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I wasnt sure where to place myself today. got funny things on my mind today and the energy to do things, but really wasnt arsed.
Basically the day was – Go to the market, go to Morrisons, Play (and fail) on Guitar hero. Play WWE Smackdown – feel the pain (and fail) and download music (Don’t worry i did it legally) . Its not often i have chill out days any more. All i wanted was something to keep me busy.
I reminded myself why i didn’t have a game console for so long. I’m really bad at playing them because my co-ordination is so fucked.
I think in the past year i’ve changed extremely, but sort of not changed. My tastes and styles have but i’m still the same in my ways. I mean i’ve now got loads of albums by specific artists rather than just buying the compilations. Im dressing and acting more how i want rather than worry what other people think if i did. Plus i have a really good set of close friends.
I think there are some influences from places like Facebook and College… I’m getting into Dubstep, which is weird looking back 5 years ago, and besides getting a bit fatter (lol) i look different.
Just been lookin at some pics so might as well add them while im here
Remember that baby i had?? (well not actual me because thats medically impossible… anywho)

Well see that little girl… That’s Ruby!
Changed a bit huh?
I think you can tell a bit i have there too.
She’s nearl 2 and a half now. She lives in yorkshire with her mum after we broke up and i see Ruby when i can, Plus Caroline brings her down when she can. I was up in newcastle last week so i popped in for a couple of days on the way up and down so got more time to spend with her.
I was up for the weekend at the start of February with my Mum and we went to Wetherspoons. We got ruby some food and she kept sharing hers with me because i finished mine first.
We went to another pub later in the day where she removed all the Peas from my plate shouting “I’VE GOT PEAS!” and putting them in her dinner and her Mum’s drink.

I also thought her how to do the motions and say “Whatever!”, along with “Bossy Boots” and what the train says when it does it’s horn.
Yes… of course, we all know it says “Oi.. Get off my track!” to all the birds playing on it.

lol if i had a quid for every time a kid wanted to wear my glasses i’d be asked for loans more than shopacheck.
I felt a bit embarresed at college the other day because Music Lecturer, Will, Heard me listening to Prodigy’s album on my MP3 Player and he said something about being a Rusko fan and i didn’t know who Rusko was (York Based Dubstep producer and DJ and i recently found out) Felt like i should know! Anyway i downloaded his remix of “Take me to the Hospital”
Anyway if you’ve finished reading this then, you can check out the video at the bottom. Picked mainly because i got their albums today. Mystery Jets – Two Doors Down and Bad Manners – Special Brew

Laters Yooo

Last night


Didnt really do much but thought it was worth saying. Spoke to my best girl buddy in the world ever for ages last night. Love talking to her :). we were on about stuff till about 2-ish i think.
I was drinking a small bottle of baileys at the same time which was polished off quickly and had no affect… untill 4am when i woke up and couldn’t move properly and stuffed 2 sandwiches down my throte. It was weird cos i was thinking ok but i was all floppy hehehe.
The combination of the two left nice thoughts in my head all night and i feel brilliant today 😀 . Wish me feelings knew where they were going though, but that’s a little love story that shall not be told hahaha.
Anyway today’s been boring. not really much to say other than my cheese on toast was good.
That song’s from th Bailey’s ad in 2005 btw

Long times

I just realised how long this blog has been up for!

I opened this blog in 2005… I’ve just realised that was about 5 years ago
weird lol. im a bit bored so im updating before i get on with some real work.

General things

It’s annoying isn’t it?

When someone writes something on Faceybook and you don’t know no if they are on about you? I bet someones sat there right now thinking “Is this about me”
Hehehehehe! Now you know what its like 😀 😀 😀 . It might be about you… but is it? Who are you? and what do you want with my thoughts?
Dog the bounty hunter is on TV. I always seem to stick it on bravo on Saturdays.
I’m still hungry, moments after the last post but closer to lunch. Noodles i think 😀

I Want Fried Breakfast

Have you ever had that thing when you could really do with a fried breakfast in the morning?

So it’s Saturday and i REALLY want to chill. I dunno if i should go out or not today. been so busy during the week i’ve sort of got a mind headache. I was filming something something for college yesterday and because things were so busy all week with other things, planning it just failed big time.
So by Monday afternoon or whenever College Rich ( i have to Richs now… college Rich and Radio Rich) and i are filming i need to find a white scientist doctor coat
Just a random thought… The word “wasp” is said as “Wosp”… ever noticed that?
Just want to say HEY!!! to Jess! (She’s my cool friend 😀 😀 😀 )
Billy Idol – Dancing with myself

I’m Back Blogging!

Hey. so i was sat there one morning updating my Facebook status and the message “Too many characters” appeared. I realised i put WAY too much for a short status and remembered how much i loved writing, especially my blog and figured out it would be cool to regularly update things again.

However… im not gona do that now because im tired and want to sleep but I’ve gave it a new look, and left the old stories up so… yeah if your new to this have a look!
The main changes you’d need to know….
1) Caroline and i are no longer together. She lives in Yorkshire with Ruby (I deleted the post that explained that in… urrr… Detail)
2) I’m not at Swindon 105.5 … and im not gona even GO there!
3) I’m at college doing a media course. I also present a show on Spark radio (Wiltshire College;s radio station online)
4) I moved out of Purton (litterally yesterday)
Try and keep up with the changes. im sure ill update tomorrow so… yeah
Laters yoooo 😀