Monthly Archives: November 2016

Holiday, celebrate.

Ok so its been a while since the last update, just a little over a month so I thought it was time to say hello!

Right now I’m in Gozo in Malta listening to Aphre singing Dreams by Fleetwood Mac in the shower (possibly the Corrs version). I have had some nice times so far and it’s our third day here. Since we got here we’ve had to dampen down the Trump talk. I have so much to say but not really anything I can go i to right now, but what a state the world in.

Anyway what’s it like here? Well it’s very brown. I dont mean that in a bbc 4 way, but in a floor way. All the buildings are made of stone. We’re on a villa on a farm, so we usually hear a Donkey braying, and a cat meowing in the night. 

Aphre has been a lovely. She went to lidl over here and they had some of those sweets she always gets me at Christmas. They are basically Dark Chocolate with cherry liqueur and a cherry inside. They are amazing.

And as I’m a bit of a fan of Ferrero products (yes they do more than Ferrero Rocher nutella and Kinder stuff) I found these yesterday. 

These are basically Ferrero Rochers in a bar. Now yes I’ve taken pictures of food so far, but Johnny, You’re on holiday, what about the lovely pictures of where you are!

Here’s us all on the plane getti g ready to blast off. I don’t know who the man behind is. I wasn’t sure on the blasting off bit but actually flying and landing was ok, but a bit surreal to me considering I’d never flown or left the UK before.

Here’s some pics of the place were staying in

More laterrrr