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Dodgy DABs

I Have a DAB Radio, Got it for christmas 2003.

Back then i could get about 22 stations and the quality was pretty good. I used to get interfearence (That Jerkey noise). I only wanted it so i could listen to my fellow DJ’s at Swindon fm which i had no problem getting, and to listen out for DAB only stations. The signal was ok, but only if i left it in a certain area in my old room. When i went Queensbury i could get loads of stations, i got nearly 60 (It’s rather high up) and if i manually tuned i got stations from Manchester and Newcastle (I was in the loft) . I then moved to a place called mixenden in Halifax and that had crap reception in my room, but by the window it was fine but some of the stations were jerkey. so when i come baco to swindon and plug my DAB in my new bedroom (Next door to my old one) All the station were really bad. I moved it everywhere and it only worked when i taped it to the ceiling.

So i was well fed up. I took it to where it was b4 and worked fine, and now it’s in a really strange place in my room where it picks up all 29 stations. You would of thought when they first made DABs they would of checked it to see if it was jerky instead of telling every1 on the ads “You can listen to your favorate station in CD Quality” my cd dont go ” she CHAQ-QUK uper freak, Super Fre DAT-POP ‘s super JWAK ey yo” so they lied and i want my money back (well ok i didnt spend any money).

I think i figured that it depends what plug socket it goes in. I don’t think theres any point in DAB radio now. I’l get a DRM reciver when they’re cheep enough tho. not really any point to this post, just because im so hacked of with my dab

Back to normal Life

Well everythings gone back to normal now. Caroline and I are back to how we were just before we moved from Hali(Fax). My mate has gone back to wherever he is after calling me a back stabber. The Cleaning is getting done now too (Even tho if it something like a day late, atleast its being done) Gregory Stevens (From the Community Radio Swindon’s RSL 2005) has been visiting every so often, and if we got some cash, we’l get some boos in and get slightly drunk on one of my cocktails.

Since i moved back i’ve been trying to spend as much time with mates but it’s been really hard trying to keep up with them. I’m still to have a propper drink with Rich (An incident stopped us last time… not going to go into details), i havn’t seen Aaron (Used to make Videos and radio stuff with him at home) he want’s me to visit him, I’ve seen Greg (As i said) and i spend my last tenner on alcohol and he spends his last 6 million quid on it, Need to catch up with Jonathan M(bananna productions and i see ian every so often. Seen people i havn’t seen for a while and it’s been cool seeing them again and spendin time with them all, especially my Brother and his mate. (check out my pics at

Went to the collage today to see if i could go on their radio course and it was cancled because they didnt have enough people who wanted to go on it. Apperently just after they cancel it 6 or 7 people always come in wanting to do it and it they have to say no because its cancled. I’ve left my details.

Caroline’s had a job interview for Revolution in Town. Sounds just like our work did with our old bosses… You know, the ones that didn’t fire me. I’ve applied at Brunel, GWR, And a few others and looking for any other oppertunity.

Apperently my mum has been harrassing my dad again (They spit up in 1992/93 or something) apperently this time calling police on my dad saying that he tryed to kidnap my sister… when really my sisters school called him. According to the school my mums been in causing a ruckus (Lol) and acting like a thunderstorming down the coradorrs about contacting my dad even tho the courts say different. I know she reads this blog so any stupid comments relating to this or any situation will probably be her or someone accociated with her. From what i can assume, what she has done is wasted police time, and commited slander.

i will not tollerate any of that on this blog by the way and comments on this blog may be used as evidence.

Well My brother and My sister are now getting old enough to make their own decisions now and their own assumptions.

Where’s The Swindon Cable Website?!?!?!?!

just wondering if anybody can help me on something.

There was a Swindon Cable Tribute Site up on But there isn’t now!

Me Growing up in swindon used to watch it all the time and i myself belive that swindon still deserves a local TV station (As it does a Radio Station) as the ITV don’t cater for the public anymore, and it was great to see some old footage and great to know that swindon played a part in how television is now (Even tho ITV & Sky think they’re TV GODS).

There were some videos on you tube too that were taken down.

It’s a shame if it’s gone forever!!


My Fiance and i live at my dads at the moment, with out friend Claire and at the moment our mate is over here on holiday at the moment. Shes got pregnant by him and when he goes back he dont wanna know (Who need eastenders) but thats besides the point. Me, Caroline and Claire have been cleaning by a rota (Because Claire wasn’t doing her bit) and it caused arguments and my dad telling me off every 5 minutes.

I put a rota up. For some reason my mate (Who is a guest in our house for the weeks he is here) Decided that he would do the washing up. First time i thanked him, as Claire Claimed that she had done it, but didn’t. Second time he did it i said thank you again and then said to him not to do it again as he’s a guest and it’s our problem. Since then i took half the plates away (There were more than enough out so i hid the rest so theres only 4 of each thing out now).

I came back home today from shopping to find the Rota in the bin and him doing the washing up which this time i find quite offended by as he didnt listen to a word i’ve said. i come in, put the shopping down and tell him that i asked him not to do it because its not his problem. He started going on about how the kitchen was a state. I told him that i had hid half the kitchen things and only looks a state because everyone had used everything and also said that it was none of his business interfearing with the rota that he’s thrown. The other day we had a discussion about this and he had a go at me that he did the washing up… I didnt ask him to!!! he just did it one day!

I have continusley been on about it alot lately as we had all agreed that the rota was fair and we would all do it. My dad shouldnt have to do it as he’s being so kind of us all staying at his. But if somethings up he won’t go to them, he’ll go to me and bitch behind my back to others when things don’t change. But now dave is sticking up for her saying that we leave it in a state, and its not even My Fiance and its not me who’s left it in a state.

I’ve been rather annoyed with my friend not doing as i ask in this respect, as we had a party recently where my younger brother got way too pissed and had way too much than what he could handle by my friend who had passed him alcohol all night after instructions not to.

Next time that something is not done, I’m going to take things in more of an extreme way, but i think she’s just doing it because he’s here and when he goes i think she won’t be the same.

A Load Of Twaddle

Since getting back in Swindon, Listening to GWR FM is more infuriating every time. I’m listening to Graham Torrington and it’s doing my nut in!!!!! Thats why i never used to listen, and its not much difference on

Come on Ofcom!!! There should be a rule that says that they are not allowed to network for that long on that much of a wide scale. Theres a reason that national stations are called national, Local are Local and Reigonal are Reigonal. Going to a network may be cheeper, but it’s annoying and it IMO probably distroying locality. You cant really find an orignal DJ either that much on radio these days (I have on the pulse of west yorkshire tho) so on local stations, i cant seem to find anything to laugh at any more besides from whats on national, or the occational GWR jingle that might put a small smile on your face.

Right now GWR’s playing a jingle that says “Every hour we play of 30 minutes non-stop music” Like it was a good thing. I (Just like every1 else) could put on a bloody CD for that, it just won’t have the Jingles or adverts (Which as a listener who just wants to hear music, would be heaven)

The thing that Annoys me about GWR as someone involved in radio is that on networked shows, the DJ has recorded the stations name and the local station plays this evey 15 mins, and you know it’s not live. And that there are plenty of capable local people willing to do it.

The thing that annoys me about GWR as a Listener is GRAHAM TORRINGTON talking about UNINTERESTING THINGS!! And being available nationally is probably the only reason he has callers. I have a plan, if your going to do a show like this, get Jeremy Kyle to do it.