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Toys r us… what the fuck are you playing at? Nobody wants to be a fucking toys r us kid. This actually puts me off from going to toys r us. I may not be a kid but if Ruby came up to me and said she was a toys r us kid just look disappointed. And surely i have more money than a kid so i could just walk in and buy stuff without asking my dad. Kinda. I still ask him for cash when i’m skint so a trip to toys r us is no different than it was in the mid-90s – but this is not the point.

If it’s not broken don’t fix it. The old advert was fine, just change the end so its not 25 years again. The only problem with the old one – doesn’t mention things kids want anymore. They want ipod, a new phone, fags maybe. Kids still want bikes i guess – and the advert features skates (Which were big when the original ad cam out in 1989 – i had a pair).
But how do they fix it? they make this whole advert with a song that doesnt rhyme properly well if at all and nick the sleigh idea from the film “Santa Claus” cutting the Reindeer out of the equation.
And do they mention the MP3 players, phones, or anything cool? Bikes, Trains, Video games. Video games are probably the nearest thing to anything cool. It’s a bit misleading though. A bike’s not a toy. you can ride that, but as far as getting a life size train in your front room?
What dick heads.
I just had a great idea for a podcast! I could do it on Adverts!