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Available for gigs or house parties

Thisupdate was from 29/12/12 but it didnt update

So it’s the first update since Christmas eve and theres a lot to mention in such little time.

I’m getting up at 5am today to take Ruby back from Swindon. I’d rather a more sociable time but aparently it’s the best time to drive. The last few days have been filled with Playdough, Sylvanian Families, acting like a dog or a cat, pretending to eat playdough, along with finding a solution to bed wetting (Which is money), a solution to head lice (expensive and pointless), and learning how to mix properly digitally. I learnt how to vinyl mix a while ago on basic turntables and stuff but now technology has changed, and this way seems a lot better, especially for effects. Now all i need to do is download Serato DJ.

the issue i have come across is that some how i spend £900 in one week. This is severely depressing, especially as i have nothing much to show for it, and didnt get many christmas prezzies, so although i shared the love generously, i got none back, so you know what world? fuck you!

I have had a great time though. I’ve had some alcohol but not much. I’ll be taking it home with me tomorrow. I’m not sure what i want to do about new year. I’ve had offers, i have offered but the realistic world of it all will probably be stay in cheltenham by myself… even though i might be available for gigs or house parties.

Righty time for bed!

Cough Cough

I’m all globby and my throte has been constantly tickling so i think i may have another illness over the top of the other 2 i have this is a bit rubbish for the christmas period, but i’m not gona let this get to me.

I currently have Ruby as she’s over for christmas, and having her is always really fun. I also saw Jess today. Feeling really happy about that but its a shame i don’t get to have more time with her.

And i am toooootalllyyyy knackered. I’m hoping to have a nice sleep tonight so i can leave a more detailed blog.

I’m also looking forward to opening our presents on Christmas day. I’ve got Ruby a Sylvanian Families house with a couple of things to go in it, amongst other things, tomorrow when i do the last minites though i’m going to have to not get her anything, i think she has enough now. I’m hoping she will enjoy it all as well as having some valuable family time.

Right… SLEEEP… seriously or i will die or something.

Take Me

Hey, today has been productive i guess, in fact so was yesterday. I was going to write a post last night but i fell asleep too early.

Yesterday kicked off with a nice relaxed lay in. i laid in bed for about half an hour before bothering to move or anything, something i’d not enjoyed for a while. I had an appointment at Uni about me being a little bit tiny tad kinda sick (Not really a subject i am comfortable talking about on the blog) but basically I am a complicated person and things need to be sorted with it, but felt loads better knowing that stuff is fixable but might take a while, but it was productive so i just need to rest. I went home for a rest, but on the way i found a foot stool which said “Take me” on it, so i took it and carried it home like a turtle with a shell, and a nice lunch when i got back. I had some fry up breakfast stuff that needed eating so had that, and then went to uni to finish my assignment, which i managed to complete. I got back home, messed about on the computer a bit and went to bed about 12 after speaking to a friend.

Got up at 7:30 because i had to go and deliver something but i got back at 8, and i was tired enough to wanna go back to sleep, so i did… till about 1pm hehe. I apparently looked dazed, and i felt it most of the day. theres nothing like a curl up on the sofa when you just woke. i tried to chill and relax but i had more uni work to do. So i went up and made a BBC 6 Music jingle from scratch. I just need the wonderful Taz from uni to do the voice parts for me on Thursday, and do the show bit, and im done.

Anyway so did that, made some Cool Aid which i got a few weeks ago, and started on making a song. I felt tired though so i went to watch some keith lemon stuff and now i’m here, tired again ready to crash. This tiredness is actually really fucking annoying me. It seems that i cant stay up more than 9 hours at the moment and making my blogs sound totally boring.

So on that note i shall sleep.

Lethally Innocent

Ok, so yesterday I travelled to Stockport to pick up Ruby and it has been adventurous to say the least.

It all kicked off when we got into to Manchester and we saw a mangled umbrella. I said that’s where Mary Poppins crashed and I got a huge giggle. And after being told that all that was on the list by ruby was beans, beans, beans, beans and bumbum, sticky bumbum pudding and bumbum pie.

We got to Halifax where the first stop was CEX where we got the Tangled DVD and a 4 disc set with Anastasia and the 2 Fern gully films. On the way in though we bumped into two Real life reindeer, which Ruby was totally fascinated with. I had asked her in the day if she’d seen santa this year. She didnt seem too bothered but she said she will when she comes to Swindon.

On the way to Queensbury Ruby started singing a song. The bus was all ears as I was being my silly self with my witty answers to Ruby’s questions. She was happily singing the “Hatto” song… repeatedly  This song about her hat went “hat..o-at-o-at-o-at”to certain bus passengers this sounded like “Ta-wat, Ta-wat, Ta-wat”. I suggested a different song like a christmas one. She asked why and I giggled. I said “Just change it” so she said it louder. Ruby had seen this reaction before and I think this may have added up.

— Flash back—

Earlier this year Hayley gave Ruby a toy teddy. Hayley specifically told her that she had to think of a name for this toy, and not only was I not allowed to suggest a name, but I was not allowed to change it, and she told Ruby specifically that what she chose was its name forever. When she left I asked Ruby it’s name. I suggested she changed it however she said it looked like a cat so this was it’s name and I wasn’t allowed to change it

— back to today—

Trying to change the song into a Christmas one didn’t work. She continued shouting what sounded like a sarcastic “Twat” and me unable to keep my cool I couldn’t hold my laugh back any longer… the same laugh that breaks out when she says how much she loves her teddy. At the worst moment on this bus she decided to mention the name she gave the cat blurting out on the bus… PUSSY!

“I like pussy, have you still got pussy? I love Pussy, Pussy is my friend. Pussy the cat, Pussy, Pussy, Pussy”


(Here is a picture of what Pussy looks like)

The man behind me said “I’m not going to even ask how she knows those words”. In total laughter I tried to explain she has a toy cat called pussy. Then the guy in front just glaired at me, and the girl at the front was looking with a huge grin on her face holding it back. Ruby wouldn’t shift subject. Nothing I could do would stop her. I couldn’t tell her the real meaning, and how it was pure coincidence that the words mean the same thing… unless it was something she learnt from somewhere else.

I got off the bus early changing the conversation to bubble gum… but why me!

We discovered the heating was dead so we made a den in the front room. It was at this point the bladder issues came in. The first was an “I need a wee really bad” and changed into a doesn’t matter now said disappointedly. The second was triggered by a the numerous bumps on the head while we were in the den. We watched Tangled in it which was fun, but after that it was bed time, and fell asleep to Anastasia.

In the morning we woke up at 8am on the dot according to my computer. My phone had ran out of power ages before so it was good timing. Apparently I didn’t snore loud… so I must have done something right. But… this is when the third and final accident/Knickers incident happened so a bath was needed.

After making breakfast – which included a cheese board – we had some toasties and ran out the door. While on the bus Ruby’s toy dog ‘Pascal’ decided to tell some stories, which some other little girls were also laughing and giggling to his story about the Boy on the Moon. We got into Stockport an hour late though which was not good.

Right… Time to sort out my assignment!


This is a quick update to say that I still excist. I am off to Yorkshire in the morning. I am just like, here doing things right now. I suppose id better get to sleep. I want to watch the repeat of the comedy awards but that isnt happening.

I shall try and get something more than this on the way tomorrow. I miss one of my friends a lot though.


9 Hour Day

The lack of update yesterday was down to a number of reasons, however this time alcohol was not to blame. You wouldn’t have been blamed if you thought i’d died from some sort of deadly illness… “I Feel Dizzy” must have been the last words Tommy Cooper uttered, if he hadn’t have died before he could say it.

My day lasted 9 hours yesterday. After being online to my friend til she went to bed, i ended up going to bed at an unknown hour and getting awoken by Alex and Jamie (Course Colleagues and future House mates) at Mid-day. So yeah. I stayed in checking out some old hard drive things, and just as i sat down to do something important, I fell asleep with my laptop on my lap (Because thats where laptops go… The top of a lap).

And today started with a dead laptop still on me and the urge to get food straight away. I went to uni, did some of what i should have last night and went back.

So now i’m about to do more for this radio essay! WHY CAN’T IT DO IT’S SELF!


So I’m laying in bed at 4am feeling rather dizzy. I have the last few hours. I havnt had any alcohol but it feels like it but i’ve been ill all day tbh.

Last night after the pub situation i went to the show and that apperently turned out to be an entertaining show. Entertaining isnt always good. I said a shit load of crazy stuff. So the rest of the day has been a faff and i was totally stressed out, which may be where this dizzy has come from.

I’m currently talking to the wonderful Kate on Skype. Shes on my course. Hello if you’re having a read.

So not only can i be not bothered to go into detail about the other day events. They arnt really interesting. So c u in the morning.

i cant play bandit machines

im in the pub place with the house mates. apparently the cider im drinking is 8% so i may need to have sum food before i go to the show. and hopefully il be having the regular features. its the last one of the year till january.

Im glad i cant play bandit machines. im not sure why its important to keep playing it because if u keep playing it u will loose all the monies.

i think i had this cider in bristol with Sam on a boat. sam on a boat sounds like a band, use that if you like.

Bereavement process of a film henchman – My Take On Comedy Part Two

Ok so i’m carrying on with the Essay tonight. I’ve listened to some more comedy such as the 99p challenge. I need to write some sections i think on Radio Pranks, Sketch Shows, Panel Shows, Drama, improvisation, stand up, comedy presenters.

Comedy comes from a number of places and can be expressed in different forms. For instance, some people may find a story about the bereavement of someone who worked for Spectre in James bond. What their family said about them, if their neighbour said they were the nicest person in the world but had an unhealthy obsession with rockets, what the process was to get the job. It might be to ridicule, or spoof but humour for one person is different for another, especially  depending on what it is. Tragedies are often joked about but some people might find a humorous angle on the subject offensive. Within radio it is important to not only know what a wide audience would prefer with the genre of comedy, but what they would not accept. How could something be pushed to a level that is acceptable and not overstepping the mark. The line between funny and offensive.

The forms of radio comedy that currently excist are a wider range of that which were originally established in the 1940s and 50s. Podcasts and free downloads are a fairly new form of radio which are accessible online and can be downloaded into an MP3 player. Podcasts have the ability to push comedy past its limits. Where you have a line drawn on the basis of Ofcom or organisational structure, with podcasts you are making your own organisational rules, or you are adhearing to a looser set of organisational structures. The BBC is associated with trust and to “Educate, inform and entertain” so anything that contradicts this or something that may cause offence to their audience may damage their reputation and their brands and there is too much at risk. However a podcast that is independently produced may only have to deal with the set of rules itunes have set out in their policies which may be different to the BBC’s. If it’s a personal website and a piece of audio is uploaded that may be deemed going too far, this will be down to its producer to decide whether it is relevant or pushing it too far, or whether this is what they want to create a buzz around their production.

Comedy would have been considered as light entertainment with shows such as Round The Horne, Hancocks half hour, The Navy Lark, and the goons. Stand up comedy however was more something for television, and some presenters broadcast them more from the mid ‘70s with the introduction of the cart machine and cassette tapes I’d imagine that it was easier for broadcasters to tape things from television and easily move media around instead of reel to reel tapes.

I need to find some good information cite things for proof but im pretty sure i know what i’m on about but yeah i think i’m getting somewhere. I think it might be library day tomorrow.

“Your name sounds like a radio presenters name”






Ok so i’m just debating whether to go to bed and i’m talking to Hayley on text who is currently in a familiar nightclub watching two aspects of her past float by like bottle collecting ghosts. I have to be awake at 10… why do i burn the candle at both ends?

I have 2 radio shows and a radio related telephone call to achieve tomorrow. The first is a pre-record of in the dark as i will not be around Wednesday, and the other is the classic chart show which is live. It would be nice to not be tired tomorrow though.

I worked today. I spoke to a few uni people and did some mingling with people. about 5 people said my name sounds like i should be a famous radio DJ. This seems to happen around uni and with visitors such as “your name sounds famous” or the odd “Johnny robinsaaaaaan!” sung out across from somewhere. Kind of changes my mind about thinking of a more radio name. I think “Jonathan Robinson” was a bit complicated though.