Monthly Archives: September 2006

Stress on legs

God am i getting really stressy.

Just been in the benifits office for ages trying to get a discount on council tax. I’ve been pissed off since the last 2 weeks. The Lodger and best mate Dave is being a right spanner. He’s been getting loads of wages from work lately and due to complications he didnt have any money since i got back from swindon. He’s paid me his rent since then and everything should of been sorted. I got £120 off him, went out wednesday to Visage & Ethos in huddersfield and i ended up spending £45, i only was going to spend 25 but stuff happened, wasnt my fault. Dave needed a piss on the bus so we had to get off the bus half way there or he’d burst, Then the taxi back costed more that i was expecting. Caroline and i still ended up paying most of it.

He started going on about that he has no money (Getting £500 on monday and now only having £100 on a wednesday to drink with and everyone paid off, he was being stingy. he only spent £30) Made me buy him a drink, i didnt even need to. Im annoyed now with all this shit. i don’t need any more.

Bills are still piling up and Community Radio Swindon cannot be discussed right now. I have seen someone from phoenix in halifax again and i should be doing some stuff for them, putting songs on an empty Myriad system… Uh oh. Going to take a while.

Bob’s been round. Thinks the flat smells, i think its his nose.

Caroline and claire are waiting 4 me now so id better be off. L8rz

Phone calls and disciplinarys

Well Disciplinary Day. Just had my Fiance’s diciplinary and was mostly streight forward. Just nearing the end i had a phone call from a friend who’s just realised that we’re not allowed to take Advertising or sponsership if a community radio station station is to go on air in swindon. I wanst clearly aware about this so spoke to another friend who’s Incharge of our application and was updated on the situation.

Obviously something like this is not good… Because how do to make money on the radio if you cant advertise, The BBC have a TV licence bringing in money. There are millions of homes in the UK who pay the TV licence… They all pay about a £130 a year to legally watch TV, for every million people who have a TV licence they get one-hundred-and-thirty-million quid, thats a lot of cash, wish that was in my bank. Anyway unless we can make some sort of charge for community radio (Think about that ofcom) to fund community radio its gonna be a scrape. i can see a penny pot in the studio and the dj screaming “WE’RE GOING UNDER… GIVE US CASH!!! IF WE WERE DOING IT IN THE OLD DAYS OUR SHIP WOULD BE SINKING!!! GIVE GIVE GIVE!!! heres S club 7”.

I have plans anyway, which may include my F.W.O.I.T (Fiance Worried of I.D Thieft) whos apperently a genius at fund raising.

Speeking of Genius people… Richard Grace called me a “Self proclaimed Genius” I didnt say i was a Genius and never have done, i just know my stuff and i’m pretty wonderful at what i do at sound editing. However people have said i’m a Genius, Thats a personal Opinion, If someone says i’m a wanker it’s a personal opinion. I have a raw tallent (Not at wanking, at being an audio editor) so there you go. I’m off to find out if i’ve been fired or if i’l be quitting.

C ya l8rz

Looking for new job

Righty, I’m looking for a new Job

I’ve had enough of working at the million year old celing collapsing club and desire to move on to other things, Due to reasons i’l not be discussing.

I had a chat with Ian Rowe from The Community station in swindon and if all going well i’l be working for them next year so i need a job to carry me on till then.

I’ve applied to other pubs, bars and bingo halls near by halifax and in bradford.

If you’ve got one tell me… hehe

Edwards AGAIN!!!

This really is getting really annoying now!

I was in swindon again a few weeks ago, 2 days before my birthday. Went into edwards to look for food and a bit of a drink so went to the bar.

Im there fiddeling around with money at the bar, Bar staff approches
“Hello there” She goes. Umm hang on a sec, serve her first (Pointing at my girlfriend) and she serves caroline (She’s 19).

She gets her drink and caroline gives her the money (A bit expensive for friday early Afternoon but suppose that the way it is) Anyway she looks at me. i ask for a WKD. “Do you have any I.D sir?” Im thinking “WHAT… AGAIN!!!” and she looks at my I.D (Its my proof of age card again) Sorry we don’t take this, let me just check if its ok.

She goes to the big bloke at the end of the bar. she comes back slowley followed by him. “No we dont take them” she says. “Its company policy” says the big guy with the radio ready to tell the pubs in the area not to serve me. Carolines got her Double vodka and coke and they wouldnt even let me have a drink but said i can stay till she’s done.

I work in a bar (You may have gathered by now) and MY I.D IS ACCEPTABLE!! It has a pass logo which is allowed in bars. Whats the point in paying money for a form of id that they wont accept in places like edwards. Yate’s, Baracuda, Walk about, bar me, everywhere else i have no problem with, why’s edwards got this against me.
So when i get my driving licence they can get stuffed.

i’m anti edwards now. I understand the rules of the proof of age, but i’m obviously old enough, Its like asking an 80 year old for I.D.