Monthly Archives: February 2015

Stop… wait a minute

So I’m just out taking a quick break from the podcast edit which is nit far from done. We did two news sectiins this week and its toppoled over 10 minutes than what i wanted to make the podcast last.

So far still nothing on the job front. Still working hard on the podcast and working on finding advertising next week.

I had a terrible cold last week which is lagging over as well as a dental issue which has been not only annoying but slightly painful, but i have to wait til monday anyway but coypuld take 2 months to get sorted at the hospital… growl.

On the podcast we’ve been talking about dreams. I’ve always been facinated by them. We’re keeping a dream log. As usual, i have no dreams to remember then 3 come back to me all at the same time. I keep a log on here sometimes.

Other than that i guess theres not been much to report on, hence the lack of activity.

No need not to

So there’s no need not to be updating this blog really other than doing all the other work I’ve been doing. I’ve got my pad back and it seems to be working just fine.

Still doing the podcast. This weeks podcast was reluctantly 1 hour… something I’d tried not to do but if it wasn’t that long all the bits couldn’t fit in wouldn’t have been aired. There are so many funny edits that made the cutting room floor though because of ethical reasons.

This evening I am making a school day favourite. I say this because when I was in school one of the lessons i showed up for was cookery. It was part of DT and it was the first lesson i actually made something truly by myself and was one of my most favourite foods – cheese and onion pasty. It went rather well. 19 years later although im not mashing the potatoes and not making my own pastry im making it for dinner. Nice.

Tomorrow i will actually get to write some Code Red again after a long break. Yayayyayayayayy.