Dawg Gone

I was at uni yesterday doing some more messing about in the studio, practicing things and just making lots of noise. On the way out the gates we were approached by a happy looking dog. It seemed to greet everyone so we said hello and walked on… but the dog followed us. I was with Jelmer and didnt know what to do about this dog, so we cooked it.

We did’nt really cook it, we called the police who were totally not helpful. So we took it to the security guard at park. We had to call him though because he was at another campus. Anyway we waited for him to come and sort things out while we sat with the dog. You’d have thought that dogs would have been found on a regular basis and the police would have done more to help us out with the finding of the owners, but it must have taken about 10 phone calls to a number of people who had a variety of different numbers and secret numbers for people with other numbers. He phoned them and they came with a barbecue and we cooked it.
That bit didnt happen either, but what actually happened was while waiting i spoke with the dog. Previously i suggested we ride it to town, and i asked what the dogs name was. He tripped while going over a ramp so i called him Trippy. We didnt know his real name but followed with enthusiasum if you said “Come on” in a high pitched voice he would go where you said. He seemed to be missing his owner i think because he told me. Well.. when i say that he didnt speak with his mouth. he wanted a hug and the hug shop was open. We waited till the security man managed to get hold of a warden. After nearly 3 hours wait and being bitten by midgies we gave the dog to the warden. It didnt have a collar but it was chipped, that was the good deed done for the day so we left. To my knowledge the dog was not eaten and was sent back to its owner.
Today didnt really consist of many actions. I stayed in the dark because i was having a dark day. Although i went out near the end of it. Just went to uni, messed about with music again and left. The Junkalitous tablets are going ok i think. So far ive not forgotten to take them.

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