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Doing things dogs do

Im just ready for bed now, and thats mainly because I am thinking sleep is something I should do regardless if im not really tired.

I was just eating some peanut butter me up ben and Jerry’s.  I wanted to taste it. I think its the only crazy cores one I like because its got a jam core. Saying crazy cores makes me wonder what would happen if the band the coors went crazy. Singing songs about turning cats inside out and returning them with a bloody grin. I digress… the icecream was nice, although it was weird, one half of the icecream was salty because thats how peanut butter works.

It got me thinking. When animals lick themselves how do we know that it must taste gross? Like purple to me might be different to you. Maybe its the same with taste. Maybe dogs carry on doing things dogs do because their balls taste of peanut butter to dogs, but to us they would taste like dog balls. Maybe they don’t taste like dog balls, they might taste like beef crisps or lilt. Im not going to try because I think it might distress both parties.

Today I went to a meeting with space newspaper at uni. I shall be writing for them this year. Something humorous hopefully. Ive never written for a paper before. I’m sure it’ll be the dog’s bollocks.

So here I am just writing another blog. This time it’s old style with a youtube video and everything. Although the actual version of the song i wanted wouldnt play in the UK which was shit. If you have it in your MP3 collection give it a play.

It’s nearly 4am, and my housemate’s just got back from work. I made a rule that I wasnt going to stay up after 1am as it’s not best for making sure that I dont get bunged up with depressy stuff. So yeah I’m just sitting watching some sort of crap on challenge but i think soon should be a time to go to sleep.

Uni’s restarted again, and I got my nice big bunch of money. It’s nearly all gone with having to pay everything and i’ve hardly had any money to do fun stuff with. At least I got to go to Birmingham Saturday and hug a plastic lama. It’s going down in the achievements book.

I think I’ll spare the world for tonight. I’ll probably write tomorrow. I think with uni starting again it will involve some more new posts so lets see where it take us 🙂

Smile Smile Smile Smile!

Why d’you only call me when your high

So I’m laying in bed and just as I thought as I got that Arctic monkeys song out my head it came on the radio again. Come on head, sort it out.

I’ve had to do with a bad voice today, having throat problems again…nand as normal, it really really really really hurts, but this time I’ve turned to medication instead of riding it out. The bad thing: I never drink hot drinks unless I’m sick. I dont like tea or coffee. The good thing: pacman mug 🙂 its cool cause when you heat it up you can see pacman and all the ghosts. It’s one of my favourite mugs if not the favourite (thanks Jess Badger xxxx).

So tomorrow is freshers fayre, meaning I and my dieing throat has to deal with meeting hundreds of students and persuade them that we deserve their support to go and do fun things.

I’m also hoping that this weekend will be ace. I want to take Aphre out on a wonderful day. So far choicesbare swindon (not so wonderful) cardiff or Birmingham so we shall see ;).

Right, I’ve got two stalls to run tomorrow and a promo to do by 10 so time to get my sleep on.

comedy and life

So I’ve not been on for a while, that’s down to busy times i’ve had recently, and will update either when i can, or when i feel like theres stuff i can share.

Its going to be short because i’m tired, but tonight was a shit load of fun. Just what i needed i think. The comedy society… or comsock as we’re called… was part of the Student Unions comedy night. We had 4 comedians and they were all ace. Tonight consisted of Funmbi Omotayo, Tommy Rowson, Jarlath Regan and held together by Gareth Richardson. It was a really funny night. Would definitly recommend them all.

My throat has been killing all day. I’m hoping tomorrow I will sound ok,because I’ve got some voice overs to do.

We’re back at uni from monday, and we’ve got loads to do. On top of that, I’m looking to start my career as an audio comedy producer and writer. I need to do loads. I was working on the business plan today and been having loads of ideas. I shall update interesting things soon.