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Just had the cat on me and i got an itch in my Ear, so i put my finger in to get rid of it

Then i pull my finger back out and instantly the cat licked my finger clean.

New pictures

i’ve got new pictures up now at

includes all baby pics i have

Getting back to Normality

Song – Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons – The Night (Heard this song a lot lately)

Well life lately has been revolved around Ruby, New baby wanted by all female kind! I figured out that Ruby likes to go sleep to loud music, Especially Meat loaf and Led Zeppelin

I’ve managed to do about 2 new radio shows since then. I went to an Indian meal with the Community Radio Station on tuesday. It was quite good. Besides from that i havn’t done else much but sleep. I can usually sleep during the nights because when the baby crys Caroline gets up… Not beause i cant be arsed, no, i can, Its just Caroline is the on with Breasts. Mine don’t produce milk ‘cos im a MAN! I’m up tonight though because caroline needs a decent nights sleep so she put some in a bottle, with objetions by the midwife.

I’ve got loads of fustrations with the radio station at the moment. Mainly concerning the Playout computer as i’ve got to create an new song libary from scratch, the computers not ready yet… we go on air in January. I know i can sort it for on-air date but it’s gonna be harder the closer we get to on-air date. Theres a lot of other stuff they are busy sorting out at the moment first though. I just want to get on with something! ANYTHING!!

Rity, 2:35 am. Off to find something to do online and then bed!

Ruby Visits My mum

To those of you asking more pictures they will be up on my photo album soon, i’ll post the link when its done

Caroline, Ruby and I went to visit my Mum today. Ruby fell asleep as soon as we got in the car and stayed asleep almost all the way though going to my mum’s.

My mum and i havn’t exactly seen eye to eye for the past few years due to events that happened but we have decided to put our differences beside for the sake of Ruby.

When we got there Caroline thought my mum had visitors because she saw a baby on the sofa… However it was not real. She had about 4 life-like dolls that you couldnt tell the difference whether they were real or not untill you actually went near.

The baby on the Right is not actually real!!

Anyway we stayed for a bit and had some Lasagne and Apple Crumble and spoke about general stuff. My mum is happy that she’s seeing Ruby and would like to get to know Caroline a bit more.

My mum and i both agreed that we probably couldn’t bare spend a full day in the same room without having a major disagreement. I also promised my self if she said anything i didnt like i wouldn’t do my regular thing and completly freak out and show my view… even though caroline could tell when i was holding myself back!! I just agreed and let it go to keep the peace. I’ve had enough of the arguments and i don’t want Ruby to suffer any conciquences us lot having arguments and what’s in the past should stay in the past.

So atleast ruby got out and visited my Mum, She likes seeing different faces so that’s cool.

The Sign of Christmas

This video signs that christmas is in the way.

Its the first time i saw a Christmas advert for Coca-cola this year. this tells me Christmas is in full swing now because my brother Ben used to sing to the coke ad. “Holidays are comein”

The thing is… the advert doesnt change on Christmas day or the days after to say something like “The holidays are here” or “the Holidays have been-a” so even after the holidays have been the song is still the same.

Song of the day – Linsey De Paul – Sugar Me

Pictures of a new baby

Song of the day: Suprimes – nathan Jones

It’s been on a lot lately, Including 1 – When i was in the bath on Thursday , 2 when the baby was being born on friday, 3 – Saturday when i was waking up, 4 when i wrote this blog

I thought i’d put up some pictures for you of Ruby

Who does she look like more???

i’ve been told both but my mum recons she looks like my sister when she was born.

She’s also got quite a lot of hair for a new born. everybody was well suprised. She’s nice to cuddle and her hair is soft. She’s rather sleepy at the moment due to the injections caroline had during labour (Didn’t have an epidural because she was getting a bit shakey. She didnt need it anyway. 2 hours after this little blighter popped out.

When she came out and after she got cleaned off a bit she was handed to me where i welcomed her into the world and showed her about a bit.

She was more interested in the midwife sewing caroline up though afterwards. She also took the trait of my little brother Matthew when she was born, She sucked on her finger.

These photos were taken when she was just 14 hours old.

I love her loads, i right sweety, if she was a sweet, she would be a Wispa Gold…lol

Say Hello Wave goodbye…RIP Nigel Sharp

Song of the day: Gerry Rafferty – Night Owl – Dedicated to Nigel

Well on the news of my daughter being born, There is a sad note. A friend i made a few years ago has died. He wasn’t realy a good friend or anything but its sad that he is no longer with us.

At Swindon Community Radio’s RSL in 2005 i met Nigel Sharp, a broadcaster who was with GWR in its early days and I remember him mentioning BBC Sheffield to name some and was also religious broadcaster. I didn’t know what to make of him. I suppose I was scared of messing up in front of him because he had this professionalism glow about him. I didn’t know him very well but had heard stories about him, and he told me a few. I used to be the technical operater for some his shows as he found the desk a bit difficult to operate due to his medical problems. I remember sitting down with him and my radio buddy Greg, with Nigel telling us stories of his radio days.

My first on air experience with him was his first show on SCB Radio. Shirley Ludford gave me the job of tech-opping on his religious show “Saints Alive”. I was warned though “Watch his voice levels, he can be quite loud” so while I set up I though I’d do a microphone check to make sure he isn’t too loud and then turn him down a bit after the check. He gave me instructions on what to do (Finish news, he says “Welcome to saints alive, with me, Nigel sharp” and I start his music) what to play and his hand instructions. A young man called “Chekkers” joined him and was also one of his helps, a young input into his show and I was training him to Tech-op for Nigel. Anyway I’m there I am thinking I’m smart because i turned his levels down a notch and a half. The news finished and… The levels go off the scales!!!!!

“WELCOME TO SAINTS ALIVE WITH ME NIGEL SHARP” Music: DAA DAA DAA DAA DAA DAA DAA DAA DUM DAA DUM DEE DAA DU-DAA (I have a audio clip of it) and to make matters worse there was times I played the wrong song and made him look like a Wally… I didn’t mean to!!!! Sorry! But he was such a pro he didn’t tell anybody it was wrong so they didn’t know and if I did mess up he didn’t get cross he just said “don’t worry about it.

Greg started taking over and guess what… He played a Christmas song by accident live on Nigel’s show when he was tech-opping!!! The RSL was a right laugh I don’t know if we made him angry but if we did i think he forgave us and understood the that we were under a lot of pressure at the RSLNigel also had a country show which I also tech-opped.

There was one show I really bodged up!! I didn’t quite like the music on any of his shows but I wasn’t his target audience, but I did really want to say some stuff during the religious shows mainly because I am also strongly opinionated but i was probably out of Nigel’s league and didn’t want to insult him.

It saddens me that he’s gone and my thoughts and best wishes go out to his family during this sad time for them.

R.I.P Nigel Sharp

Baby born!!!

Song of the day – Deacon Blue – Real gone kid

At 10:10pm 10/11/07 Caroline, my Fiance gave birth to a beautifull 7lb 7oz baby girl named “Ruby Michelle Robinson” (or “Roo” for short).

We are so happy. I dont usually say stuff like this but she’s really cute. Takes after both caroline and myself! Caroline was in labour for quite some time, Her waters had to be broken and they couldn’t give her an epidural because she is awkward. She didn’t scream or break my hand and i didn’t stand about like a wally or faint although to be honest my arms were slowley changing to Jelly!!!

Its 3am now. i just got back and ready for bed. Caroline was well nackered but she said it was worth it. I’ll put up a propper story when im awake!

Baby: "I’m gonna make you WAIT!!"

Song of the day: Sandie shaw – Puppet on a string (As heard on Hospital Radio Swindon today)

Caroline is in HOSPITAL!

I was shopping for shelfs and i had a text; “Where are you? I think you should come back” it said. I reply “i’m in wickes looking for shelfs, i was in B&Q and the fire alarm went off, Why?”. “I think my waters broke and im in loads and loads of Pain” she says.

Well i got home she said she was in the bath and got out and sat down to put her clothes on and when she got up the towl was wet.

Me”Well the bathroom is a wet place, are you sure you didnt spill water on the floor.
Caroline:”No, the floor was dry”.
Me:”Well you had just got out the bath… water drips”.
Caroline:”Why would i be in so much pain then?”

after half anhour after deciding whether she should go to the hospital, we go to the hospital. After an examination the person at the hospital says:

“Well your waters havn’t broken”

she did mention that caroline was in the early stages of pregnancy and gave us the choice…
1 – Go home and come back in a few days
2 – keep her in and wait till its born

She decided to take the second option. I would of stayed longer but she seemed ok, i said if she wanted me to stay a bit i would, but would have to be gone by 8 (Hospital rules) unless she was really upset i could stay a bit longer, plus she was setteling down for dinner so i thought i’d leave her to eat it in peace.

My mum rang also to see what was going on…. word travels fast. It went from my dad to my Brother Matt to my Mum. I did ask my dad to keep it secret to nobody paniced. Luckily it didn’t go that far. Shes not in full swing labor yet but when she is then i’ll be there. Im going in the morning to see her and keep her company.

No she hasn’t had it yet!

Song of the day: Lambrettas – poison ivy

Calls, Texts, emails, IM’s all the time since tuesday. Caroline hasnt had the baby and all our mates are asking every 5 mins to see if Caroline’s had the baby yet. The answer is no… and we have said to them all loads of times, WE WILL TELL YOU WHEN IT HAPPENS. Then they get back to me as if we havnt told them “Has she had it yet?” and i give the same reply “I WILL TELL YOU WHEN IT HAPPENS!!!!!!” but how many times do i have to say it!!!

And then theres the blaitently obvious situations, E.G a friend comes to visit, looks at her and says “Havn’t you had it yet??” OBVIOUSLY BLOODY NOT! Theres a big huge pregnant lump still attached to the woman and you ask a stupidly obvious question.

We will tell everyone WHEN something happens.

Carolines got this friend… She’s the worst for it. Every day for the last 4 months “Has caroline had her baby yet”

Anyway last night and tonight im on the sofa. Caroline woke up at 3am and said she was gona go 2 sleep on the sofa because i was sleeping ok and she wasnt. she was gona give me the bed to myself. I would of had a great sleep but decided that she should be getting the great sleep in the nice bed (Being pregnant and all) and i would be ok downstairs. I went back to sleep at 5:30 am. In the moring i wake up, take my stuff upstairs and there she is awake. “I didn’t get much sleep last night”. I didnt have a great sleep but was ok i suppose.

anyway… off to bed…

I mean sofa 😀