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Day today and The Welsh

Well the day wasn’t so bad i guess. I did what i said i was going to along with some shopping and got some sweets 😀

Went to the radio social. only 3 from my year again. One of my gripes with facebook is how people answer to invitations. It works simple. Press “Going” if you are pretty sure your going. Why don’t you just press no if you have no intention on going? It makes things easier for everyone. If you are unsure press but could go just click “maybe” and if if you know you are not going to come for other reasons don’t just press “Maybe” to be polite! Press No. Just be blunt and everyone will be cool. Other than that it was pretty cool.
I did get asked for my ID at wetherspoons though! would be understandable if i wasnt 27! I’m still having the same problem.
Hot topic lately especially with uni – the Welsh. Someone put their status as something like “They banned smoking in welsh playgrounds – Let’s just ban the welsh”. Ok that i guess was a little bit funny. However i actually quite like the Welsh. Would this class as racism though? You couldn’t swap the word “Welsh” with “Indian” because you’d get killed or something from the police so if it’s not fair on Indians then why should it be on the Welsh? Surely the Welsh are picked on enough aren’t they? And surely if you are at uni with someone the last thing you wanna do is slag off their culture. Just because we might not be so hot on our own heritage who are we to insult that of others? that too pisses me off.
When i was a teenager i thought the Welsh girl next door (Alison) was a really nice person (She spoke way sexy too). But that aside I’ve never had an unpleasant personal moment with a Welsh. Leave them be.
Anyway i dunno why i said all that rubbish but still it’s something to blog innit.
Popular music lecture in the morning. Going to struggle waking up. Totally gone into student life with the sleeping patern.
Have a cool day and that.