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Ouchy moment at 03:53

So im wide awake having another bad tooth adventure. I think I was destined to just stay up tonigh after having an adventerous day.

And now I cant sleep because its sending me into a total mental and physical torture  and I really cant handle pain at all. Aphre gave me some liquid stuff to put on it. Turns out it numbs the wall of my mouth but not my tooth so that sucks ass big style. The smallest touch to it sends me in to total ouch mode. Really hope its not a hospital moment cause im really tired

Injury Aniversary

So to celebrate the 6 month anniversary of the injury of hurting my leg, I have gone and re-aggravated it. This was not on purpose for a laught. I was lugging things up the stairs and just as i got to the top one, I managed to flollup up it and land on it again – and i assume from a comment on the previous post, someone i know saw me do it.

This was not cool, however i hardly felt it because the last injury did something so i cant feel it anymore anyway. All it’s done is like… done it again and its tingly. The fixed knee was like nothing happened like “Yeah… falling over, bring it on fuckers”.

I’m at Uni at the moment, i was going to go back to the new place but I figured its just more walking and doing nothing and i need to walk to the bus stop again anyway. I do need to get some Pepsi though. 

I also need to really think about what I’m going to do about next month because i need to pay the rent. I still have not found any work which is totally crap.

Righty, off I go for Pepsi. Hopefully like last time I wont fall over again. 

Moving, just keep moving

So today was the day i managed to move things out of my current uni place into the new one on a budget of nothingness. I did realise that I forgotten to bring my duvet which is an arse. This means that i need to go back and find a way of stuffing it into my backpack along with a bunch of my other stuff walking it down Bath road.

I’ve spent the week at Aphre’s house which has been fun. We seem to spend lots of time together. The main problem now is after spending almost 2 weeks nonstop being with each other (bar a few days) and now we actually have to be apart for a few days it actually feels really weird. 

Other than being rather attached to each other there has not much been happening. 

I’m kind of feeling a bit ill now so i really don’t want tomorrow to happen. I’d rather stay in bed. 

Something that I’ve meaning to mention the last couple of weeks… The rag and bone man. Why do they make that horn sound and that unrecognisable noise that is some sort of speach? Its not like the icecream man so shut up.

New house pictures will be up soon 🙂

got up and gone

Ok so I’ve had a bit of an interesting day. It’s not much to report on but i did want to leave a blog post up today. I kind of miss doing it but i have had other things on. So lately I’ve been trying to at least update it regularly.

I’m starting to miss certain fellow students which is a pain. I’d like to hang out with them but they wont be back until September now. I also miss seeing people in yorkshire and other places in the world. I think the weather is calling me. I’m Lucky I have Aphre to hang about with though. It’s a matter of getting to her though. Although I’m dreading it because its 7 miles, I am also looking forward to the day I actually walk to her place. 

I’ve just finished editing a generic episode of the In the Dark Podcast which will be released tomorrow. I’m a little bit unsure where i want to take it. We were thinking about doing some live ITD shows which will now happen in the new academic year… maybe at freshers. 

I also need to focus on other things in the summer. Work, work experience, other gubbins. All my get up and go has got up and gone so i really need to sort that out. I have energy and feelings that want to get out but they are stuck inside me like trapped wind. Really hate that.

I have a busy day (ish) tomorrow so i should sleep. Night!

Cider and crisps

The house is quiet. It’s because I’m the only one left, which is probably a little sad. This house which was once busy with pissed students, only to pass it on to another bunch of students, but now, over the hottest and funnest time of the year, its empty, never to soothe those particular students again.

Ive discovered vine. Been making some videos on it but its not so great if you have nothing to really put on it so will probably be a lot of random pointless stuff.

Tomorrow Aphre is over. I’ve spent a lot of my time at hers this week which was rewlly ace, looking forward to her coming round.

Jelmer was over today for a drink. We watched dinner for shmucks, drank cider and ate crisps.

In the mean time I am going to go to sleep, when there are fun things to mention I will mention them.

Stupid o’clock

So I’m awake at 4:44 (4 seems to be the magic number) after being woken up by my drunken girlfriend over the phone who was doing a witch laugh.

I did have to question whether I was dreaming because she didn’t actually wake me either, I woke up 30 seconds before she called, so with all the weird scary split moments at the start I was shocked awake.

So we conversed for a while, nearly went over there at stupid o’clock.

The last few days I’ve been feeling a bit weird tired wise and my moods have been playing up again. Not sure exactly why. Had a fun recording session for 2000 trees/trees fm on friday, I think they are the most interesting ones for a while, thing is I seem to be on a bit of a drought creatively. Thanks medication. Thedication

All the fours, post 444

So I’m here writing a blog which i should have written before but not much has happened kind of. To be more exact I’ve been rather busy but because of that also i guess I’ve not had enough time anyway.

So yesterday they took my blood out again. I think it’s been about a year since they last did it but I remembered last year and i hated it. And this year was worse than last year as I almost fainted. Luckily I had my girlfriend to prop me up. I’m not sure exactly what happened but I know that i went to the refectory at uni and I had a drink and a bit of a cry, and something about that I’m not giving them any more of my blood to feed the monster.

I did feel very odd though. I’m not really sure why I was so emotionally shattered but what i do know is that for many reasons I’ve had a weekend that was very stressful, even though I’ve hidden it well. I think it’s still there but not only can i not explain what it is but i cant explain how to get rid of it.

I worked today which was good, I was hoping my arm wouldnt hurt all day like last year. It was a little weird but it got itchy on the blood extraction hole and i scratched it so its made my arm hurt.

As mentioned before – the weekend. I was on Wychwood FM. and I didn’t really do much presenting but I did get to do a little, and i got the music sorted well which was pretty cool. And tomorrow I can wake up without restriction.

Aphre (My girlfriend… i say this because I’ve never mentioned her by name until now) was over on monday and went back this morning. It always feels like she goes too early. I’m at hers next week which I’m looking forward to. She’s good company so the thing im not so pleased on still that during the day i that i dont have many people to hang around with. I really dont like this whole being by my self thing lately because my feelings have been a bit weird.

So tomorrow? Sleep and plenty of it. I actually feel like im about to crash now so on that note, its bed time. 😛