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Radio antic number 1 – Feedback

I had a laugh the other day. Me and a fellow DJ (We do actually use disks) did the first breakfast show (Monday) on the first week of the RSL. Didnt go very well as the station didnt want it to be wacky and fun, which is why we wernt on tuesday.

The Antic number one:

The “fellow DJ” (Whos show it was) stayed at my house, He came up to my room and woke me franticly because we were late. I got out of bed to find some trousers and kept picking up this curtain. I eventually found a pair and put them on, and this curtain kept getting in the way. I was looking for all my other stuff and this bloody red curtain kept getting in the way. Anyway within 5 minutes we left to the station.

at about 7:30, we made up a story on air about me coming into the studio wearing no trousers, just a curtain and asking listeners to find out if they saw my trousers, just to get a reaction.

Anyway i did say to the DJ that i would like to kill the item now as i thought it was finished, but the DJ wanted to continue, and it did, but wasnt any good.


In the local paper, a few weeks later someone sent a letter to them, making referance to “a couple of school kids” and “one of them wasnt even wearing any trousers” Are you having a laugh or something? would you belive it if you heard anyone had come in to work wearing a curtain? No, not at all. So why did this person think i did??? This is the person we aimed to catch out!!! i didnt belive it when i read it, i was in fits of laughter!!!!

they also mentioned a few things that went wrong through out the first few days and telling our high profile presenter to go back to her old station and implyed we should sound like the BBC. We arn’t the bbc, and only 2 out of the 4 people who set up the station have been involved in other RSLs, so things arnt going to go perfect. but we belive that the person who was picking on us was someone who dosent like us from another station in the area cos were a threat to them.


InM8 are in the scb studios, Propper Loud, they have this guy in doing a drum and bass mix in their extra hour they had due to techncal dificulties. i am tech opping.

i hope were not too loud

Round the boat, Its the Norris

So its my last mental show tomorrow on SCB untill the next time they are on air, I’m going to announce my website on-air tomorrow, with links to my blogs so that will be interesting to see how many people get intouch… Trying to get some self publicity, just incase someone who listens says “Work for me”.

Go to and listen online

Its in the last week on the SCB Radio’s restricted service licence, I’l be doing rewind untill next friday, the station goes off air at midnight that day. by then i’l be back in bradford in my uncles broken down hovel untill we know the next steps for SCB. If you have a new name for SCB, then let us know, something cheezy would be amusing! Give us a shout on the txt, 07900 19 80 58 or email U could win a prize!!!

Look at me!!!

The first images of me to you, if u didnt kno! ScB hasnt got me on their site so i took pictures into my own hands.

Slightly mad looking in this picture, In need of bit of a hair cut… possibly looking slightly shattered, taken today (23rd september 2005)

My dads bigger than your dad

Someone who isnt too happy with me has told someone i kno that he is getting someone to beat me up. I cant say why, but its nothing illegal. Welcome to the jonkasonic list of childish fight talk.

1. “My dads bigger than your dad and he can beat your dad up”

2. “My Brothers 18 and can win against you in a fight”

3. “I’m gonna get someone to beat you up”

The funny thing is that the guy who said number 3, is something like 35!?!?! (Possibly a bit older)

Stop me if i’m wrong but i’m 21, shouldnt a 35 year old know how to fight his own battles and stop acting like a complete wimp??? He sounds like a bully threatening to bunch someones lights out but was born with no hands! Just Leave It!! Its complete waist of energy typing this.

And the whole reason for it is dumb anyway, something that happened about 2 years ago???

Isnt threating to beat someone up or beating someone a crime??? Get a life, Move On and fight your own battles. i’m sure ur mum must of told u that.

Hovering across my problems

Having a chat with someone yesterday got me realising something.

View this diagram in my own way to discribe the dillio

Just so u kno what it says, the black writing in the top right says “He is here Away from than junk. The subjects in the black part are my worries, they are in order.

Show this to a drawing expert in psycyatry (Or whatever its called) this is what they will say.

1.The picture starts off with a yellow smiley face, With the name “Jonk” written next to it. this says it is jonk.

2.It seems he is in the sky, which means his head is in the clouds, Hovering over the worries he has at this moment in time

3. The yello face in the sky is yellow, he is temporaly on the radio, his place in the sun.

4. Between him, the clouds and the Ground where his problems lie, there is a small white line, which denotes a barrier, but as it is thin, the barrier is easy to break and any of the problems can interfear whenever they like.

5. The Problems are in order. These will allways change, but jonathan hovers over the barrier, and Likes to keep a smile in his face and his head in the clouds to the problems to sort them selfs out.

6. Jonathans 2nd problem is that he has no one to talk to. This just cannot be anyone, this has to be someone that he can tell his complete thoughts to (And not a blog), Which has to be the person who he has a verry close connection with – AKA Girlfriend (Only person he is comfertable with talking to)who has d u m p e d him, which leeds on to the main problem.

7. Jonk says on the pic he is a wonderer. this means he feels that he is able to wonder away from problems that he feels he cannot fix. the one at the bottom, will fizzle away when he has wondered away from it and is no-longer important.

Or something like that, mainly because thats how it is!

anyway. im off now. L8rz

Still D U M P E D

Well day 2 of being d u m p e d

Still dont know why. It dosent make sence, i have done nothing wrong, just missed a few messages. I’m only on the internet temporarally, so when i moved back to bradford where i only have a connection at the libary there would of been problems there. I’d love to get back together with her, but im waiting for her.

She really has upset me and i shouldnt forgiver her for d u m p i n g me, but im not sure everything is as it seems , i dont mean “Oh shes going to get back together with me” because i’m not sure that she will, i Just that i think something has been said to her by someone thats not true, and like me, she has thought too much and thought i didnt like her, Mainly because thats what i thought (That she didnt like me), But we are so alike, when i was younger and i was told something that i thought was true, i’d do what she has done, I have learnt that that is not the case and hope she realises like i have… and soon.

Even me writing this uninteresting personal life blog that i should really keep to my self is me thinking too much. I need an answer! When i called yesterday she sounded pretty annoyed, but didnt talk to her, That makes no sence at all!

Anyway the blogs like this will probably eventually come down because they are too personal, and when i realise that they will go, at the moment, i am just rather unhappy because i’m confused and need to say something somewhere as i’ve not really got anyone to tell. More explination on this in the next blog.

Come on… Employ me!!!

The RSL for the radio has just under 2 weeks left. My last show is next saturday (Which will be big. Go to Swindon community Radio’s website) and its going to include a Worm party for the birthday worm. The people i have spoken to so far has said they really like the birthday worm and i may have found my element for presenting. I’m no good at the regular “This is, that was” because i’m too off the wall.

I’m happy now aswell because… i thought (as various people had said) my presenting wasnt my strong point, it was more the technical and production side. However the way i was taught to present isnt my strong point because where i was at before the audience was aimed older. Now i feel that i’m not as restricted as much i can mix the production and funny side in with off the wall antics, which i have only just discovered… GIVING ME MORE IDEAS !!!!! HAHAHAHAHA (Evil Laugh)

So if you work at Now, GWR, BBC swindon or The Pulse, Galaxy or halam bbc leeds or anywhere in West Yorkshire give me a shout. Email Address is

So last night i inserted the birthday worm into my presenting, and made this story that didnt make sence. “Breakfast Loopy Do? Bodily dead in my Breakfastation? Move with a swift motion to the left”


I have been dumped! I have no idea Why!

I have done nothing wrong! I’ve been busy with Work and couldnt talk the other day… And now i’m dumped, even though i have tryed to get incontact for 4 days. I managed to get an answer on the phone today and was told that she didnt want to talk.

I hope she realises soon how i’m feeling and comes to her sences. She is not only a really good friend that i’d like to know for a real long time, but i miss her. I went missing for a few hours today cos i am quite upset… and for someone who hasnt really shead a tear to anything much in the last few years, i did today. not terrebly tho… IM A MAN!!! hehe.

more laterz


Someone has tryed to sign in to my blog. 2 days ago i forgot my pass word, they gave me an email to replt to and it got sorted.

Today i open my email to find a New email with the same content… Hmmmm

Bugger Off!