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Yorkshirely not?

Ok so im laying in bed a bit annoyed at my self. Tryed making some of my lovely audio art but got frustrated. I think theres too much stress going on for me to think properly but all in all emotion wise think im holding up ok, just want less hasstle so i can b totally happy. Hayley helped me out again yesterday so thank youuu. I appreciate your help so much. But yeah so im here in yorkshire just being here. Had to skip uni which im pretty annoyed with. Anyway id better go. Mite update again tomorrow. Niiiight

Comedians? Us?

So I got back from doing the radio show today feeling mega tired which may have been a result of being at the frog and fiddle all day yesterday at a gig with tone radio. I fell asleep and I think I’ve gone back into this illness thing I had on Thursday and the mixture of alcohol and the sickness i had already tuckered me out back to being ill, on the basis that i was having weird dreams, my throat hurts and I’m tired.

Someone said we were comedians last night as well, so I’m going to take that as a compliment. I not sure if the other two agree with that because I’m not sure if they want to go down that route. It’s understandable though. We always do funny stuff on tone radio, and I made us some cool glasses last night which are posted all over tone radio’s recent things so yeah. Maybe we are comedians and we’re just falling into it. What ever happens I fear “The Three Cretins” name is stuck with us.

But this might be why now I had this thought in my mind. I have always been worried about what people think of me as a person. I mean in my eyes I’m a regular guy, funny sometimes and always see the good in people. But to others i might just be funny in my little circle, and that I’m weird and really quiet. I noticed that I was quiet last night and for me social things are hit and miss for me, and I feel like i talk about myself too much to others, and I don’t know what to say to people. So why not ask them out straight?

There’s 2 reactions i guess. One is the false “oh you’re cool” and even if it was true could you believe it? because they might be just saying that just because they don’t want to hurt your feelings. The other reaction is they tell you the truth – which depends on whether they like you or not which can go tragic if they hate you or if they have this seed in their head that grows out. I remember this girl once who asked me if i had Autism… so since then i was like… OK I’m not sure what to think now. I mean in my head I’m normal but in real life I really am like that? The other thought which i should probably think is “Don’t listen to any of them”.

I do think i focus on my bad qualities too much though because previous girlfriends (especially one who I believe… because i actually think she is honest) have told me, and I’ve noticed that my good qualities must have fizzled out. I think though its more that i have is still there but i have a lot on and they will come back when they are ready. Why am I blogging this for the world to see? I don’t bloody know, I’m just being honest that’s all.

And i hate being quiet! Being around people with a blank head thinking i should be talking… especially with people on my course. But I’m probably thinking way too much into this. I should save it for comedy things like my Mr Bean moment on the train last week. For a while now I’ve been thinking of putting a set or something together. I know it’s not easy but to be fair neither is in the dark, I couldn’t expect anyone to just walk into tone and do what we do.

The Mr bean moment by the way – When i was in Yorkshire on the train the ticket man came to collect the tickets. While getting mine out i dropped my new phone on the floor and it landed under the chair in front. So thinking i was smart i thought i could nudge it with my foot back towards me. A guy noticed what happened and watched me doing it. just as i got it back to me where i could get it, it kicked to my other foot, which accidentally kicked it back under the chair. I looked at the man and we just looked at each other as in to say “After all that”. So I just got up and said to the lady in front “Hi, can i just get my phone please? It’s under your chair… I’m not perving or anything”. I eventually got it back.

I think my sense of humour is going to get me in trouble one day. I said a joke today… and tried to make it really clear it was a joke. The person I did it to is one of the nicest guys ever. Dan at Tone radio came in to adjust the settings because someone messed them up and it was distorting and as he left he said “Please don’t hate me” so I jokingly replied with “Don’t worry Dan, We don’t hate you any more than we already do”. I made it really clear though that I was joking and I didn’t mean any offence by it and i hope he didn’t take what I said seriously but yeah… I suppose I should engage my brain before a joke tourettes its way out.

Sleep time. Nighttt.

Assignments, Sickness and Films

So i woke up today with some “Let’s do this” spirit… which after doing a tidy up to clear my mind but after i settled and had my sweets, well i just couldn’t concentrate. So i managed to get someones quote into a way i could easily understand it and then wrote 200 words. I’ve been feeling like i have a mild cold the last few days but after my walk to town i felt all horrible and dead. I was just not interested in anything so i put a film on… Inglorious Basterds (Or however you don’t spell it).

Then i watched Ferris Bueller’s day off and then Beetlejuice. Both 80s classics with a guy called Jeffery Jones in. He’s not in many films anymore due to run-ins with the law but him and John Lithgow were my favourite baddies.

Anyway i thought i’d say about that. Nothing interesting really but it’s an update at least. I got some of that lynx final Edition today. It smells really nice. The shower gel reminded me of honey and looked like it tasted nice. I didnt try it though but if it tasted as nice as it smells i’m gona put that stuff on a sandwich and guzzle it down.

In other news i’m on tone radio’s Glos-tone-beret this saturday presenting stuff with the other two cretins will be there too. That seems to be our group name now that i accidentally gave us. I’m not sure if i like it but i guess it’s stuck now and is rather funny.

Anyway i’m gona finish watching this film and then go to bed.

Ooh, smoke alarm

Drinkin a JD

So I had a bit of a crazy weekend and I’m just chilling out with a Jack Daniels and watching The Baftas. Yeah that awards ceremony that’s that has the word “British” in the title and Americans win things – not having a go, just pointing it out, but i think they are past that bit now. Anyway I’ve so Whitney Houston died today didn’t she. Even Tina Turner lived longer than her. Well it was a shame, it always is when someone famous dies. She was 48 which is a bit rubbish, but at least she sold loads of records and I think almost like Michael Jackson we all know a Whitney Houston song we have a memory to. So RIP to her.

Let’s rewind to Thursday now – I got to uni late because of some idiots sleeping in the bathroom and just generally having a rough night due to all the screaming. I don’t usually go to uni on Thursdays but John Brigs who does the voice on the weakest link and a number of other things was doing a guest lecture. I show up 5 minutes late stylishly bumping into chairs – i suppose it’s more like something from an American film. I probably should have gone to talk to him as i’m really interested in the voiceover stuff but i didn’t know what to ask or talk about. I went to Swindon to pick up my glasses and went to my mum’s and got home. Pretty eventless but thought I’d mention Jon Brigs.

…and just so you know I’ve swapped drinks to this dirty black stuff that Rich and I got to I can remember the taste of JD when that’s done.

Friday my day started slowly waking up and messaging my classmates and doing some boring things again until i left to catch the train and trapsed my scooter onto the bus in Yorkshire. It’s this point I wish i had my web address on my clothes because this girl saw my scooter and wooly hat and kept giving me a cheeky smile… Oh yes :), I finally reached the destination of castle bobskill

Friday finished and I woke up in Saturday slightly achy thanks to riding the scooter all week. I met up with Tom and went to McDonalds and endured a so called breakfast. I think I shall consider what that entails next time and just be happy with an Egg McMuffin oe something. That burger thing… well it was like “WHY?”. I forgot my socks which I didn’t realise till I was on the train up so i had to get some new ones and then went to spend the day in With Ruby. Got knackered and came back with tons of pictures and went back to castle bobskull, Dropped some stuff off and watched Chronicle at the cinema for a curry and a chat with Tom which nicely brought me into today.

Still tired and achy from the day before i woke up at just before 7 because i had to get into Cheltenham for 12 for the Radio show. Made it just 10 mins late which is pretty good considering the second choice was an hour late.

I really should be also doing this essay thing but I’ve just not done it because of the business.

Really this was a nothingness post, but better to say something i guess. It doesnt sound crazy to you but it was wall to wall for me. Meh laterssssss.

Morning timeeee

It’s morning time and I’ve just recorded the sounds i should have done last night. Only took a few minutes. Before i went to sleep last night i watched a few cartoons that cheered me up a little. Not sure why but i’m always drawn towards these kinds of things – It’s the reason i put the bla bla bla video up. Here is a line, it amuses me, and then after is some plasticine which i have discovered a few years ago which i think is totally amazing.

Is nobody innocent?

Why do people have to play games? I mean I’m a total big kid right (I rode my kick scooter to uni today. I’m pleased), so I’m all up for games, but ones that mess with your feelings… well I’m all gamed out. I don’t want to play this game any more. Why can people just not be innocent. I mean everyone is in for personal gain or just to get their kicks.

One example – Someone I know i said Hi to the other day totally ignored me. This has happened again since and for some reason they can’t even look at me. I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve that but thanks for letting me know because I’m mentioning you on Facebook.

I think I might be a little paranoid as far as what people think. I wont go too much into this but i think i should probably twist it to something amusing. I mean… I’ve not said anything funny for ages on this blog.

In the old days I’d have blogged about people i work with and change the names. But 6 years ago nobody i knew had a blog other than Rich and facebook didn’t exist. Now all this social networking has kicked off it’s a different story. Anyway if this was the case i’d look at uni. I get on with most people at uni (I’d like to emphasise the word MOST… In fact I’d say all but one, Oh and there is one I wish I was getting on better with but hey it’s cool as it is).

Putting this aside I think I may be coming across as too childish or maybe a little like I’m coming across as smart as I actually am. I ask a lot of silly questions anyway, sometimes im joking, sometimes im just curious, other times i do it for my own entertainment just to see what answer i get – and better the devil you know as to why i ask the question but the fact i have the courage to ask and not worried about looking stupid must be a good thing.

Yeah, might not know big words, or the Roman Empire. And I Don’t know much about history, Don’t know much biology, Don’t know much about a science book, Don’t know much about the french I took. But what i do know is that I might have ripped that from Sam Cook’s song wonderful world but this is where i am smart – I might only know when the war happened because the BBC closed during it, and i’m smart enough to connect the dots when i need to, but ask me about radio and TV and i can go on forever.

Even though i know lots of stuff about radio though, feel like i should know more about things like history and big words.

Anyway i dunno how i got to writing this much, i was only gonna come on and say (In a Marvin the paranoid android manor) that i’m feeling rather drained, tired, depressed and suffering from this terrible pain in all the diodes down my left side.

I just can’t be bothered to do the work i should be doing right now. I think I’ll record my sound effects in the morning, go to bed early and have a chirpy start to the day. I also have to prep for the new show on Wednesday and think of funny things

I’m in Yorkshire this weekend, so you crazy cats that i don’t have – keep an eye out for me.

Oh and would like to say thankyou for reading :). I’ve gone on a bit eh? Blablabla!


I thought i would have a little update. Just been in Swindon the last few days. I bought a kick scooter. It’s not a toy, it says that on the box. I thought i was in the mood for updating but i think i changed my mind. i’ll do a proper one when im not so meh i think.

Last Night at The Frog And Fiddle

So I was up at the Frog and Fiddle pub last night doing my first show on Wednesday. It was mega weird because it wasn’t until Monday that I found out I was on-air from the pub.

Starting off the day I went to uni about 12:15. In fact i was supposed to be there at 12:15 so arrived half an hour late. I’d been trying to make a little feature thing for class and kinda left it to the last minute. I got there in the end and it got played. It got lots of laughs 😛 but I’m not sure whether that’s because it was actually funny or whether the quality was so messed up, but i think it was pretty good. There was a lot of things people didn’t notice like how hard it must have been to edit the background noise in a pub with huge acoustics and music from their system.

Anyway I had some business to attend to. At this point I would like to say that I have been advised to no longer mention my court case by my solicitor so… uh yeah. And then had some fun with Robin and Jelmer having a drink and playing on pool/video game in the Uni bar.

Jelmer left and i got Robin and I another drink, and Robin wanted so relax before he had to go to the debate thing he does and I wasn’t sure what was going to happen but I thought a bit of Dutch courage would help. Jelmer wasn’t around so I thought we could have a few drinks so i got some shots.

Someone behind me said “You’re starting early” (It was about 5pm) so I said “Yeah, I’m getting ready for later” and took the shots back to Robin along with his pint. Jelmer showed up and Robin only wanted 1 shot so we all gulped them up and had some more chats about stuff.

Anyway it was frog time so after we all disbanded I left to get home, shower and get out again. I got there about 8-ish and had abnout 4 double JDs and pepsi. Thing is this alcohol doesn’t seem to have an effect any more but just made things a tad easier as far as socialising would go – So i didn’t go all quiet like normal – and I had to interview people so figured that just enough would loosen me up a bit. I’m rubbish at interviews anyway. I started a little early. The first act – i couldn’t remember the name. This wasn’t because of alcohol, I have a form of Dyslexia which means if I don’t write the name down or keep it in my head over and over i forget. The guys name was Alex – Alex… uhhh… well this was the problem. It was something like Mohogany. I could not pronounce his last name for the life of me no matter what i tried. So instead i brought this up in the interview and my co-hosts were not speaking at this point.. Until I asked co presenter (Alex Jones) if he had questions – I went blank with questions.

The second interview went even more disastrous… guess who I was interviewing **flashback** “You’re starting early”. Back to planet earth – DARN IT! and he even mentioned it on air – my alcohol consumption for the day! Thanks!. It was all good fun though. Anyway we had a power failature half way through the interview because Jack (The guy in charge of technical stuff for the say tripped on a power lead. Anyway we came back on air and finished the interview which i thought was pretty funny from everyone and then it finished up.

Anyway i will try and do another update later as im off to catch a train to Swindon. Laters yoooooooooo