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Thursday – a post title that cannot actually be summed up in any other way

Ok so I’m going to keep this short today. It’s like “Lets pick on Johnny” time at the moment. My last post – although slightly cynical – was rather positive but not positive enough. There’s other stuff that’s been getting to me but with all of it coming at once, and feeling to blame for it I’m feeling pretty rubbish.

The best thing about today was doing the prick up your ears radio show. I like radio so thats why i like thursday especially. It might eventually be the thing that ruins my life if it hasn’t already :P.

Jump around

So, today I jumped around. I was on a trampoline for the first time in about 4 years…but that one might not count because it eas a garden one, so id say 15 years.

Anyone who knows me will know that I am fat. What they might not know is that I’m rather flexible and when I have to, I can physically do something someone my size might not easily do – I am also rather clumbsey but I do it, for instance jumping on a trampoline and doing various moves when told to.

Apparently I didnt do too badly considering that im fatband clumbsey. Im ugly too but that doest affect jumping so much but if I landed on my face the floor would get a plaque and gravity woukd win an award.

I managed to avoid faling over though, coming close but that was the fun bit. My hand/arm feel weird now though which I dont like but I think its down to jumping and stuff.

My comedy moment of the day which qualifies as one of those “you needed to be there” moments was when jelmer said he wasnt looking forward to jumping, and I said “well, thats tough titties ” at the same moment we walked into a sports hall of females.  We looked at each other and all I said was “and while were on the subject…”

I think it jumbled my head around and messed with my marbels though and they are all in the wro whole.

On that note… if there are any psychiatrists or psychologists who are willig to analyse my radio show with zoe for free / a mention we are interested.

Right… so im not up as late as I was last night. I went to bed at 6am so 2.36 is early. Night! X

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Not a happy bunny

So since friday ive felt a bit ill. I managed to get out today and do stuff and yeterday but I feel dellicate inside and plus with lack of sleep its just made me tired, irritable and unsure about every aspect in my life. I had to cancel the comedy quiz on friday because I was depressed and feeling unwell inside my body. Im havin second thougts on my roles in uni and the point even doing it. Im the media officer of the su but I cant actually do anything, ive not been given anythin to do from the su, they ban a rapy song from the uni and dont tell the media officer who is supposed to be doin some sort of media stuff, and when I do try and do something its not my role to do it.

In oher news I had a lovely dinner at Aphres auntie and uncles today (a different one to last time) it was nice. I was a bit quiet though. Im mo good at new people,  I get a bit quiet and dont engage much, which is can be weird.

The place where I got my glasses from make wooden framed glasses… im actually tempted to get some on my next student loan money. They look cool.

I need to get some tracksuit stuff tomorrow for a radio feature, all will be revealed tomorrow or tuesday. In he mean time, im going to try and get a decent amount of sleep and hope my soggy mood goes away.


Sleep then

Todays radio show went really well, I am proud of my radio partnerin crime πŸ™‚ .  Lets hope there are loads more, I try to be easy to work with so hope I am.

Im knackered still, and im still stressed from yesterday’s assignment but cant change it. I think for a will ne til my brain realises.

Im struggling to be awake. Nnight


So I finally did the essay with about 30 minutes to spare. 3923 words.

I cant rest yet though, I have a busy few days still before I can do that, but for the time being, its time for bed.


3000 at 3.30.

So its just gone 3.30 am and I am laying in bed. Ive eventualy dont my 1000 words for the day. Actually it was a little less than 1000 as I overdid yesterday by 200 but it means I only have 600 to write to hit minimum, then just order my citations up properly.

Blablabla. In other news things have not changed much in life. Just hating the sleep lack, although I’ve learnt that lately energy drinks dont work when im like this. I have to be up at 8.30 so thats less than y hours sleep.

The rest of this week is going to be an interesting one. Tone meeting tomorrow, also assignment hand in, and comedy quiz night.

Thursday hopefully will be a nice lay in.

Boring pointless post done.

Half way point

In essay news, I am 2200 words into the essay about comedy, its perpose and its history. So hopefully tomorrow I will be writing til I get to about 3500 which will put me on track time wise. Ive taken my time on it but today is time to step up, the rest then is tidying and wrapping my point up.

Today has been about trying to get it done, even though I started late thanks to a meeting that ended up not happening which was a bit rubbish. I might have got more in.

Also I got blind sided yesterday that I have to plan a comedy quiz this friday. I’ve got to write some funny material for it :/ im nervous.  Im hoping my partner in radio comedy is going to come and be silly with me.

Im going to go to bed now and wish that happens, and maybe that some of my down feeling relaxes

Fact cock

Gone to bed at a more reasonable time tonight and feeling a little better physicly than yesterday which is good. Little under the weather but it happens does it not?

Yesterday I was having a chat with aphre and about how much money we will be bringing in when ive done at uni… and one idea (as I may not be working full time on my own business with dutch pal jelmer at the start) is to go for a pgce – basically means I can teach people. Im good at it and have always done it so makes sense. I might look into it but I have a while to think because i really want to do the business and I know it will work.

Also we got feedback from the student radio association when we handed in code red, it was good feedback. Compliments on the recording, mic techniques and sound. The bad was they didnt get the story line.., but they only got 7 minutes of a 22 minute drama so… no you wouldn’t have got it but the restriction was 7 minutes or somethin like that so couldn’t really do much about it.

Ive managed to top my essay to 1200 words so if I do the same tomorrow and tuesday I will reach the minimum word count. I think all the writing is the point for the under the weatherness im experiencing.

What I did learn from a book today is where comedy comes from and how it came to be on stage. If you must know I shall get the fact cock out (feature launching this week on my radio show) Cockdoodle doo. Comedy was from the greeks in 500 bc at the same time as drama or as the book said “tragedies”. They used to perform trilogies of plays where they would have 2 tragedies and one not so serious one called a satyr play (note satyr = satire) and they also used to have what is better known now as poetry slams (or rap battles if you are from 8 mile) but for drama… so now we all know. Cluck.

So now we are all educated its time for bed.

It’s 3am and I’m eating chicken

As the title says…Β It’s 3am and I’m eating chicken. I just got back from watching films and interviews with Haim at some uni friend’s house (I wasn’t sure on how to word that sentence but that will do).

I’ve been feeling ill the last few days and even though I’ve managed to get 500 words completed, I guess it was time for a rest till tomorrow. The illness by the way is down to having the wrong types of food e.g spicy or grainy and I’m head ached mixed in with rough sleep due to other gubbins. This means I’m back to drinking water too which im not a major fan of.

Sunday is a day of nothingness which is good because I’ve got lots to do essay wise. I’ll ensure I get enough sleep though.

Friday went well also, we did our first show and although I feel like maybe I should have misbehaved a bit more I think for a first show and with all the unusual setting i had to get myself into it was a good first run.

It’s time to sleep πŸ˜› (03:20)

Get ready… for the launch

So… tomorrow/today is the launch or the live broadcast module. thats when we have to do an hours worth of radio show as part of our course. Ours is a panel show and im a panellist. Its either going to go well or go interesting. Have a listen if you please. Its on at 2pm (friday) at .

I’ve been producing audio non stop from 5pm til midnight and in the morning I need to get up early, do the couple of odds and ends and get the animation completed.

The essay hasn’t been done yet but this takes priority and that means I’ve got the weekend to concentrate on.

In other news I watched the worlds end. It was a bit disappointing but Edgar wright is one of my favourite directors, so cant always churn out gold. No director can, but it was a good attempt. Good music though. I started watching the hunger games the other day but I couldnt get into it and we abandoned it for a shop trip.

Right, I am going to sleep cause if I dont bad stuff will happen and il be tired in the morning.