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Well the baby was due today, but its 3:20 pm and probably wont be here today, even though caroline is very uncomfortable and wants to get the baby out if her.

been dealing with Community Radio swindon over the past week helping out, thinking of ideas and stuff. Nice little set up at the County Ground.

mostly everythings been quiet so things are sure to kick off soon!


Song of the day… Joe Dolce Music Theatre – Shaddup you face

Well just been baby sitting for Paula and pizza hut have pizza’d me off.

I haven’t had pizza hut for ages and Caroline and i thought we’d treat our self’s so wile we were baby sitting we rang Pizza hut express up. First they tell me that they don’t do the deal that is on their national website but does a similar deal which didn’t include the big bottle of Pepsi so i got a Pepsi separate, and they didn’t have Ben and Jerry’s ice cream with it so i got vienetta. The order for 2 large pizzas, 2 side orders, ice cream and Pepsi came to £23.99 which isn’t bad.

Me and Caroline had been paid today. all in £10’s and £20’s so we didn’t have change or £5 notes. The first thing we buy is the pizzas at about 9pm. When the man came to deliver the pizzas Caroline answer es the door. I gave her £10 and she had £20, so that’s 30 all together, but the man does this…

Gives Caroline receipt and says
Pizza man: “all the drivers have walked out today”
Caroline: (Confused) “Eh why what happened”
Pizza man: “i dunno” (Hands Caroline 2X50p and 1p) Gives Caroline the food and walks off.
Caroline comes in “Apparently the drivers have walked out… Eh that’s not right”
Me: What?
Caroline: I gave him £30

I then go out the door and i see no car or bike or anything… so i call pizza hut. I explain the situation and the man on the phone tells me he will call back when the delivery guy gets back. About 20 mins later i get a call.

Pizza hut person: Hi, we’ve asked him and checked through his pockets and he only has £24 more than he left with which means you gave Him £25
me: Well i cant see how that is because we gave him a £20 and a £10.
Pizza hut person: “Well I’m more inclined to take my driver’s word for it, I’m not saying your lieing, or that he’s lieing but I know he wouldn’t do that sort of thing”
Me: “Is it possible that i can take this to a higher level, maybe speak to the manager?
Pizza hut person: “Well there’s not really much we can do”
ME: “You can give me the fiver back”
Pizza hut person: “Its not possible that he will have any other change on him because we do not let our drivers take their own money with them and they only carry a £10 float on them in change and the money you gave him was a £20 note and a £5 note.
Me: “Well how come then I’m £5 short? I am 100% because we had the money waiting for him after i called up”
Pizza hut person: “I will have a chat with the manager and see what he thinks. I’m not trying to fob you off or anything, we will ring you back later in the morning if the till is up”

I thank the man for his help and we hear nothing for the rest of the night.

At this point I’m not too bothered about my £5, its only £5 but I’m pissed off because the man delivering the pizza has probably spent my money and I’m probably not the only one and I’m well pissed off that the manager has blatantly reveled that he has taken his word over mine. (Formerly working behind a busy bar dealing with complaints like this, you are not to say anything like this and you are to refer them to your manager who will sort the problem out properly and give the person compensation for the trouble that has been caused)

When Paula gets back we tell her the situation and she calls them up. A man called “Phil” answerer’s the phone. Phil claims he is the manager. Paula, who formerly had her own catering business with her partner knows the person she is talking to is not a manager as he is giving her lip down the phone and the language he is using, and is refusing to give ANY detail out, he also mentioned that any extra money the person who delivers makes is allowed to keep this. Paula was fuming (Had a bad day) and was going to go down but rang the police for some advice, who said to go down tomorrow and speak to the manager in person. However i shall be calling them up in the morning and asking to speak to the manager and then will ring up the head office of pizza hut to complain how the matter has been treated.

I personally think that the management at Pizza hut, Groundwell road, Swindon are bent and are fully aware this is happening. Anybody else at this stage would of given up and not been bothered, which is probably why people like that are working there. But also Pizza hut, a well established pizza company would of been big enough to apologise, suspend the people involved pending investigation and offer me some sort of compensation for the hassle they have caused.


Update on stuff

Song of the day Hard-Fi – suburban Knights

Well there nothing much to say on here lately. Havn’t been able to sleep properly lately. The last few nights i’ve been going to bed at 4am and i sleep very well so dunno whats going on there!

I’ve been going to Brunel FM on saturdays at the moment and updating internet stuff and doing radio shows. Trying to find something to do that does’nt cost any money because (No idea why) i was taken off the course at the training centre and due to this we havnt had any money.

My dad thinks it will all happen at the same time (baby gets born, we get loads of money and i get the radio job i’ve been trying to get for ages). i know most of it will come all at the same time but i don’t know when though.

Caroline had to go to the hospital the other day… she had pains in her stomach and felt ill but its nothing to worry about, It was just the baby pushing at her pelvis which makes her uncomfortable, but the baby is fine lol. theres less than a month left untill it comes so thats cool.

Listening to GWR at the moment, not liking the music or the image they have. They have this request show with Andy Henley and a jingle that says “We’ll play whatever you want… aslong as we like it” which basically means “We’ll play what we think you want… which is whatever we want” which has always been their way since the corprate branding. Radio is boreing!!!!

I’m also a little pissed off and disapointed today because of something i was told yesterday. not gona say exactly what it is but i think its because the person who i’m disapointed with is jelous of me and is doing things to make me look stupid, just to take the emphasis off their odd hobbies and fettishes. Luckilly i have loads of ammo and not afraid to use it on my website!!!