Monthly Archives: August 2009

Long time no update!

Yoo, Well i thought i’d drop by after about 8 months!

I didnt realise it was that long. Well since the last post things stayed like that for a bit. Caroline and i decided to not go any further or get back together. I now see Ruby when i can (if im up or if Caroline is down).

I had a huge argument at the radio station with a “fellow DJ”. As i was head of music in a management role at the station i had to mention the concerns of staff had to the manager, That didnt work so i mentioned them to the Chairman. The “fellow DJ” heard about it through the station manager and he didnt like the truth. He came in one morning thretening to beat me up. My show was on “holiday” for a month, He was “suspended” for a month but i decided that i wasnt coming back. The station manager was throwing excuses at me from all over the place, i got fed up, thought it wasnt worth the hasstle and i told them where to go.

I’ve had other things come up since then but i’ve been extreemly busy. I’m planning on going to college this year, and something big could be about to happen but that’s going to have to stay under wraps at the moment.

yeah, thought i’d update. If you want to keep up with stuff check out and facebook

I’ll try not to leave it for 8 months again

Laters 😀