Monthly Archives: April 2012

To my special friend

Dear my friend. You’ll never know what you mean to me. You give me strength, your my rock. You lift my spirits when my life is sucking cock. Your not just a friend, i dont know what you are but you do your best for me and treat me like im the most important person in the world. I wish i could do something to show what you mean to me. But theres a line i cannot cross, to me youd be a loss. Theres a place we cannot be, but its important to be happy. But what i’ll say is that life is fine and cool because i know your there for me. I’m you friend right now, and i always will be

To a stranger

It was a lovely friday in bradford i entered the doors of your bank. I qued up to kill my bill and i noticed your smiley face serving a customer. Mr barclay must be blessed to have you on his work force. You were like a lone pretty flower glowing in a field, proud and happy. The robot dictates “cashier number 3 please”. I take 7 footsteps towards your desk and i see your glowing smile brightening up the area. Unfortunatly im just another customer on a verry busy day. My request takes a while but i dont mind anyway. On your tag a name that suits your face. You lighten up the place. You ask about my loan and if i needed you, so tempted to say i do . You take me to the lift. Haveing a small chat, i wish that i was the only customer that you treated like that, you’ll never wear my hat. i was in a happy place, even if confined. We say goodbye for the first and final time, you say to go that way and meet a guy named Dan. Cherio Tracy Pickles, i will never get to know you. Maybe one day our paths will cross, but i kno they will never do.