Monthly Archives: May 2010

things and stuff

Hey. So i decided the other day that instead of putting my thoughts and things on facebook (as it seems more public), i thought i’d be better putting them back on the blog… seeing as this was my outlet before and i could also go on a bit more here.

Usually i can deal with people being two faced. I don’t like it but today i kind of feel sorry for someone because they dont deserve it. I’m not sure if it comes from just people not being able to take a joke or they see her as a threat but i think a lot of people have her all wrong. She probably doesnt even know im writing this but im not really fussed.
anyway moving on to other things… my single life hasnt really changed. I have a friend in newcastle who really likes me in that way, but i think that i’ve become too picky, im not sure why i don’t feel the same way because she seems nice. Girls have been a weird thing in my life lately. still the same old story, me liking someone and them not liking me. haha sounds familiar to what i just wrote but the other way round. but it is about time though… people have done it enough to me!
Anyway im off to watch telly. im sure i’ll write simething soon