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Dog in an elevator

So tonight I am by myself and trying to chill out. I feel like with everything I am in a rush and also feel like I should relax.

Ive got a meeting tomorrow at uni about tone radio and also had some comedy society ideas. I am actually thinking about proposing a go cart race and whether it will work.

I’ve had a cool time with Aphre too, its been totally fun.nwe snuck into swindon the other day and I showed her the woman who gave birth to me and a girl I am related to because she came from the same woman, and a babybthat came from her, life is weird.

But yeah it was random and we went for a picnic. I also came up with the best game ever which we have been playing since thursday. It’s called “the word dog” (which aphre came up with according to the game rules) where you have to replace the key word in a song title with the word dog. Some of them include

Dog in the ussr
Born in the d.o.g
Walk this dog
The dog must go on
Dog in an elevator
Dont let the dog go down on me
Fat bottom dog
Dog lightning
What if dog was one of us

I had a dream about uni last night and about what id like to do when I get back. Im looking forward to seeing people and doing radio shows again.

Now… its bed time. Sweet dreams reader and send your dog song suggestions if you want.


Ok so I thought I’d update again while I can. I seem to be able to get a wifi signal here providing I turn my pad sideways. It also works when I go outside or when I’m on the toilet which is also interesting.

Also while I am here I feel like after 2 people I know (one is my girlfriend) have mentioned how much they appreciate their friends, and how important it is, and they have a good point. In my last blog I was slightly annoyed about something and I showed a lot of negativity. I dont like, nor do I accept when people try to stop me from bloging. Infact I can blog what ever I want as long as its within reason. I can take photos of things I enjoy, family, friends, pets and stuff because whats wrong with that? Also its my right to say how I feel to the world about the world. Obviously I’m not going to say insulting or untrue things about anyone, but someone thinks this blog is aimed at them, even though this blog existed before I knew them and all of my posts are about my life.

Anyway im going off on one, reeling it back… friends 🙂

I feel like I’ve wondered off from my friends lately. I’ve made some pretty cool new ones for instance uni, and the media stuff I do with people I enjoy doing it with a lot. I also met my girlfriend who I am so happy about, and fat albert the spider. I miss the old ones who are either busy or have commitments.  I actually heard the sad news the other day that an old radio friend died the other week which was a shock and a bit sad. But even good friends like Rich for instance. Not seen him for ages and hes not seen my new house. Or hayley who I saw last time I saw Ruby, Jess who seems to be getting on with life ok, or Jamie from college who does talk but I never seem to be in swindon to meet him. Even anyone from college. And newcaste sam. I do miss everyone, but for some people not named there I needed to get away from it all because there was a few bad situations and memories I’d rather forget.

Im glad I have Aphre to talk to because she is actually physically here and I do tell her everything,  shes amazing company. Its strange how much of a close connection we have, but pretty cool.

So what I do want to say, is to all my friends, to the old and new who really do care and are bothered, I think you are amazing and if you have time and care for me, I will for you.

I am falling asleep so uhh… yeah

Keep Everyone Safe

So what’s been going down? Well I’ve been waiting to figure things out with the new house. I may be able to access the internet locally for the time being with the help of my dads bt account which i may be able to use via wifi. I’ve not got my deposit back yet because of the Caveman not doing it yet. I’m still totally loving my girlfriend to the stars and beyond. For the rest of this week I am busy and she is busy too so wont get to see each other next week.

I’m covering the 2000 trees festival this weekend. Hopefully when i get my interwebs back i will update more regular again. I miss blogging!

Although i love almost all of my regular readers of this blog and you are amazing, I need to call one of my regular readers to this blog a total utter cunt. Hello there you! Which one… well I’m not going to even bother typing their stupid fucking name. All i can say is this person knows who they are. I could also waste my time and mention what i wish they would do, but again I’m not going to waste my fingers typing away about it.


Right… to get ready to go home now… so until the next blog, Keep Everyone Safe

Swell Time

Ok so I seem to have gone back to the way I used to do a blog, every so often but It’s not exactly one of lifes priorities at the moment.

I’ve been totally over the top grouchy for a number of reasons. One of those being that since my last blog about my teeth I’ve made an emergency appointment to the dentist about it and they have given me antibiotics – something I’ve mentioned i dont usually do well on in the past – and although it was yesterday i started them, I’ve yet to see an improvement. However I have been taking pain killers that give me a slight reaction but I’d rather this than have a sore mouth. The dentist man also put a huge chunk of white stuff in my mouth to stop my whole problem and has said either i can have it out, or root canal. I think I’d rather have it out but it would be nice to prepare myself for that first. 

Life in general has been a bit on the Grumpy side recently. Caveman (The old landlord) seems to be taking his time to get the deposit back to me which is putting pressure on the new landlord. Because I’ve been ill I’ve not been able to show Aphre how much i care and actually go and do things and visit places.

Anyway I need to go and make jingles so I’m not doing it next week 

Latersss 😀