wants to bring the euro to the U.K. I also believe this is why people get aggressive easily. The big companies are also killing off the little guy, everything’s owned by a big company who are now just trying to make a big profit, even the shop round the corner. ITV is a good example, What ever happened to Yorkshire TV, or central or HTV? ITV swallowed it. ITV isn’t even ITV anymore. ITV is supposed to stand for Independent Television. The TV stations are now swallowed up by a TV giant. The TV License is a rip off its self from a TV Giant. Hey BBC, u should of thought about how you’re going to fund your little TV stations in the first place. We only pay for BBC, and now threes thousands of channels on digital, BBC are still making money from it.
Anyway i’m moving off from my anger of the busses. I thought they were supposed to encouraging people to go on the busses instead of using the cars! The bus in Swindon is cheaper, the only bad thing about Swindon’s busses is that you have to have exact change, like American busses. First have already weakened the local bus companies, and they still go on strike for not getting enough money, How about the customers go on strike for paying too much?

I look so gangsta

Now check that! Work asked us to dress up as 1920’s style gangsters, were supposed to get £30 from dressing up but i was going to anyway. Some said i kind of looked like a wally but i thought i looked well cool.

What a Great Night!

Last night the cell invited everyone who worked in a bar over Christmas and new years to go up there for a few drinks, and… well the guy who owns the cell last night could only be described as a legend or something! We had a great night in there and most of us got pissed. Not as many people turned up as there could have been, but it was great anyway!

A couple of other pubs turned up too, but the Wacky Mad Coliseum Crew mixed their drinks and talked about sex all night. Hehe, and then the boys and girls went their separate ways, Girls to the Garage, Boys to Dixie Chicken. Boys Dave, Andy And Jonk goes back to Jonk’s

Dave’s Drinks Tally:

9 VK
5 Corky Shots:
2 DBL JD & Coke
DBL Rum & Lemonade:
Various Unknown Shots mixed with either lemonade, Pepsi or VK: Rough estimate or about 8 shots

Andy’s Drink Tally:

5 Corky Shots
10 VK Cherry
Various Unknown Shots mixed with either lemonade, Pepsi or VK: Rough estimate of 10 shots (Includes mixing baileys and VK)

Jonk’s Drink Tally

13 VK
9 Corky Shots
Jonk did not have any unknown mixes
Before meeting in the cell, Jonk had 3 bottles of WKD and 3 VK with Gordon however the effects of this alcohol had worn off the time he got there.

On a pissed scale on 1-10

DAVE: 9/10 Dave had a lot of strong Drinks with shots in
ANDY: 7/10 Andy had more VK based drinks
JONK: 6/10 Jonk only occasionally mixed a corky with a VK

However, on a sick probability factor

DAVE: 7/10 Plenty of Dave’s drinks were high in alcohol, playing with his head
ANDY: 9/10 Andy Had Strong Drinks, and also mixed stuff like Baileys with VK
JONK 4/10 Jonk’s drinks were easy on the stomach and didn’t drink enough to mess his head.

Dave and Andy then finish Jonk’s Vodka (about half a 35cl each)

They get hungry and at 7 they go to the café in Queensbury. Dave’s coat is at home; Jonk Lets him borrow a Jacket and realizes Dave looks like one of the proclaimers

They go back to Jonk’s. Andy is sick outside Castle Bobskull. He goes about 10. Jonk and Dave talk and they fall asleep half way through a conversation till Dave has a phone call. Dave goes at 3

Jonk texts Caroline because she is ill and feels sorry 4 her because he wants to do something to make her batter.

Hello every1 and happy New Year!

Just a quick update

I have no proper Internet. I’m using my mobile as a modem at the moment… wow! The wonders of having a contract phone. 230.4kbps isn’t that bad is it? I have to keep reconnecting though. Bumpy start to the New Year, phone got nicked at the start so rang vodafone. Lost almost every1s numbers so, Gordon, get in contact. Got a replacement now, causing my phone bill to be £80! Oh my golly miss molly

Computer knacked up. Had to re install windows again, and put another hard drive in

Mad Uncle Gadget came back while my dad was up 4 Christmas. We also arranged to have the gas and electric in my name. Gas already want £30 by next Friday, they can go jump down that bottomless whole in that mountain on the way to Morcambe that Bob keeps showing me. Bob also came back while I had friends round this week and they were sleeping downstairs

Geordie and his girlfriend Claire were sleeping downstairs when Bob showed up. Bob thought id lost weight and thought that Claire was my girlfriends sister (Every 1 does and it annoys them. They look like sisters, and sound like they are by their names, Caroline & Claire, Sounds like twins)

I’ve also sent off loads of disks. Haven’t don’t a big disk send off since Christmas 2004. Since then I was in limbo till September, was waiting for some people to get back with some stuff, didn’t get it back so had to find some other way.

And since last Monday I had a real bad cold, got worse on Wednesday and Thursday thru till Saturday was bad. Got it from Clair when Caroline and me stayed at hers. Caroline now has it.

New year… New Thing

Off to bed. BOING