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Ok radio

So its nearly 5am and im awake. But I think now I have things and people and situations and work on my mind I worry that sleep may just be a thought my mind is not settled on.  I think ive made an ok radio feature, I wont know till ive woken up, but im pretty sure it includes fred say “bowel cancer” randomly.

Tomorrow is set to be one epic day. Not sure how its going to pan out but it means doing a radio show or 2, an election that I’m goin to epicly loose, and just want to flollup into a pit of sleep, when in fact it my week doesnt end until tuesday probably because il be workig all weekend.

So, while I get the chance, id better actually go to bed.

Goodnight you.


So today was question time at fch, yesterday was Oxstalls. It was rather interesting to see what todays would be like, and some of it was a bit nasty for other candidates but not so bad for others.

As for my campeign I think im the weakest in the group, but I know the most about the media aspect… However I didnt get to say what id do with he media – get tone and space out of uni and into pubs and clubs to improve the relationship with communities outside of uni.

Anyway I an relaxing now. I could do with a nice rest especially after the last few weeks. Wont last long, got more work on radio things in the morning.

Depressing Pighole of a town.

So. It’s no wonder why I’m like I am when places like Swindon as they were on Sunday the 24th of February. Today for the first time in a long time I saw the town in its true colors and was bloody glad I’m no longer there.

The alarms to Top shop were going off, the urinal monument was leaking, everyone who wasn’t in their own home looked like they had just been out running (probably from the police) with their trousers so low you can see their breakfast, and just generally walking through the town centre with can in their hands shouting something I dont even understand/ I could see the torn edges of Swindon’s everything that I don’t miss. The town not only lacks enthusiasm, but it lacks taste and is packed full of what I can describe as a blanket of dullness and a thin layer of fag ash covering everything.

I will only return on a long term basis if kicking and screaming and will attempt to leave via the result of razor blades… seriously if I was embarrassed for a town, Swindon would be it.

Anyway… Today Jelmer, Zoe and I went there today to record Carl, who used to be the manager at Swindon FM. He’s done the narrations for Code Red, Which is cool. I also had some more Old Rosie cider in the Glue Pot pub, and managed not to get drunk. Its 7.5% so it actually could do that if you drank it quick enough.

We then went to the Wheatshief in Upper Stratton just before seeing Carl, the football was on. Standard pub, totally forgot places like that existed. But yeah the session went good. I’ve now got a day to look forward to for Monday, the question time at uni for the elections. Tune in to see what happens there tomorrow.

In regular everyday life, I’ve had lots of thoughts on my mind the last few days. I’ve been “blessed” (i say sarcasticly) with the ability to come up with ideas easily and make them into some sort of physical thing, and occassionally I can imagine things and see them when I close my eyes, sometimes its just colors and as long as im happy its happy colors. however this ability has become a hindrance recently because its all planting new ideas and thoughts in my head like stuff for my election campaign at 6am. It happened today and couldn’t get back to sleep. It also means that scenarios run through my head too. Mix that is with tiredness or things i want to do in the future and plans it, or even reels TV themes off one by one to the point others start singing. I’ve had avichi’s hey brother in my head all day today. So many thoughts in my head, they are all questuining things.

I can feel my eyes warning me its time for bed, so it shall be.

For The (S)Win(don).

Zoe sums everything perfectly here šŸ™‚

Closing Musings

It is getting increasingly difficult to come up with clever titles pertaining to the things I do with my day. I say this every so often, but now Iā€™m deadly serious. HELP.

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The Mighty Boosh is not shit!

So im watching the mighty boosh to cheer myself up as I’m down about thinhs which will probabky transpire tomorrow, and the housemates came in with 2 other people on our course, Robin and Taz.

I’ve just tried to explain to Taz who thinks the mighty boosh is shit, that the mighty boosh isnt shit, its subtle humor and sometimes is really funny. Its just something that lifts me up a little bit.

I spent the day at the bbc in london looking around the brodcasting house and radio 2.and 6 music, and trying to think about what to ask the managers.

I sae Tom Ravenscroft through a window, and I saw steve wright’s producer. I get the feeling that I wouldn’t see Steve Wright himself because I get the feeling that he would not be pleased to be seen s the bbcs performing monkey behind glass.

Up up and away.

So today was a really cool day over all. We had some good times watching bands and talks from interesting people in the BBC Introducing’s “Hall of Resonance” and tomorrow will be a visit to new broadcasting house in London.

The day finished on a cool thing too by doing a radio show an hour later than normal on a random.

The thing is though, I realized how much I’m really going to miss the things I have now. I started to explain it and I could feel myself ready to cry because I value what I do and who I do it with. It’s like it’s building up and to be honest I think it’s going to make me really sad, i dont think it’s anything I can get anyone to understand because I can’t seem to express it no matter what I do and It’s probably best unsaid anyway.

In other things though, I think I will value this weeks time. I probably could do with some sleep.

Coal mines and Compasses

Firstly I would like to point out that I have not seen a compass nor have I been to a coal mine today. What did happen though was rather amusing but i think it was one of those “you had to be there” things… but i laughed and I wanted to share.

Aphre and I were at Cheltenham hospital for baby reasons – nothing to worry about, standard stuff – and we we got confused as to where this stuff was happening. We got off at the wrong floor and the lift was a liar because the floors were all messed up and we tripped as we left the lift because the lift was fucked. We asked a man who was at a desk that said “information” on it. The man on it was elderly, must have been a porter and was rather informative, but before releasing his information he asked about the matter of why we were in the hospital so he could give us the correct information. Aphre explained that her midwife didn’t give her any information as to where this standard stuff was happening. the man replies “Well without that information that’s like telling a sailor to go home without a compass”.

So… we had another trail around the hospital to the blood test room which was one of the places the man said it was possible they would be able to help. We went to the place and it seemed eery. There was some sort of music and some action happening behind some sliding doors. Cheltenham hospital (in certain places) looks stuck in the 90s and this room looked like they could be making a bionic man out of medical equipment. A nurse came and told us where we needed to go… which was pointless. I suggested we exit at the nearest exit and go to where I though we should be.

Eventually we got to the place where we needed to be, not before seeing the information man again in mid conversation with someone explaining that nobody knows where they are going and the place was like a “coal mine”. It made me giggle because of our previous adventure… so there you go.

Today then and this hospital adventure lasted all morning. This afternoon I sat with Jelmer doing some Code Red planning and then did some mixing practice. I was planning to do more but I got frustrated and couldn’t think of anything that flowed.Ir occured to me then that maybe I just should stop and Switch off. However I’ve been doing so much with lots occupying my mind, especially today, i cant switch off. I could be relaxing right now, but I felt the need to so something.

So here I am. My energy and creativeness still looking for an source to release it.


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Doing Something

I’ve had the urge to do everything all at once so this blog wont take too long. I think it’s because I’ve just had a bunch of sweets.

Yesterday I met a dog called 2pac outside Sainsburys. His owner cam out the shop saying “Why do you always get stroppy”… I was so tempted to say what was in my head… “That’s just the way it is, some things will never change”.

Today we did more code red stuff. We also have an official website which I will either work on tonight or tomorrow.

I’m in a bit of a weird mood now. Possibly the sweets. I shall see you on the other side of the day

Final thought

I thought that id have a final thought of the day, as today has been a very thinky day about life, the universe and everything. Things that are going on in life, things that arnt, things I wish so badly to the deepest pit of my heart I wish were happening, appreciating what I do have, and the future has in store. What makes me feel the happiest I have ever felt and what makes me feel down. Ive come to the conclusion it is the same thing by the way.

We’ve just been watching radio documentaries since the last blog, looking at the iba and the radio authority used to do. We had the lone ranger before hand, which I think was a good film, where others id spoken to and my girlfriend thought it was rubbish.

Like my thoughts, its time to put my body to sleep and hope that everyone I care about is still in existence in the morning, as were all here by chance.

I kneed a hand :P

So I’m watching the lone ranger with Jamie, Jelmer, Rich and Captain morgan tonight. Rich came from the town afar because we have recording to do, but due to the weather one of our main actors, Kerren couldnt come and Zoe still being ill we wernt able to get things done, hopefully she feels a bit better tomorrow.

If you don’t know, were recording Code Red, our audio comic.

Today I saw my mum and sister which was fun. I fekt nad tho cause my lovely one was movingnin today and because things have been busy I’ve not been able to help out. previous arrangements gotmin the way.

My last nights basket balling has caused me issues today. I over strained my bad knee yesterday and it was a bit hurty today. But then, on my way back from town, my knee gor weak and I couldn’t control it and I limped back home, I can hardly walk. So tomorrow I think I wiol be hobbling into uni. Sigh šŸ˜¦