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Event Radio Live… 7 hour stint

Due to having to stay behind with Greg to perform maintenance duties to the van I was on air sunday night/monday morning from 12 midnight till 7:30am. It was an experience!

we had interviews with drunk girls which supprisingly went smoothly, and the electric went off, and i put a mic next to greg when he was snoring which went out on air, and we talked… loads, and had a compitition (Wheres our greg at) and had fun getting free boose. I still have the wine.

i didnt get much sleep that day, i kept falling asleep every so often. i actually got to bed at 7:30pm and slept till 9:30 tuesday morning. on monday i fell asleep in Gregs car and at Carls and it was mad lol.

The station is off air till tomorrow morning when were playing better music (Opposed to folk music). I decided to take myself off air on friday as i knew nothing about the music we had to play (Folk) and i will be back on air at about lunch time tomorrow and on air at 7:30pm – 9pm on 106.9 in trowbridge.

We were going to have internet streaming but due to a number of problems we arent.

update 18/7/07 PT 3

So my Fiance has gone up north. I’m left down here and i miss her. Not fair. But then again i would probably miss her anyway because of this radio thing. This weekend wont be the tough one though, Im going to be out most of next week, and i know she’ll want me at home.

When we got together i explained that i might spend alot of my time on radio and for that reason, i have said the spare time i do have will be with her. I know the radio thing can take over your life sometimes and has to come first, but my Fiance always comes first and so will my Child so everything will be worked around them. My worry is that Caroline will get fed up with it and think i dont love her anymore. I always will, but i cant just say it, i got to show it and hopefully the two wont get in the way of eachother. I know i worry too much apperently but her being away makes me feel i should be up there with her instead of the radio thing this week, its too late to do anything about that now but i’ve got next week to go. I dont even know why im even thinking this, probably cos i miss her loads.

Hmm… Thats Odd

Ok, A van with a police dog has turned up across the road from my house, Then a Helicoper showed up, Then another police car. Looks like theyre looking for something. I got the window open but cant hear what theyre saying. Major Inidents

update 18/7/07 PT 2

Well on Monday and Tuesday i went to trowbridge to sort out some stuff for the radio.
Things are bodged together. The listener wont know but its fun doing something daft, This daft thing thats been bodged together is the former “Orchard FM Really Rubbish Van” God its the best thing ever LOL!!!

It is a “Pimped up” renalt Van… ITS GREAT!!!. We’ve set up the broadcast kit inside and i’d say amusing was an understatement but its well wicked! The only thing is that it’s a bit more tatty than what it was… but then again it was to start with from what i’ve heard.

update 18/7/07 PT 1

Well Carolines gone up north till sunday, I’ll be starting broadcasting tomorrow for a small time and the last few days have been well odd.

My personal phone has been playing up lately so if you have my number, my usual number wont work for a few days more. They sent a new fone out cos they said its the fone… but the new fone does the same so must be the sim card.

The weird school thing continues on… I’ll explain in a second though but this story ties in so hang in there! I went to a music/book/charity shop today on the off chance they had any production music… they did, about 15 cds so I bought the whole lot! Pretty good price aswell. Got chatting with this man called David Watkins who’s involved with the zombie film “The Afternoon of the Rat Faced Zombies” (see who found the cds for me which was cool.

But going to the weird school thing… Just as i was going down the stairs to have a look i saw the one of the people i used to hang around with at School, her name was sarah. I think i mentioned her before. A few times i was walking around town i didnt talk 2 her because she probably didnt remember me or thought i was a creep, even though we stuck together most of the time in school from year 7 right to year 10 when i got expelled, besideds the times i used to hang around with Paul. Anyway I asked her a question with (Like i usually do if i know someone) “Hi… I know you… Do you know where…” It felt weird cos we told eachother everything in school and if she didnt live so far away from the school we probably would of been well good mates out of school. Saying hi was a bit odd and didnt know what to say, cos she remembered me. So now i have no idea what to do if i see her about town again, either hi, or nothing! I wouldnt mind talking to the people i didnt have a problem with at school. Wouldnt mind going out for a drink with me and caroline, chat about stuff, get caroline to know me better and make some mates, but then again “No your a creep, bye” lol.

So anyway that was a bit odd.

Back On FM!

Its true… i’ll be back on air… this time in Trowbridge

I’ll be in trowbridge covering the Village Pump Festival and the West Wilts Show in trowbridge on eventradio:live, 106.9FM thoughout the two events from the19th – 25th. I have no ideawhat the heck i’ll be doing because i forgot but its all goooooood!

Im sorting the tracks out onto the computer as we speak. The down side of this is that i was going to go up north for a week but the dates clashed and as i recon my chances of me sitting around up north doing nothing is high, i think i’ll skip this one and go for the RSL. If webstreaming is available i’ll let you know, but i have a funny feeling that it will be.