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TV Time(s)

Tonight was Channel Four’s Friday Night Dinner which is always a great watch. I’m glad that the obvious joke that could have happened happened early on and in more of an epic way that predicted. 

Last week I watched the first 3 episodes of Wasted. It’s on e4 (and all 4) and seems to be slightly inspired by Hot Fuzz/Scott Pilgrim/Spaced/Edgar Wright, but is great writing in its o  right. It’s based in a shop called “Stonedhenge” in a west country village. Surprisingly it has Shaun Bean in it as one of the main character’s spirit guide (or something). It’s pretty good. I wouldn’t say it was a version of something, but I would say that you can see the influences. The soundtrack is amazing, and is a little like something you’d expect to see on channel Four in the early 00s, which makes it great for Four’s brand, but also looks like it could have been picked up by BBC3… but could have lost some of its charm due to bbcing it up and losing some of its rawness.

Another new comedy show Aphre and I have been watching since it started last Tuesday is actually from Channel 5 – who’d have thought it? Boarderline is directed by Matt Jones (Badger, Breaking bad) and is voiced by (and executive produced by) Ralf Little. It’s a Mockumentary about officers at the uk boarder agency that is followed in a similar way as Ricky Gervais ‘The Office’ but again it’s taken that format and shaken it up with it’s own way of doing things. Can get a little crude at times, but I like that sort of thing.
We’ve been watching inside Number 9 on gold which is a great piece of writing from two of the guys from league of gentlrmen and Psychoville. I like how it’s unpredictable and you can guess what happens but would be wrong. So far I liked the one with the robbery for the way it was like a silent film and didn’t really have speech driven dialogue. That kind of series makes TV magical.

Not on comedy, but a habit I’ve had to break for a bit… Watching BBC news, especially breakfast. I’ve switched to ITV I’m afraid… only for the morning till Jeremy Kyle as Finn doesn’t like the shouting. I hate hearing about the olympics all the time. I have no interest so they are just ramming it down my neck. I would rather deal with Piers Morgan thank you.

Lastly, I just want to vent my dissapointment about the appeal court’s decision to overturn Monday’s decision to let members vote past the 6 month date. I paid my £25 to vote… I was one of those who could muster up £25 unlike a few of my other friends who joined past the retrospective date, and I have a great respect for the people who went to court to fight the case. Although I can vote, i feel gutted for the ones who can’t, and that I really hope this isn’t the end, whether that’s through another case or that that this doesnt happen in the future. I think this whole thing is unfair, and now those people who faught for the people of the party have to pay the court fees which is just crazy. 
Right, that’s all over and done with… it is time to go to bed!

Productive day

Today has been a productive day I think.

I finally managed to put together the shed thing in the garden. It’s like a little storagey thing, not like a proper shed. I’d love a shed though, I’d put loads of rsdioy things in it and make it into a studio.

But yeah i put it together. It’s probably the hardest thing I’ve put together in a while, and it suggested i used a power screwdriver thing but didn’t have one of them (well, actually some how we do, but the bits were not with the drilly thing)

Aphre went to the cinema today, but when she came back she brought us all some little treats that were nice. Last night I got back with Ruby and Aphre had bought some vegan cheese from the shop. If you are squeemish skip to the next paragraph… it was weird, tasted ok when it was cold, but Aphre wanted it for pizza purposes. So we pizzad it, and tasted like a salty, bit cheezy splodge of glob in yoir mouth. A little like if you sneased, let that sit next to cheese for a week then re-ingested it the way it came out. I managed to force that down me, but regretted it shortly after.

Back to Aphre though, I just want to say that she is mega nice when I come back from picking Ruby up because I always leave really early that morning and knows that going up and down in one day can be draining, especially when I’m going by coach as I don’t travel well. It’s nice to get hugs and stuff when I get home. Things would be crap without her.

Tomorrow, i need to cut the grass and sort out my studio. The productivity of today also came up with a storage solution which meant having to take some shelves from my studio and storing other things. All exciting obviously. 

on a bus with various smells

Today I’m traveling up to yorkshire to spend half an jour at a train station and bring a girl home. Sounds like some sort of fucked up slease situation but actually no. I’m bringing my daughter Ruby down for 2 weeks of fun.

The thing is since i got on this bus, I’ve been trying to decipher what I can smell as these things really annoy me. If it was pleasant I could rest… especially apple and cinemon because that means cake. Yum. But the smell of this coach I don’t want to be eating that fucking cake. I dare the people who say that they are spokespeople for the general public to travel on a megabus from London to Manchester and call it a pleasure. I’m doing birmingham to manchester, but only because I went on the train to Birmingham insyead because of how horrific it is.

Smell 1 ) Body odor – someone clearly needed to wear some Lynx today.

Smell 2) Stale alcohol – someone has had a great night last night, so much so that you could smell their last 4 drinks that have matured on their t-shirt.

Smell 3) Bad aftershave – not just dabbed it, not just douced it, but litterally bathed in bad aftershave.

Smell 4) Polish (The cleaner not a person from poland). This seems to be coming and going like a medium wave radio station you managed to pic up broadcasting from… well… poland.

Smell 5) Fart – not allthe time, its been about 35 minutes since the last wave of this.

There are others that seems to wave in and out. I do question whether these smells are coming from one specific person who’s been on a massive bender – Went to Birmingham’s dingiest nightclub, drank 20 drinks, 5 or which has fallen down the front of their body, so pissed they tried to clean themselves with polish and subsequently fell into a barrel of bad aftershave but ran for the coach for a mile realising they were too far away from the bus, and now trying to keep their farts in.

I’ve been listening listening to the radio which is something I’ve weirdly nit done in a while I’ve come home to 6 music, already had Parliament – We’ve got the funk – which has made the journey slightly better. I drowns out the whoever is talking loud about whatever the hell they are talking about.

I need to go before I add sick to the smell… i don’t travel well on coaches,