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Happy Post – All good news

Yay! Whoo! This is an indication of a happy post that doesnt have down elements in it.

My Freeview is back on. I nicked a box from my dads so i could watch TV again. The old box busted. I cant rewind it but atleast for bbc i have the Iplayer still on my Wii, so even if i miss homes under the hammer from the start then i can see it on that. Saying that all I’ve done is watch BBC1 and BBC2… Night Garden… Fuck yeah!
I have my new computer coming soon too along with all the other stuff. Got Ruby this weekend and looking forward to seeing her. Shes down here in a few weeks too which is ace.
I’ve got an internship at Tone Radio starting in September and i’ll be Head of Music which is not only something i like but to be doing this at a student radio station is a good potential step up into commercial radio or BBC and focus my career on something that can get me further into the part of radio i want to get into. I was originally offered the imaging… which is cool and would have been just as good but yeah, i think music sounds a lot of fun and it’s something just as important.
I’m sleeping Loooads at the moment. The last night i had 12 hours… I’m still sleepy. I had 2 hours last night and 14 the night before. I’m a sleepy head. I need to stretch longer and harder to shake out the boggles and groggs in my bones 🙂
I need to maximise my work, i have 2 jobs but im not actually working – My own production work which i need to find clients and things, and also i need to get on with doing more ambassador work. I think they like me but i’ve not done much. I’m not as confident as i thought i would be after my first tour… i need to plan that out. But yeah i really should plan out my work and take baby steps to get the audio production thing going. 
And the in the dark web page is up, i just need to work on the itunes stuff and getting the stuff on the site.
I have lollies, and the sunshine is out… Lets go fucking mental! 😛

Blog Break

Hey 🙂 I had a bit of a break from the blog, as you may be aware. It’s mainly because i havnt had much happening and i’ve been spending time moving and seeing things, spending time on other projects. So what’s been happening?

Well right now its nearly 10:30 at night and watching horrible histories. I’m always learning. I may have lost the last podcast recording as this time i recorded it the way that makes no back up so i’m hoping to do something about that in the morning.

In good news i watched The Dark Knight Rises at the cinema. It was weird watching it after hearing about the america stuff and those poor people who went for a good time and ended up dieing. On the news they had a guy who took his kids into watch it… while in the UK its a 12A… why on earth would you let a child under 10 watch it! I found it to be a mind fuck and a kid would find it scary. As for the Cheltenham showing, maybe they should have cut the trailer for the gangster film where they burst through a cinema screen with machine guns. At this point i stated “That’s Ironic” is a deathly sarcastic manor rather loudly.  That good news changed to bad didn’t it? I’ll try and keep it chirpy. Just watch the film. You wont regret it.

I was at 2000 Trees festival last weekend which was fucking amazing. I managed to interview about between 8-12 bands (I didnt count properly). It was the muddyest vicinity i have ever stepped in. I’ve never seen so much mud. I cant get some of the mud stains from some of my clothes. If i could remove them though i would put them all over your face.

I had a Killing Dream last night. I had a weird situation before hand which may have been the reasons. Jess (Remember her?) and i had a chat last night and fell asleep thinking about her. The The dream involved us being contract killers and we were hunting people down. She took the order and we were outside this place (Which looked like my old school, Oakfields, which is long dead and gone) shooting Nazis and the Gestapo… it was still illegal though in the UK to shoot people… they were watching us. When i realised it i decided to abandon the second part of the shooting. I told Jess i thought it was a shit job, so we drove our Red Renalt to the nearest icecream place. I then awoke.

£5 note gone afloat

I’m just going through my stuff in the current flat ready for action stations for the Cave Master to hit the red button. I am hoping its tomorrow or friday before 4pm because if not i’m fucked.

I was packing up and tidying the walls in my current room. Scraping the scum off the wall and peeling the layer of mucky film from the floor. I found the song Jason wrote on the board in the hallway (He used to come round and get naked, get pissed and sing lots). While sorting my room out I noticed the £5 that was missing off my table… i had no idea where it was.

It seems as just as i sat down to take a break it floated back infront of my feet. That was weird.

I’ve finished my pepsi aswell for today. I shouldn’t be drinking it, it seems as i’m on the Junkalitous pills it doesnt agree with me. Too much info?

I’ve been again trying to explain that i dont want a girlfriend… I know sometimes i want someone to talk to and a girl verson of a person would be nice, but its not an important thing to me as this other person is trying to forward. I just dunno what else to say about it really.

Right… back to work

I don’t have to post this!

Ok it’s now the 4th of July (happy day america) and earlier (3rd) i was walking into uni and i realised that it was the third… and that i didn’t have to update this blog daily any more since 3 days ago. I started the daily updates on the first of June, which feels like not long ago. Things that stick out for me is the Comedy gigs, finally seeing Ray Peacock and Ed Gamble (even though they weren’t together) and finally fixing things so i can see Ruby more. I’m sure there’s other things but that’s what comes to mind at the moment

I think i’ll just keep it up for as long as i can. I’ve posted more times this year than i have any other year. The last week or so has been pretty slim for finding things to blog about. I mean theres stuff i cant talk about which i’d like to, but there is a line i dont want to cross. I’ve been rather revealing to you guys. Sometimes its something to say, or that i’ve got nobody to say it to so i put it on there.

To be honest i know i have one person who knows everything about me, my ins and outs because they read all my blog and once told me to say anything to them… which i think i over did which i now i regret because i think i ruined stuff. And another person who i used to tell everything to and miss loads, but they have lots of good things going on in their life. In short… everyones got good stuff going on and I don’t wana be a pain to anybody else. Theres a difference between people there and being a friend leech. I think some of my friends are too nice to be blunt with me too so i’m sorry for anyone reading this who i’ve been a pain to 🙂

Anyway (Yes regular readers this is the ‘anyway’ section that im pretty sure i wrote every blog) Today was ok i guess. Had some good news which im hoping to reveal over the next few days. I’ve still not moved house and i have to go to yorkshire at the weekend so i’m hoping tomorrow i can pick up the keys to the new place and that i can get hold of my brother to find out whats happening this weekend.

Thats all for now

My eyes don’t bend that way!

I just got told off from a guy in a mobility scooter for “Not walking in a straight line”.

This was partially down to that i got a text and read it. I then was dodging other people and I didn’t see any signs that said “Dont swerve”. The guy certainly wasn’t behind me for long anyway, probably about 20 seconds.

Walking in a straight line is impossible anyway, am i supposed to measure this? I wasn’t on a road, it was in a busy town centre with people everywhere. He was wheeling up from behind me, stopped next to me (really close) and told me off. I said “alright, calm down, sorry ok?” then he stormed off.

Anyway this guy was wrong for telling me off. Granted, i wasnt particularly paying attention to what was behind me… but my eyes don’t bend that way. I don’t have extra eyes under this hair. I know he didn’t ask to be a mobility scooter user (Well he kinda did because you have to apply and stuff) but i dont think he was using it safely. I looked up some driving tips which says:

“Always drive slowly and cautiously on public payments and give priority to pedestrians. Always treat pedestrians with respect.”


Try to avoid peak times when pavements are very busy.”

He must have been driving at faster than walking speed to have nearly hit me twice with his scooter and then pull up next to me. If he was a pedestrian he’d have well gone around me, but it wasn’t a road, its not motorway rules. And it was a busy time, Monday lunchtime, so he should have been more careful. I cant help not walking in a straight line. 

You bloody chocolate ice cream

So i wanted to have a chilled night in by having some ice cream and watch a film.

I started watching series 2 of Episodes (I’ve not seen the first series yet) but its more that i wanted something else to watch and got into it so i might put batman on later. The chocolate ice cream idea was a bad one though. I find chocolate the hardest one to consume. Thats why i never have chocolate milkshake and always eat the pink and yellow and leave the brown cause its too sickly.

Ok that was way weird… Just a little bit then then all my feelings came back… to be put out like a fire by an extinguisher.

Anyway this post means theres not much happened today… which if you thought this… you were right.

A ghost found some treasure today. It belonged to the pirate “John ‘Axe-arms’ Archibold” who had axes for arms. This was because they were cut off by fellow pirates, and his axes were attached by bamboo. His beard was weaved together in a basket, just incase he lost the keys to his ship, and also catch the crumbs of his pastiy. He used the keys with his mouth (Which made the beard handy) and also he softly axed his pasty so it could be in his ‘hand’ to eat it.

Anyway the ghost was in the news. It didnt happen but it was something to say


I could start a revolution from here

I’m on my bed (as normal) watching things on 4OD as i’m having sleeping problems again. I’ve gotten so used to sitting on the bed most of the time instead of proper chairs, that when i sit on a proper chair i put my feet up. Thats not good is it? It hightens the risk of being told off! You know when the grumpy face of authority appears to tell you to put your feet down.

I think i may spend too much time on my bed… or i need to carry an inflatable poof to rest my legs upon.

Jelmer came over earlier and we had a skype call with Robin to try something out online. Its pretty much a go nowhere story, but the other stuff i did was putting everything in boxes… “Little boxes on the hillside, little boxes made of ticky tacky” for when i move. I managed to get the papers in that box sorted through and put all the assignments from uni and collage into another pile and put it in the pile of folders, and put the other useless papers in the bin.