Monthly Archives: December 2015

What The Fuh!

Hey, so I thought I should blog as it’s been a bit and there is interesting things going on.

I’ve lots of new things in the pipeline. Someone told me last Saturday to put everything up in my life on social media… even if it’s bad, only to get a reaction and build an audience. I’m not going to take that advice as a day-to-day rule as 1) That’s not how social media works, and 2) you look unprofessional. Meh… what do you expect from a man who can only be best described as a robot with Rob Brydon’s small man in a box voice.

I did consider it as a challenge though which I am mulling over. It would be relevant content, based on what I was told at uni – “Social media is another form of broadcasting and should be used as such”. Sharing things and starting conversations are good, but also participating in current conversations, maintaining them and making your own content online is also a way to gain and maintain a good set of followers. I didn’t get to do that before, so 2016 will be an opportunity to do that. Maybe get some more active followers on Twitter. I don’t make new years resolutions, but I think this year I should do something that will be of online benefit.

But yeah I’ll be doing some new projects in the new year, venturing into the world of working with my fiancee – let’s see what double act fun happens there. I might also get back into the video side of things, but we’ll see how that goes.

I’m going to do something really daft now and commit to doing daily updates to the blog for a whole year. On that note, I shall go and celebrate the new year by eating my Irish cream cake (Baileys didn’t do them in Iceland this year, but the cake is basically the same thing). Tomorrow’s post will be… my 2016 predictions!