5 months on…

So I had planned to continue with the blogging after that one but I’ve had a lot on, mostly trying to edit Galaxy Raceway on a laptop that (although works well) isn’t really up to the job if i want to produce videos in HD.

Lots have things have changed since christmas. I’ve left the Cinema job. After working nearly two years I’d left because of… a few reasons really. One was that I was feeling under valued. I was told that I would be able to progress in my new job quickly, but it didn’t materialize.

I’m still quite upset about it. There was no acknowledgement or response to my notice. No thank you, or sorry to hear. I said I’d be willing to discuss my reasons with them, but seemed to not be interested.

One factor was the lack of understanding of me. I have Dyslexia and Dyspraxia and anxiety, so forgetting things, time estimation and getting used to new processes can regularly happen. Getting used to new things can effect me greatly. Things like a new bus system is the worst, especially when just as you het used to one, they change it and they never come anyway. There was some leeway, and one supervisor who is amazing got it. I was trying to get down a coping mechanism to reduce the issues, but because of what I was promised… i figured it would only be a short time before I’d go back to do what I was doing something I was stronger at.

What topped it off though was when a senior manager said I wouldn’t be allowed to progress for 6 months rather rudely. It was the first time they had spoken to me and it was fucking rude. I had to apparently to fix the issues I had. Basically it felt like he was telling a disabled person to stop being disabled. It was such a big deal because I was relying on that to get more hours. There are people who work for the company who are consistantly late, consistanly absent with bad attitudes being allowed to join the progression scheme, so i took it personally.

I left the office and fought off an anxiety attack for the rest of the busy shift. A few days later I colapsed at home and had to call an ambulance.

So, I looked for something different. I actually got the admin job, but I was told 3 days later I’d have to wait a month longer to start due to a training problem. With the worry I went for a job in another cinema which I got, but they mived the training for the admin one sooner in the end.

I’ve been there for a few weeks now. I will miss the cinema but i think I’m better off without it.

We are growing as a family. We have a Pug called George, Finn started at his new school in January and thanks to the new job I get evenings and weekends to have some family time.

I didn’t get chance to do the 2019 predictions so im going to do a half year one instead. That will be out in July šŸ™‚


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