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There may be trouble ahead

Wow… so thats the end of this week and as the famous saying doesnt go… I’m jumping from a shit storm of a week to a fuckstorm.

Ive got a deadline due in wednesday which will include a bunch of code red launch stuff, and also for some reason that ive not properly thought through evidently,  the past me thought it would be a spiffing idea to stay up monday night and help in the 65 hour radiothon on tone radio as a producer. Yay.

As far as code red, episode 1 is almost finalised, and episode 2 has been started on by jelmer. Were about a day behind wih everything but its a matter of were waiti the completion of episode 1 before we have all systems go… and I’m working on the biggest scene which I did last time but seems to be more of a challenge this time round. Probably because were puttin more of an effort into it. For instance I tried to include the sound of eatingna banana. Jelmer thinks it sounds… well not like a banana. He suggested it was changed ;P

Ive decided to give it a fresh pair of ears in the morning rather than struggle tiredly right now.

4 hours sleep part 2

Ok I’ve had a few more than 4 hours and I dont remember pressing post on the last entry. I think I may have posted by the pad falling onto my face as I fell asleep. My lovely Aphre just reminded me that it exsisted.

Today I need to go to the useless bank to explain exactly what I told them yesterday but they wouldn’t listen,  growl.

4 hours sleep and counting

Im in no state to write a blog, so im writing one, but short. My eyes are ready to drift off. Todays been interesting. I jad 4 hours sleep alst nght, and again today i got home ahout 130.  Insisnnothing

Ruined it again

So todays show was fun. I think I may have been the only one to be having fun but yeah, it was. Not totally sure if it was the same for my co-host but I’m pretty sure she giggled a few times, but mostly put her face in her hands probably asking WHYYY!!!! 😀

This week has been so busy. Today I was at uni til about  2:30am . I only came home because I have a radio show in the morning and i need some energy. I need to get up in a matter of a few hours because of the annoying broken bank card situation I’ve been faced with.

My creativity seems to be taking a knock at all this busy-ness. It’s never been restrained, but its never really been focused either, so new ideas come easily and in their masses, but old ongoing ideas can suffer if they go on for too long. Sometimes things just come naturally. Its the same with the humor, and the matter of it changing to suit the audience I’m trying to cater for.

Code Red editing is getting interesting. So far I’ve done about 5 scenes now, and I’ve got more. This weekend is going to be totally nuts.

I kind of got a little upset on todays show, like really upset. We went into a really long point of the show where we spoke a lot about “The end” and I’m not that emotionally strong, I’m a proper big baby, so it will take its toll eventually. I try not to dwell on it for this reason

Right… it’s time for bed. I need to be up about 9am.

You wouldn’t like me when I’m cross

So I’m in my room feeling a number of things. One of those is cross. I’m so much not a happy bunny I’m more of a furious dinosaur biting chunks out of my wardrobe in fury.

I feel properly sick. Ive not eaten all my dinner because i feel so sick if I eat it il be sick it wont stay down… But I was at the point where I was hungry enough to feel like I was goin to be sick anyway.

I was a bit angry because of an argument with a friend, which although I was a bit offended with what was said, I guess it was more of a tension that I’d felt in the day. We’ve since apologised but im still cross about other things, not necessarily that person but it was more of that was a trigger that set things off rather than it being an issue, but I did feel like it was a personal jab. I’d tried to stay positive all day and not taken things to heart until then, but now all the other things in the day have got to me because of it. I’ve got so much work to do I have more important things to do than waste it on silly details that don’t matter.

My girlfriend offered me pizza and I turned it down due to the work. I think I might have made her feel bad by sayin no and that I’m so busy when she was trying to be nice. Negative boyfriend points.


I can see the smoke alarm light

Evening you!

I feel a little like I’ve neglected you madam or sir reading this blog on a regular basis. Mainly bevause I’ve been so busy that I’ve been really refined on my time and what I do with it. Tomorrow for instance I really need to edit again. I didn’t do enough today.

So, whats happening with life? Well im comig to terms that I am goin to have a lot to do over the next few weeks and tbh im not sure what to think about it. I’ve been on a new found positivity streak lately and ive kind of felt like making others feel a bit better rather than focusing on why I might be a bit down or stressed about things. Im having fun. Maybe not everyone else is actually. And i am worried about a lot of things that will make me and some others sad, but its time to make the most of it, its fun times.

Jelmer and I were listening to some community radio today. It was rather depressing in places… because I listen to it and I wonder why some of them even try. Surely you want listeners, so the one thing you dont do is bore them to death so quickly that they listen for 2 minutes and switch off. Yes your website might say “radio listening is going up” but they aren’t listening to you because your dj sounds asleep or is trying to wake the dead.

I could go off on it for ages. Also an interesting thing that hapoened today. I went to the coop and all the lights erre flickering, I think there was a weird powercut happening bevause the whole streets lights were flickerig on and off. It felt a little bit like a scene from ghost busters. Anyway I’m going to sleep to have a good start tomorrow.

Goodnight lovelies

So a very brief hello here as I’m really tired.

I’ve got a fun day tomorrow – It includes making some radio magic with sports equipment. Hopefully my knee will be able to survive the day. Im not sure if i have to something strenious. The plan is that I wont be, but I have no idea.

The second day of positiveness was OK too. I feel like I’ve annoyed one of my favourite friends recently but I need to stop worrying. Im sure I will think differently over the next few days. Also Code Red has been going well. Im expecting to start on more scenes over the weekend. I am pleased to say that scene 3 is ready.

Goodnight lovelies

Morning world!

Morning world!

I wake up this morning realising many things. I need a new attitude to life – or an old one that I previously posessed.

The old one was that I didnt care about what people thougt of me – which is still the case in some places – but ican see my passion for things has dwindled and moved into a different place that I need less of, and I dont feel like im as humble and as helpful as I used to be. I could feel it last night kind of comig back to me when I was recording jingles but all these worries were there, but I didnt have those worries before. The ones that were all “oh dont say that, you’ll be seen as a weirdo”.

So anyway today is the first day of implementing the new attitude. Ive got new hair so that should help. I need to put the worries to bed.

Right… shower time

Oh the irony

Im feeling really bad today. I feel like some of the actions in the past few months have let people down in almost every aspect of my life. Im confused and realy not sure what life is wanting to do with me.

Yeah from that paragraph its pretty obvious that this isnt going to be  positive post. So you will have probably gone past reading this.

Some of that means that I’ve avoided stuff, and things have turned out to be good for me, but only because I felt that i wasnt wanted in a certain situation.

also somethig really ironic happened today, I don’t think I can explain though because its the secrets of radio… but basicly the most ironic thing that could happen did happen. Although it was shit, it made me laugh. Maybe i can tell you next week.

Gordon came to visit yesterday which wqs interesting.  Today Jelmer and i have been working on our company. Tomorrow we need to set up. Im going to try and rest my head. Things are gettig to me,

Drumming like a mofo

Hi, how are you?

Dont you hate it when you ask for something nicely but instead you get someone who doesn’t see things your way and instead just acts rude to you?

We were doing our recording for code red today, but at uni the radio studio is in the same area as the music studio. The problem is that sometimes you can hear things from next door. Normally its not so bad and its workable, but today it was epicly loud, it meant that they were rendering our studios useless… all 3, and the room because they had left the door to their drum room open and the corridor that is supposed to act as a sound buffer was full of noise.  I get there is a difference between our courses and the person was using a mic technique that meant she was trying to pick up room noise to adapt the sound she was drumming,  but it was really stopping us bein able to record in the studio.

We asked if we could come to an arrangement, but the girl was not budging.nif this was us, we would have adapted things so at least we could both work. She greated us with a bunch of unprofessional string of words and phrases,  and mainly aimed them at Jelmer, stating it was course work. But we’re doing course work too… what makes hers more important than ours? If they are just as important as each other then why should any take priority?  An agreement should have been sorted out which was fair.

Anyway we weren’t goin to be childish about it. We did think about recording one of our scenes outside the room as we had a scene that includes a corrodore, but we didnt in the end because its not fun when you do things to get to other people and its not professional to think that ours was more important,  but it was just as important. Claire seemed like she could be a nice person so it’s a shame she was a litrle rude to us.

Other than that, the day was really good. We did a lot of the recording, and we’ve just got a few more scenes to do and were sorted.