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So fhe last few days have been an adventure.

Went fo swindon. Spent the day with my mum. Gordon was down too as he had some problems with work. Saw my neice Mia and my sister. Went to the pub. I realised I forgot my medicine tho which was not good.

went to Didcot. Saw my cousin James for the first time in 20 years or sumfin crazy like that. Then met Jordan who is also my cousin. The chats werd pretty cool. Jordan took me to my Nans grave which was strange. I waved n said hi.

When I got back to town I had a drink with gordon and watched good looking curvy girls walking up and down the stairs.

I was feeling pretty ill after 4 days of no medication.  Every car trip was total motion sickness and I was in no mood for anyone. 2 days ago I found my PA system was sold without my knowledge. I wanted to bring it back with me so I wanted to make arrangements for ben and matt who sold it for a stupid amount of money. Way less what it was worth. It was also part owned by my dad. I wasn’t gona take any more of the buck passing.

This ended up with me and my brother fighting. ben pulling out a pellet riffel, trying to shoot me and when that failed hitting me with it. I managed to block it and we lay into eachother on the floor.

Out of everyone my dad got injured the most with his wrist. I think he might have landed on some glass. It was like a hardcore wrestling match.

Im home now with multiple headaches caused by stress and items thrown at my head haha. This is why I distance myself from family life

Just like that

If you were invited to Jelmer’s pre birthday drink you have missed out mega and the story I am about to tell is amazing!

The day started for me in CEX buying me a nee toy (samsung tab) where i was joined by Jelmer to help me decide which one.

We got to uni where we were joined by the amazing Zoe Fell and the cool Kerren Lippet to voice the two main characters in our radio play. The stylish stephen was there too as the evil villain. Robin the great was also directing the actors.

After 4 hours we got it all done. It was great. Robin, Jelmer and I went to wetherspoons for a drink little did Jelmer know I invited a few people. So Jamie and Taz came and we had a nice drink. When taz left we went to Revolution but they didn’thave food on so went to another place… This is the main event.

The 4 of us sat down and got a drink and was talking about our silly random stuff as we do, Then this guy in a wheel chair showed up. He told us of his swimming days as a paralympic athelete and his days with Larry Grayson. He asked us all what we did. Everyone seemed to have gone shy so I went into my element talking to him about Tommy Cooper. He did a really good impression of him despite being disabled, he didn’t do the bottle trick tho. That would have been impressive.

He seemed to have a lot of nice things to say about Jelmer… like how he looks like the smartest one and should run a radio station of his own. I agreed. Robin after obviously feeling awkward went to the toilet and Jamie was confused. The man mentioned that he previously had male partners and said that if he told his mum about Jelmer, and because he looks like his kinda guy that she would sat go for him!

Then he stated that hebwas interested in Jelmer. Jelmer laughed as did I and said “there is a very fine line between gay and european”. We all had a giggle and a chat but I think Jelmer was a bit uncomfortable… I kno how I would have felt. I had to go back to uni to get my bag so we said good bye to him. He seemed like a nice guy but totally was not expecting that. It was very funny, a nice night.

Yes, that is his name on the letter right there it is

So today was a load of balls in one way and really good news on another.

The pants side of it is that we didn’t get to do all recording today. I was looking forward to it. The day was not totally lost though. We managed to get a different scene completed which is cool, and Laura from the SU (Who is ace at the acting and everything) came in and did her bits. I also realised that i totally fucked up with the assignment and forgot a bit of it. Luckily though it’s all groovy and hopefully I have sorted that out now.

The afternoon included having a chat about doing a new ITD podcast. We went to post off the Adam West letter and the woman in the post office was surprised we were sending it. She noticed the name on the letter and said “Is that batman? You’re not sending that to batman are you” and we were all “Uhh… Yes, that is his name on the letter right there it is”,

She giggled and we had a little chat and wished us luck, saying that he might reply because we’ve took the time out to contact him.

We went back and I had lunch. I was about to tuck into my Wispa when this man came up to me. He said “Hi are you Johnny Robinson? you went for media officer?” and I said “Yes that is me, helooo”. He said “Sorry to interrupt your lunch but i thought you might like to see the new Space Website” (Space is the university paper, not the website for actual space). So after I had my packet Skips i went to find him. We had a chat about media things and the Comedy society. Sounds like there’s lots of cool things ready to happen. I’m not going to mention them yet but yeah 🙂

So I went back, did some prep and we recorded a podcast. We’d pretty much used up all our energy though but i think it was a fairly good podcast. Going to try and edit it tomorrow, however we are re-doing the recording session. Over the holiday I’m going to do a rough edit on some of the scenes and see how it sounds. 

Tomorrow also… I should be paid, which right now i am totally looking forward at because i want some fucking nice food. I’m a growing lad.

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Lots of shouting.

So last night i had a little bit of a freak out regarding my assignments. They are all sorted now. I had to extend them both again. I managed to get the interviewing one in and I’ve got a little bit to work out on the big one. To be honest what i really want to do is have a nandos and get slightly inebriated. Not enough to get me ill but enough to just chill out and relax.

Tomorrow though, it looks like more recording. It should be fun though 🙂 I’m looking forward to it. Messing about in the lecture theatre at uni hahaha. Lots of shouting.

I’m Super, Thanks For Asking

Today has been super. The radio play Robin, Jelmer and I wrote was partially recorded today. We only have the main final scene to record now. If you have no idea what this is about, we are recording a superhero radio comedy drama.

The cast is amazing, they are all cool people. Although I spend a little longer than I should have doing that today. I didn’t manage to get my assignments in on the deadline. However all is not lost as I have seen about getting an extended extension. Tonorrow may be a stay in all day and get them done before I leave the house. The stress got the better of me and I needed to go home and have some food. I needed some sleep but i didn’t get any. Been speaking to a friend again on-line last night, you know the cool one I mentioned yesterday.

Other than that I’ve enjoyed my day. Spent with funny people and giggles most of the day. I think I shall miss this when I finish uni. I know I’ve got a year before that happens but I know its gona be sad times.

Right now it is time for bed to i can rock this shit tomorrow. Laters yooo


So I have about half my 3000 word assignment done which is good but i only have a day to get the rest of it done. Within that day i need to record things and do something radio like. However the rest of the week, that is not so much an issue, Infact i think tuesday and wednesday will be days i can chill out and do nothing for a change.

Although saying that Tone Radio Jingles, Comedy Societys, plans, stand-up routines and assignments dont do themselves so i should work on those during the holidays.

I wonder if Jess reads these. Oi YOU! WE NEED TO MEET UP!

hmm what else. I need to find my needles and cotton and fix my shirt. A button broke the other day and i need to shove it back on. I spoke to Mel tonight and last night. She seems pretty cool.

I need to see the family in the week i guess. iv not been down since christmas, thats forever ago

I miss Yorkshire people. I’m hoping to see Ruby in 2 weeks. Not sure if it will happen (For circumstances out of my hands) but would be nice to go up again soon and see people.  Apparently is snowed really huge up in Yorkshire.

I need to go to bed. If anyone has any hugs and you think im important enough to know where i live feel free climb in my bed and i;m comfortable enough to let you in it, keep me warm hehe.

Goodnight 🙂

I munched the whole tube down

So the first success of today was the partial success of getting 1000 words in my report done and i think i have many things to still talk about.

The next one is that i have nearly finished my first pack of pringles in 16 years. my first pringles experience when i was a child didn’t go so well. I remember being told that they came from america so i munched the whole tube down within 2 hours. I felt nauseous for the rest of the day, and then i decorated my proximity with special mouth paint,

Although right now i feel ok, I think i shall leave it another 16 years. They are nothing special. i’ve washed it down with Cream Soda which was nice. I have also just watched 2 Films which was nice and the hosts were amazing 🙂

One of my worries, which I seem to be having difficulty explaining is why I’m not looking forward to doing my interview. I’ve not yet arranged it but I know what I need to do and how i need to conduct it. What I’m worried about is the process of doing it. There are a number of incidents that stick in my mind about interviews of the past, not because of incidents of my own. One I recall is that on my first FM experience the manager gave me a sheet of paper with all the wrong names on so I did a story. She told me the name of the person on the telephone and what their job was (It was something that was in the adver). I introduced the interview and they were on the phone waiting and put the fader up and said “Actually I’m from the Wyvern theatre and I’m here to tell you about what’s on”. Me and my silly issues.

Why am I even me? I mean the weird thing why I am worried about doing radio interviews when I feel ok standing in front of an audience. I’m doing well with the “It’s not a diet” regime  and I seem to be doing well about the other worries in life and people I have been fighting my demons about. 

But now it’s friday night. It would be really nice to get some sleeps.

I have been doing all sorts today. The best discovery of the day was finding my female counterpart. It was rather amusing, reasons i shall not endeavour into however I did enjoy the conversation.

The day started with getting up and trying to sort my back out again, which just ended up in me stretching and blacking out again. So I got out of bed eventually, took my time to get ready and left for uni. I met the Girl Robyn (Who i was doing an assignment with) and Tash (Who is like Jelmer but a girl and not dutch). We all made an advert together and this week was our presentation. It went well I suppose, however I did have an issue where I forgot to dress like a dick (We were all told to wear clothes that made us look like dicks), Suits don’t suit me.

From there we went to the refectory where i chatted with the (regular) boy Robin and Jelmer . I did some stuff that needed to be done and did it so we’re on track for the Radio Drama. Then I laid down for a bit at 6. I whopped the laptop out and started chatting to people. Spoke my female counterpart and we spoke til about 10 i think. I managed to make my journey home without incident (As she had wished) and then spoke a little bit longer.

I also had a nice chat about the student news paper, Space, which I will be working with next year. There are lots of ideas. Im not sure which one i want to go with yet but i know that some changes are needed. I’m hoping to speak with the editor soon.

I baught some honey today. I’ve been craving honey so much i changed yellow and furry.

Ok now this just reminds me of puberty… wondering what it would be like to have sex with a girl as we both changed into honey monsters. Would her boobs burst out her bra and would I still find it a turn on. I think i was a silently twisted teenager. I think i’m going to have a noney sandwich and go to bed.

By the way why do they not sell Nutella sandwiches at canteens. Or Banana, Or Honey!

Yes it was one of those posts. Welcome back Jonk.

Journey home without incident

A cry about the world and how terrible it is

Today I’ve been in a bit of a crabby mood, but kept it in. I’ve kept complaining about my back to a minimum today as I’m slowly starting to regain the ability to think about what other people might feel and all that gubbins. At least it means I’m being positive about stuff.

Today mainly consisted of listening to old radio shows. I think I’ve done the current shows format for long enough. so its about time i started putting more content in the show speaking wise. I was listening to some old stuff which was actually quite entertaining. My personality has slightly though. I seem to examine what people say now and and lay in to get a comedic aspect where before I was aware, but I wasn’t sure how to react.

So tomorrow… I’m gonna get the stuff sorted at uni so the assignments are in which will give me time and stuff to have a cry about the world and how terrible it is.

People start suspecting you are a mental when…

You know people start suspecting you are a mental when you are approached with the question “Are you waiting for something”.

I was sat in a coffee shop drinking a coke at the time. To me drinking a coke in a coffee shop tells me you’re not their for the tasty coffee. It’s either that you like the place, or that you are there to see someone. I was the latter. I met up with Evan today (No he wasn’t made of water, he was real) and we spoke about comedy. I’m going to try and get another FCH day under my belt before i look into furthering the stand up thing, like get used to it more.

I’ve been in slight grump mood lately due to working on assignments but we had a chat and threw about some ideas about stuff. One of the ideas landed in my coke and when i drank it  and it bloomed a flower out my lungs. Then I choked and died. 

I didn’t really but i thought that would dramatize the blog up.

As for work, well I did a bit. I am defiantly more educated on radio in Canada, i just have not as yet been able to express this education in the bit I am writing. 

I also need to figure out what im going to do about the Johnny Robinson Affair’s 5th birthday. I was going to bring back some games bit the thing is… I dont really have other people to do the games with any more so I might just play some old ones. Thing is though my presentation has changed so much since 5 years and so has my radio personality. Some of the stuff I said was… Wha?! and my personality wasn’t as strong as i thought back then. The sketches were cool though. 

Tomorrow? Its time to see how much of my assignments I can do on time and then a Tone Radio meeting before the show. Seems like i shall be a busy bee. AHH!