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The Nightly Show

Ooh look, it took telly to get me writing again. I will go on about this in a minute but first a quick update. 

I got a new job today. I had one job and i did it well, but it finished because it was on a temp contract anf they didn’t need me. This started about a monh ago, hence why there’s not been any weekend edition. Hopefully now i will be able to do it again because the hours were craxy before, 4 days a week, but it was 12 hours a night it was working for a book company and dealing with mostly people who don’t have the books they ordered.

the end of it came as a shock to be honest and I was pretty down, especially after the agency was all “they are looking for someone who wants to progress” and made an effort to show that. I was pretty down and Aphre was amazing and propped me up for the night 🙂

In the day i saw the job going so I thought i should go for it, and the guy gave me an interview.

That means this week i will be training as a sales… thing. Bascally its selling advertising space in a paper. It’s 5 days a week but at least the hours are bareable… right… topic

The nightly show

I watched three of last week’s show, and if you follow this blog and have heard my podcast (weekend edition) you’ll know im a fan of last week tonight and the daily show. When i heard this would be happening I was excited, turns out i shouldn’t have been.  It’s  supposed to be baswd on the american ones including the tonight show, but it’s standard ITV. They’ve  been really banging on about doing something different, while doing something not different. They need a new plan basically. A great director and some great writers. David Walliams hosting was alright, but not really that funny. He’s alright at hosting but not edgy enough. John Bishop was better with the jokes tonight but not really a host. I think they shouod aim for people like Jimmy Carr and Russel Brand, maybe someone who is great with pop culture who is funny but not necessarily a comedian, or even a comedian thats really funny.

To be honest though I think they’ve gone around it the wrong way host wise, they should have had one host, done some proper practicing and (see above ain regards to directors writers and host) because they aren’t hitting their inspiration shows. And some real games. Have the news at 10, then cheer the nation up at 10.30 or even 11. 

Anyway i would write more but I’m tired. Maybe more tomorrowwwww!