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Ray Peacock and angle specific sunburn

ok so its not often i come up with not only sumfin to say but also a pretty good title. i went to a comedy gig in leeds today where comedian Ray Peacock was comparing and 2 other comedians, Sally Anne Hayward (at this point i would like to say she had chance to lay into me with comedy stuff when i said i was doing Radio production at University of Gloucestershire… I thought she was gona lay into me comedy wize but she didnt… maybe cause she did radio? I dunno 😛 ) and sum1 called Matt Reed (See video Below) first time i’d seen ray tho and was funny as fuck. Ray picked on a guy in the audience to get as much info as he cud bt the guy wasnt havin any of it… so he googled him :-P.

And i went for a picnic today with Ruby and had an amazing day. Thing is after i got bk from the gig i realised how red my legs were… and then my arms. it seems to be in the angle of 40° . actually this posts not so gr8 but ill put more in tomorro. i need sleep

Matt Reed

Sally Anne Hayward

Ray Peacock

For the sake of it

Hey, I just want to wish you good luck, we’re all counting on you.

Anyway i am writing this because there’s not much else to do. So i’ll now look back on some old posts and see what i used to go on about, and then carry on with this blog.

Ok so i had a look, and then got inspired by a post to talk about today’s radio show. It wasn’t so great today, we were scuppered by a number of technical issues. It didn’t help that Robin wasn’t happy with the world again this morning, and i overdosed on monster, Jelmer didn’t know where to stand, but by the second hour we were all knackered, which was probably something to do with the Exam (Quiz) what we all did. I wasn’t my usual funny self and i think Robin would have rather stayed in bed. It was inevitable we were going to have at least one bad show, but we’ve not listened back yet so it might be that isn’t the case on a listener prospective.

We’re debating on whether we’re going to be doing an extras podcast during the week. We did an “Internal Pilot” which is when we make it but don’t release it. I think it went well. Could do with some work like a feature but thats cool. We’ve also had a problem with our number system lately with the system. We used to just do numbers. We can’t do that now because that’s not how the computer system works now, so i’m working on continuing with the wheel of wonder to keep the show spontaneous. We’re hoping to apply for the Student Radio Awards because we’re doing a totally improvised radio show in an Organised Chaos atmosphere, joined with our technical chemistry (When it’s in our hands) and because we’re all rather funny, edgy, have our own personas in the show I really like to wish that we could be picked up by someone or get noticed for what we’re doing.

Anyway i’m gona start writing stuff for the award thing, so i may see you on the other side, or just fall asleep. Mooooooooooose

Random Drivearound

So i came to Swindon on saturday. I was gona change till monday because of the lack of time. But instead i thought stuff it and came anyway. I only had time to see family thought so sorry friends. I’ll sort you out next time.

Anyway Matt ha d to go to the bank to check someting out so we went for a drive… at like 11:30 at night and checked out the places where we used to live so went to West Swindon. We used to live in Middeleaze in the early 90’s and were listening to random radio stations on Tune-in radio on my phone which happened to be left on 90’s which was weird. We checked out Shaw Ridge School, and tried to remember where the school was… because they’ve completly replaced it with a whole new building.

 Then we went to Castleton Road and looked at our old house from the outside. It’s weird because it’s not changed, not even the bit where we played with the cars in the mud outside the house. It was like something off a film because we were looking at these places and totally unchallenged by anyone, which would have looked so weird. 2 guys at 11:30 at night. Had a look at where the park was, which was also weird for me because i remember before the park was built.

Then we went to 2 places where we always drove past but never went in. The first was near that mechano building which led to some warehouses… and mat made me mega dizzy. He went round this roundabout about 10 times. Then we went to Blunsdon where it said there was a train station, we just went there though because we’d never been there and things got spooky.

We actually locked the doors to the car just incase of a zombie attack, then there was loads of bunnies – the scene in jurassic park where the goat/lamb(??) was left for a dinosaur to be eaten and then the next thing was the bleeding carcass on the roof (Which i later mentioned). We were listening to absolute 90s which had on Happy Mondays – Loose Fit, which made it feel even more weird watching all these bunnies, anything could have come from anywhere.

Anyway we left that spooky place and went to McDonalds for a McFlurry, but when we got there, there was this cue so while waiting we had a bit of a singsong – Another Level – Freak Me. The girls in the car in front didn’t appreciate it which was a shame.

Anyway we parked up and had our McFlurrys and just as Matt turned the Engine on, the girls in the Focus started up and shouted across to Matt “Dont Follow us”… We wernt anyway, i think they were just weirdos. But Matt was like “Well im not anyway, so im going” so they pulled out in front and were acting stupid so Matt got into another lane and outran them… Bit of a downer on the adventure but it was way fun. We’re gona take the camera next time. 😛

I can see the wall… I’m ready to crash

I hate being up this long, because i say loads of silly things and stupid thoughts that dont matter come into my head 😛

So today i had an Exam on Creative Media. Something i studied most of last night for, and from 6am this morning. I think i did what the exam wanted me to do. I also managed to get that other assignment in on time. Robin Jelmer and i recorded a podcast today as an experiment, i think it worked. Managed to get 25 minutes of good stuff out of the hour and a half of recording. It’s really contriversial. It was even more before i edited it, especially with some of the comments. Hopefully what’s left is good enough. I suppose it sounds like in the dark but without music or any games.

So tomorrow… I think i might just rest. I need to get radioshock media back up and working ready for clients from somewhere, and create some new content. Get some of the videos edited up too and at some point go to swindon. I really need some work in so i need to make as much content for radioshock as possible. If the new podcast is good enough then it will be produced as a radioshock production which is cool. is the current site. Im hoping by Monday it will have changed.

Anyway time to sleep i think.


Study morning

This is the song i have on right now at random

I thought i would get a few hours s this morning to get some over-lagging work done. I’ll get it finished by this evening i think.. That way i can work towards this dreadded exam.

I think i may have found a rogue page from an assignment last week. I’m hoping its not because it will cost me marks.

I noticed that a few days ago my bed was all sandy, but i’ve not been visited by the sandman or that im not made of sand. I realised the shoes i had on from sunday were full of sand. What an interesting story for Monday eh?

Anyway more off to do Jazztown FM editing for a couple of hours, more studying and then more blog. I might even ramble on about stupid stuff from the corners of my mind. Wow.


Waiting for a meteor Episode 2

So i have had this on-going awkward moment for a few months now that’s made me do things that i wouldn’t usually do. I sort of brought this one onto myself anyway but i guess sometimes you cant control your feelings about someone. Im hoping this one will actually help me move on from it.

It’s one of those classic he likes her but its not the same back stories where the guy wants it so much he should have let go ages ago and instead of getting heart broken again, the plan was to just to let things calm down.. which they didnt because things don’t go to plan and things got worse which led to texts the poor girl didn’t really deserve. So now i’ve not only made myself look even more like a dick but i look like a looney now and damaged a friendship that only comes in like a million years… Yahoo for me. If that meteor had come before all this happened then maybe everyone wouldn’t feel so bad.

So i’m going pull myself together and hopefully fix things that i messed up there providing shes a good enough friend to forgive me, and to be honest i wouldnt blame her. But that;s the end of that, no more shall be mentioned on this blog.

On a sillier note… I was dragged round the shops yesterday where my 4 year-old decided that i was going to have more sweets than her, and that we were spending too much time in the toy shop. More time needed to be played in the sand outside the place I spent £20 to get into which was crap anyway because all the exhibitions at eureka! are falling apart or occupied by the people breaking them through over use. It was like the episode of the simpsons where they were at itchy and scratchy land. This robot that looked like something out of the Mash advert, and the tv screen behind it was a big CRT screen and i sware that the machine they used to calculate how many people used that pc was an actual BBC computer from the 80s.

Right… I have an assignment due in wednesday, an exam to revise for by Thursday, and a number of other things i need to do by friday, and an editing shift tomorrow on Jazztown 87.7FM so i think it’s bed time.


Jazz, Sweets, bad weather, assignments and monster.

So its exactly a month since I last blogged. I thought I should update it. Blogs seem all the rage at the moment. Everyone seems to be updating theirs all the time. I only do mine every so often. Then again it’s been going for years so it shows how trendy I am.

So I’ll be at the Cheltenham Jazz Festival doing radio stuff with Jazztown FM (Part of Tone Radio’s coverage) which will be on 87.7fm in Cheltenham and on . Check out for the times and all that Jazz.

I’ve had so many sweets to keep me going through these assignment times, however i’ve been feeling ill which im putting down to a sweets binge. I’m feeling a bit better now so uhh… yeah. It was effecting my sleep i think. My sleeps getting back to normal again. I still have half my sweets from last week which im saving for my exam in a couple weeks. I suppose i’d better do some reading up on Theodore Adorno and globalisation.

Bad Weather
It’s been raining a lot hasn’t it? What’s that all about?

I had one due yesterday which i got in all cool, and one tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll get that one done tomorrow too and before i do the show. Yesterdays was quite easy… I hope I’ve not messed it up like the first part. I totally messed that up from Dyslexicly missing the last line of the brief.

My computer had a drink of monster on saturday when i came into uni for extra work. It got into my new zoom recorder and the screen of my laptop. Everything works now other than the laptop screen. it’s usable but it looks a little bit the Donnie Darko rabbit face is imprinted into the screen so hopefully I’ll be getting a new computer in soon.

Anyway… bed time! Update again soon. Byeee!