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2014 Predictions

My predictions for 2014!
1. It will rain lots, but summer will be hot. It will be a white Christmas.
2. Aliens make contact with a girl. She thinks it is her dolly talking.
3. A really good online audio drama will take the world by storm. It will be picked up by the BBC or channel 4 radio by the end of 2014 who fund further episodes.
4. Someone very famous will unexpectedly die
5. Beaker from the Muppets will be knighted.
6. One Direction will have the number 1 at Christmas
7. Channel 4 will restart its Radio idea โ€“ it has to, Chris Moyles needs a job.
8. The X-factor will have its final run on ITV. The winner will be the loser as usual.
9. There will be an un-explained moment shared by everyone, a little like flash forward.
10. Strictly come dancing will end abruptly.


Bye 2013!

So it’s the final day of 2013 and its another 12 months to look forward to hoping that things will be 100% where I want them to he by tuis time next year.

Yesterday I said about the things happening next year. I quote my Dutch housemate as he left the house for his christmas trip “2014 is the year of code red” which is slightly weird because we were not far from this stage in January last year.

If you have no idea what im on about, Code Red was our radio drama project and Jelmer and I have decided to continue it… infact make it into a proper radio drama. That will be hooefully a thing that works out.

Also next year, I will have a lovely baby boy, which will be a major highlight, with my Aphre, and other aspects in my little world will hopefully be sorted out.

There’s one more post of 2013 after this… long time readers of this blog may remember a few years ago that on here and on the old website that I did predictions for the year… I enjoyed it so I’m reinstating the predictions. Here are some previous predictions.

Next year

So theres just a day and a bit left of 2013. And im hoping that I will get to see both the hunger games  films  before its over. I dont think its something id be into but I suppowe it means ive crossed it off my list.

Next year I hope to see all the current starwars films in order (ive seen episode 1 and bits of the others) but to some the first doesnt count. I may wait longer like after uni to see the lord of the rings and hobbit stuff.

I’ll jabber (the hut… bad pun) more about next year things in tomorrows blogs. Today… more writing character descriptions for code red and building up the city of Arden. Ive got loads of episode ideas :).

Mr Grumpy

Today I am grumpy for no reason. With that in mind, here is a video to explain this.

Writy McWryerson

So being brief with the blogs over the next few days as theres so much to do in so little time, much of it valued, so heres todays blog.

Other than spending the evening with my lovely one, today I have been sorting the house out, removing somenof my junk from the living room so its less Johnnyfied, and correctin the spellings in code red episode 2.

Tomorrow will be some code red character development with a lovely meal with Aphre’s family which will be cool. Maybe a proper blog then!

Boxy bingo

Boxing day! And just so you know there is nothing boxy or bingoy in this post, was just an idea for a name.

It was rather quiet, if Christmas day was saturday, boxing day was sunday. We eventually got round to watching Dr who. I thouht there would be a bit more rolling round on the floor during the  regeneration, and a bit more of an epic story but yeah, it happened.

I’m back home now, and hopefully stil open all hours is on iplayer so we can watch that.

Top trumps

So today has not only been a fun one but also a tiring one. Aphre and I are both blogging at the same time which is weird. She has got a kindle for christmas so whoop for one of Amazon’s latest customers.

I went to Aphre’s Uncle and Aunties to today where we had an ace day. It was a bit weird doing christmas someone elses way and it kind of having a designated time for stuff rather than getting up at 6am, jumping on or being jumped on by someone and and then opening the presents, but id say that for that bit it was more of an orhanic process.

Anyway so I must have had plenty of wine today, I usually dont drink it on the basis that I dont particularly like wine, but will drink it if im offered. We had a lot of nice chats and attitudes id expect around  christmas, I’m just not used to it being from the other side of the tracks ๐Ÿ˜› .

I will say though her Auntie and Uncle have good music sense and rather modern looking at other people I know roughly the same age that I know, and thats cool.

Moving on from that we had to take a break. Mainly for a break from the conversations and have some quiet time, and partially because we all really needed to fart… which led to an attempt at a quiet fartathon and we were joined at one point by someone else who I wont say, but the farted and left with a grin on their face which as you can imagine was not the funnest part but one of the funniest, as well as doing a really loud one by accident. I’m surprised that nobody came in and questioned what it was. I was concerned about the candles too, like what would happen if one caught wind of one.

Now, im back at Aphre’s and I feel like I could sleep for more days that I can cound on one hand, although I know I have to wake up and live tomorrow. How did your day go?

Yeah whoohaa

Just a quick update cause things is busy. I went to see my mum and caught up with my sister and little Mia, had a nice chat and time together. Xmas day tomorrow. Whoop

merry christmas and all that gubbins :)

So as you read this, I should have left Cheltenham for a brief time to head over to my mums in Swindon. She’s having a thing as she does every Christmas eve with as much of the family she can get hold of. No idea how many shes got but its changed from a proper dinner into a buffet thing and i think it might be the same tomorrow.

I say “I should” because last time i should have been in a certain place by a certain time i was stuck in manchester due to the weather. There was a man on it yesterday who was saying how bad the weather may be, along with the warning that trees may be ripped from the ground.

I’ve got my niece some pretty big boxes of things. I also am making my Dad and my brother Matt fight to the death as to which bottles of ale they want each.

Tomorrow im hoping to post up when i get back to cheltenham, but not sure as im sure i will be knackered with tiredness. I have no idea what I’m getting for christmas. I always feel a bit stingy because of howmuch i get and the quality of the presents. I usually dont get a bad quality one but not too many of them, so i suppose it evens out. Last night

As i write this (last night) i’m kinda feeling that I wish i wasnt left alone. I suppose its sleep but the last few days ive had company and dont like it being took away.

I shall report on my pre-christmas day antics as soon as possible. In the mean time, merry christmas and all that gubbins ๐Ÿ™‚

Life coins

So fans/friends/associates of mine may know of my my idolisation of the film scott pilgrim vs the world (Edgar wright is a GENIUS) and I was thinking again that if I could win coins for achievements what would the tasks be?

Like for instance tรฌmes my confidence was built up to do something (4000 coins), or passing college (9000 coins), having children (88000 coins – 27000 society debt).

One thing id love to do is unlock 3 levels. To be really good at playing piano because when I was a kid I used to listen to nut rocker and Jerry lee lewis songs and blueberry hill and think the piano was amazing.

The second is to learn how to drive. Its not as impressive or as many coins as the piano but I think doing that is the next step after ridig a bike (which I dont do because falling off always happens).

The third is to actually get a decent radio job. Simon Hirst from Capital ( I originally wrote  galaxy for a reason which will become clear below) has it spot on, I think what he does is something I’ve wanted to do for a while, hes not a cheezy radio dj but its fact that he’s a radio geek (will find evidence if needed) like me (which I am, knowing he was on galaxy 105 in leeds before the global rebrand).

So driving (3000 coins) and radio job (50000 coins) +1level in career. Graduate (50000 coins) +1 level for intelligence,. Piano 60000 coins and the ability to do 2 different things with each hand at the same time.