Monthly Archives: February 2006

In Other news…

Nothing much happened last month…

Lilly and Jonk havn’t said much but jonk has dropped hints about things he doesn’t agree with her.

Bob took me to the housing advice place in halifax and acted a nob so i showed him up in front of the housing people.

Looked for somewhere else to live. Got somewhere but didnt have the money so me and Caroline are looking for a Job In Oceana.

Thats about it i think. Went to swindon with joe and dave but we stayed in on joes birthday. ok thats it now. Stay Tuned Jonk Watchers!

Bobs Car

Bob eventually came over yesterday and asked us if we wanted to come to morcambe so Caroline and Jonk agreed.

We went to morcambe, followed bob around and had some food. and had an oddly regular day untill…

Jonk: “Bob, what s that noise???”
Bob: “i don’t Know Jonathan!”
Jonk: “It sounds like the exaust”
Bob stops and looks under the car and the exaust is hanging off. He ties it back on with some wire but it falls off ten minutes later.

He stops at a petrol station to re-tie it with a coat hanger but as he’s fixing it Jonk and Caroline have to get out of the car and the petrol station closes, with the stupid lady switching the lights off making bobs task harder.

Anyway it was bloody cold… Not much to the story but its been a quiet month.

Lilly Vs Jonk Round 2

A week passes and jonk and Lilly goes wacky and her mood swing goes again.

Am I on a different taxi list than thingie
No why?
I explained last week
Lilly flips:
For f**k sake why are you so awrkward?
If I wasn’t awkward I wouldn’t be me
lily’s fuse goes
“I’m not in the mood for this tonight”
“Ooooh sorry, I’d better be carefull, you’ve got your book in you’re hands again”
Lilly gives Jonk the same face his mum pulls when she cant take any more and is about to throw the book when someone tells them to leave it or it will get worse.

the next day Lilly tells Jonk to put his radio upstairs
“I haven’t been upstairs yet and anyway its not your job to say”
she gives him a dirty look and walks off

Jonk signs out
“how come you signed out at 4:30 and…”
Jonk hands over ears
“lalalala I’m not listening” (Mainly because he was told to put his finish work time at 4:30)
jonk walks off

Jonk asks a manager if he’s in a separate taxi. Manager explains that a 6 seater was ordered… However after a taxi guy says there is no 6 seater available so they get separate taxis. Lilly don’t know this till we get separate taxis. She starts going off on one when they get in the taxi
“Shut up, I’m not listening!”

Lilly VS Jonk round 1

Due to the taxi situation with thingie and doodah, Jonk has requested that he get a different taxi home, which was agreed by the bosses.

However Lilly has a problem with this and now has caused a war between Jonk and Lilly.

Its not even Lily’s involvement and has nothing to do with her but she sees it as me being awkward getting a separate taxi. At the end of the day its wouldn’t matter if I was being awkward because its not her problem.


Jonk signs out and mentions to Lilly that he wants a separate taxi which had been agreed by bosses. She flips out on one and says its stupid. Jonk trys to explain that he has had problems with the taxi but she’s still flipping out. Jonk gets angry but trys to stay calm as Lilly is talking down to him. Jonk talks the same way back.

Lily’s fuse blows:
“How dare you talk to me like that… bla bla bla”
Jonks fuse blows:
“How dare you talk to me like that! Its got nothing to do with you… bla bla bla”
Lilly throws the taxi book at Jonk
Member of Door Staff:
“oi oi oi oi what did you do that for!”
“he was talking to me like shit”
Door Staff:
“Because you was talking to him the same way”

The situation drifted off there for the night as Jonk went to go and sit with Caroline.