The Adventures of Code Red

I thought for days where things were a bit quiet i would write some little sketches about a superhero named Code Red and his crime fighting partner Crucifix Amber.


How Dave met Stephanie,

Dave was on the childrens ward after becoming very ill from the spider bite. He was recovering from an important procedure he had to flush out the toxins that effected his immune system. He was in a coma, living inside a world he created in his head. A girl in the next bed was placed next to him after she survived a train crash. She suffered some minor broken bones and they suspected her of brain damage because she couldn’t talk. This was because of what the girl saw in the wreck and traumatized from her experience. She was treated like she was stupid when she knew everything that was going on, but couldn’t release her pain.

She sat next to dave as he was on his support machine. She would bring him presents, show him pictures even though he couldn’t see them, so she drew them on his palm with her fingers. She played him songs on her cassette player. Until one day after she came back from therapy. She came back to the hospital, she sat next to dave and started to cry. For the first time in months she started talking, but only to him. She told him stories, and poems she made up, but laid there wondering if her new friend would ever wake up. One night whispered in his ear “wake up, please, wake up. I need you”. At that moment Dave’s machines made loads of different alarms. He began to wake up.

When he was out of his coma they started talking to eachother. She helped dave get around and he kept her company. Sometimes he had no choice. Dave was still ill but he had steph every step of the way and they started their first business together – fixing bikes. Steph was good at fixing and restoring them, dave was best with the money side.

Stephs parents died in the crash. She moved in with dave and his parents. She noticed that dave got frustrated easily and when he did so, thunder storms developed and things would just blow up without any real reason. She was the only one who could calm him down. They grew up supporting one another, dave helping steph to communicate again and trust others, and steph helping him with stuff he didn’t get or was worried about. They started indego media together.


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