Monthly Archives: August 2012

Dreamworld awaits

Hey, so it’s Saturday morning at 0:33 and i’ve just finished the bulk part of actually getting some work through radioshock media (My little independent venture)

Id been working 2 days on it, only to break for food and sleep. I think i killed my neck last night but i fixed that now. So yeah.

I’ve not been on recently just because theres not been much to say. Had a fun time in Yorkshire last weekend and an extra long time with Ruby. Got her down here next time. It would have been longer last time but i had to be in for a delivery.

Got a new laptop. Its lighter than the last one which is cool, it’s quicker and doses’t seem to get very hot. It doesn’t look as good as the last one but what would i expect? This is just a plain black toshiba thing and the compaq was a black silver shiney thing. The other one was more comfortable, Still this works better and has a number pad on it so im not complaining 🙂

I also got a white board to help me with stuff… which is how i managed to actually do some work. Going to do some more website stuff over the weekend hopefully, something less straining.

I’m also talking to someone i think is very cool. Who knows where that will go, we’ve been talking a lot lately about things on our minds and having a laugh too so that’s pretty cool. I’m still missing a certain someone though, but at least this is helping. I suppose I should take advantage of it to get my feelings all sorted. I’m going through this transition period in life at the moment.

My dreams have been really crazy lately. Spanning from oversized walking owls, schools flooding, brother being ill, criminals making christmas cards at uni. My dad pimping his Jaguar up, water leaks, digging a tunnel and finding a secret room. Many of them seem to be school based or something to do with learning establishments or old houses. Mainly West Swindon and drawn to the front room or the TV. One dream was that we lived a few doors down from it. It’s not even how it looked inside, all the rooms are different places but its like the room at the top of the stairs is mine and has something written on the wall in blue on the right. Blue is also a running theme. the door we dug up (Numer 4 on it) was blue.

Another one was that i was waiting to be a contestent on a trampoline game show. The fire alarm went off and i went to get my shoes but they were missing so i just grabbed the shoes that were left. I went home and Ruby was by herself so i stayed there, i realised i left my phone at the studio so had to stay and my dad said he forgot Ruby was there. Then this other one where the headmaster of a school was giving his job to someone without telling them.

The setting in my dreams are weird, like i’ve constructed this whole building. It’s like an 80s or 90s style school. Like with blue panelled bottom half and white around the windows. Theres also a gold field with a changing room. The main part where most things happen is where the building is an up-side down L shape with a bit of grass in the middle and the p.e place in the top left corner and all the doors are dark brown with glass in them. The interior is tidy though.

My sleeping has gotten to be a strange adventure lately. I kicked someone when i was at 2000 trees festival, i woke up kicking the wall yesterday, the other night i woke Ruby up because i was snoring very loud and it was scary. I’ve clearly been having converdations with myself while asleep and woken up moaning. Saying that i could do with way more sleep. I feel like im boring facebook with all the sleep references i make.

Anyway i should really go to sleep. I’ll try and update this again by monday.

Night! (yaaawn)