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Johnny Does A Election Podcast Episode 1

Here is a link to my podcast which i shall be doing daily during the student union elections. Tomorrow comes the Facebook Gubbins.
Play theΒ Election Podcast Episode 1Β Now

Don’t forget if you want to vote you need to be a student at the University Of Gloucestershire. Voting opens on Monday.


shut yo mouth

So yeah hello there. I’ve just got back from Tone Radio watching Louie Theroux. I had a nice dinner too since getting back (So yeah i guess that means i’ve not just got back but shut yo mouth)

I couldnt go into uni today because i had to wait for my laptop to be returned however i did manage to get in and put up some election posters… YEP! I am going for the position of media officer. So if you go to my uni… vote for me.

I’m thinking about doing a Podcast or audio boo or something starting from Sunday about the elections. I’ll let you know by tomorrow if i decide to do it. One thing i do need to do is sort out a script for certain things so i dont go “Uhhh” all the time on the question time thing.

I had this Crazy dream last night. This guy who is a superhero and his dad had an epic fight. Turns out the dad was an alien. The superhero son punched his dads face off and contemplated it with his friend as his dads face lay on the floor and he went in to speak to his dad about being half alien and give his face back.

I’m in a bit of a weird mood tonight, not sure whether i’m happy or not. What i do know is that i need to end this post in the same way i usually end it by mentioning something to do with bed.



I give up on today

So today was a day that didn’t happen. I was supposed to go to Bristol today but it didn’t happen for multiple reasons. I managed to write the rest of the radio drama which is good, just need to cut it down now as its a little over 30 minutes long and needs to be 25.

Also managed to get the first bit of the radio drama sorted out which is cool

I think i’m not feeling so great today with the tiredness. I think something in the day must have made me ill because i’d not eaten anything until i got back today and then just went all sick.

In other news I’m going to launch my election stuff tomorrow, and i really need to crack on at making money.

I give up on today

Nice as pie… Cause it WAS pie

So today has been a bit of a weird one. I think its the calmest bit before next week’s storm.

I had a decent enough sleep, but had an appointment today which ended up with me talking about serious things about the past. I think certain people in my life think i don’t remember what happened or that i might have been to blame for it but i know it wasnt, its pretty deep though, too much to go into on the blog. But because its so deep I think it took it out of me. I was totally drained. I walked really slowly back home and i got really tired so when i got back I watched telly a little and then went to bed. I woke up 2 hours later and looked into the mirror where it looked like i got punched in both my eyes. It totally just took it out of me.

When i woke up though and within 5 mins waking i was hungry and downstairs preparing. I baught some mince the other day so i could make a pie so made a mince and veg pie. It was nice as pie… cause it WAS pie and it was the best pie i’ve had in ages.

After that i investigated my eye situation, i look knackered so im really gonna need to sleep. I did manage to get some work done for my radio magazine programme. the next challenge for that is actually doing it. AHH! I am proud of my contribution – The SHEEPING FORCAST. Well it is a farming programme. I’m not sure how to put that in, it was more of a name that was adapted from the shopping forcast sketch i’d made which Fred created by accident from the Shipping forcast.

I think i would like to make a feature about Cow Racing. If all the horses are being used for beef there is going to be too many cows knocking about so they should train up some race cows.

This beef related pie story is brought to you by the juicy tunes of Dexy’s midnight Runners

Time for bed

i think my phone is broke

so this weekend was pretty nice. for the first time in a long time i had soneone to snuggle up to. it was cool. we fell asleep on eachother watching the breakfast club. there wasnt anything other than talking and snuggles really. other than that its just been work.

im going for media officer at uni so i can sort out tone and space. the elections are next week.

i thought id message properly and long. but im just falling asleep. more tomorrow

i think my fone is broken.

funky feet

i promised a more happier message than my update earlier. i think my brain is making some connections with words and memories.

so talking about past… ive been talkin to someone who Ive not seen since forever ago, who was around in my teenage years as a lodger at my dads place. one memory with this guy was when we were messing around and i trod on a cassette case that cut the shit out of my foot and his girlfriend at the time fixed it. and the time we were watching the world cup and he sneased all over my trousers. the state of his “funky feet” and playing with his gerbil, slash. playing “groove is in the heart” on his record player when he was out and all played wrestling in the back room which was our arena. it was the time i experimented with cutting up old wires and making microphones with old speakers cause i couldnt afford it. i think for a time when i was 14 and 15 there was a time when stuff was fine at home. school was a bit crap but playin moonwalker and sonic on the megadrive being tails so he didnt loose all his rings as sonic was actually a cool time.

i think i need a time like that again. even if its just a month where i hav no worries and things are comfortable.

so whats on the agenda tomorrow? well music databases, comedy routines and jingles i think. next week its bristol for the student radio assiciation which im lookin forward to. but now its nearly 4am so i should close my eyes and get some beauty sleep cause im fucking ugly.

if someone says stop, you stop

Today has been a bit of an ok day. Finished writing scripts and ive got a bunch of new musical treats for tone radio. My comments on this music has been soooo rubbish but i hope it helps. Maybe one day someone will quote my over the top/unenthusiastic quotes in an album or single release on the TV. “Tone Radio says its the best Flippin song Mumford and sons have ever churned out of their butter churner”

For the past hour i’ve been feeling funny in an unfunny kind of way. I’m going to be rather brief on here because to be honest i’m not sure how much i want to reveal, but still I do want to say but 1) i dont want to be judged, 2) It’s pretty personal, 3) It’s kind of something that lives inside me and will probably never go away.

I know that I’m a funny guy. I like making fun of things or being silly. I like cheering people up but i also know how bad life can be on people in a number of ways. Sometimes being funny is just how i am. Other times when things are pretty bad i use it to cover things up. Infact some times when things are really bad my humour goes through the roof. I can laugh about things that are pretty serious sometimes and some people don’t get that, but usually its because I’ve experienced something and i can either laugh or cry about it. If i laugh, it keeps doors closed that i’d rather not re-open. When I see someone is uncomfortable about something, and they even ask for an end to it but it doesnt, I can understand why they would be uncomfortable.

And the reason It’s having an effect on me is because really, i am uncomfortable about it because of the experiences I’ve had to deal with which i would never wish on anyone. With things that are going on in my world right now, although slightly different, my life has been about enduring some sort of unneccesery pain one way or another. And when someone does ask to stop, just like i have wished so many times… if someone says stop, you stop. No jokes about it, Because you don’t know their experiences, or views or something they take seriously and it’s about time that some people stop and think when someone says stop, why they are saying it.

And that’s the first proper rant on here since for ages. I’m going to write my full feelings on the secret “Johnny only” blog in a while. I’m still at tone so i should probably get home, eat some quavers. A more light hearted blog on the way after midnight πŸ™‚

oh yeah, valentines day. hmm

i just remembered. its valentines day coming up this week. if you are a keen follower of this blog you’ll know i gave up on talking about girls or taking the search for a relationship too seriously a while ago and also will know that not only am i totally hopeless talking to girls, getting girls and keeping girls i am hopelessly single. a prospect which i have learnt to live with and its not a huge issue in life. but i’m wondering should i bother with it and enjoy it like viewing the snow from a window or watching fireworks at a safe distance, or should i actully do something? i never get anything valentines day. not even a message or a hint by anyone that anyone is interested in me so its proof of my rubishness. i know im happy without, but could i be happier? meh πŸ˜› depends if someone wants to make me happier i suppose. but im not gona complain about being alone on valentines day. its not that bad πŸ™‚

stream of golden syrup

like yesterday, today has been a nice little day. for starters its been productive. my creativeness is flowing like a stream of golden syrup, my smile is eminating a rainbow glow and i dont feel like i slept on a 20 year old rug. infact as soon as ive started feeling tired iv had a lay down and recharged.

i had a nice rest on the sofas at uni earlier when nobody was around. thats a little glow of heaven. now i know how an ant feels falling asleep in a ring box. i went home to work on jingles but i thought stuff it and went to bed. i think the timing was rite too.

since thursday ive been chipping little bits away at my tasks and tomorrow other than my fabulous radio show, its the turn of the radio play again. i worked on it saturday so on the creative things so it jusy needs writing or me and the group will spend forever to write it.

so until the next post have a fucking good day. πŸ™‚

How many gulps it took me to finish my Vimto

Hi world. If you are reading this for it’s title then you’re just as thrilled with life as i am… and i just realised that sounds like a line that fell out the diodes of Marvin the Paranoid Android.

I thought i would post without the restriction of going to bed, although i think i might as its late enough and i love my sleep.

So today i wrote out my manifesto… Manifesto?? Well i’m not going into the world of politics however i have decided to go for the elections at the SU at uni as the Part Time Media Officer. There isn’t a fulltime one and it’s not paid but it’s worth going for. I’m not going to give away any of my aims until im actually running.

So… yeah. Life is OK i guess. I’m starting to look after certain friends again now which is cool. I miss looking after them, I dont feel so useless anymore. Yeah boi this wheel has a new tire. I’m also going to start up the comedy society too which is cool, When i stand up infront a bunch of people my comedic juices oozes out. I may have to ask for a towl. Things are pretty quiet other wise. Certain things are on hold and all i will say so i don’t incriminate myself is that it looks like the saga involving Ruby has re-started again but i have nothing to worry about, it just needs sorting out.

My knee from when i fell over is still hurty. I might take advantage of it and do things to it that would usually hurt it while i still can. It’s been nearly a month now so if it’s not fixed by the 20th i will go back to the doctors, or i’ll get the doctor to do things to it while i can’t feel it. A bit like the girl in the wheel chair on Freddie Got Fingered but not so drastic.

I’m hoping to get the Tone Radio music updated tomorrow and sort out my time sheet so i can finish part 1 of how ace Johnny Robinson (me) is, and hopefully I will have some more of the imaging sorted to prove my aceness doubly. I’m suprised that im getting things done even though i always work hard. I even still have the script to write but it’s all good because I’m saving my creativity for the big climax like a sexual accident.

Yeah this blog has kinda changed into saying what i have to do which is pretty boring but i’d rather write that than nothing. Ohh and show things as well. I have a really good set of songs coming up for what’s not the year which is worth listening to on Monday. I should get time to make some sketches tomorrow and have a lovely sleep in on monday morning.

So thats about it really so unless you want to know about what i had to eat today or how many gulps it took me to finish my Vimto today then i shall stop this typing thing and do something else uninteresting.

Laters πŸ™‚