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Jesus Christ in a box, Stuck up bus drivers and bank machines

Ok, the world is definatly going mad!

They think they’ve found Jesus Christ, They’ve found some ice age looking creatures in the antarctic and the annoying automated telephone operator gets even more annoying.

I watched BBC News the other day and apperently they recon they’ve found Jesus Christ in a box or a box where he was in or something. Looks in pretty good condition to be that old. Also on the News that day was some strange looking creatures in the antarctic they’d found or havn’t seen for a while. It looks well weird! they showed this crocodile looking thing, a crab that dosent have a body (All its organs are in its legs) and loads of other freezing water beasties i don’t think i’d like to meet.

I didn’t get paid today as i should, instead i’l be getting paid tomorrow after i called up the job centre (Still havn’t found a suitable job yet!!! FOR GODS SAKE!) I got up at 6:30 am, first time i’d gotton up that early since leaving Swindon FM. I had to meet my brother at 7:30 at the train station (wake at 6:30 and walk to town at 7) but saw him at tescos when i was on my way to meet him. We still had to go to the station so i walked the rest of the way and met him at the station, had to see how much it costs for a train 2 Bradford.

Anyway when Mat left i went to the bank again… no pay so called Caroline up to meet her in town. Well anyway the first thing that really pissed me off today is that when you go to places like the job centre you learn you have to speek to someone on the phone instead of speeking to someone who will easilly push the right buttons and sort it.

Well the phones were all jammed for 20 minutes and had to keep calling for ages untill i got through and it only took 30 seconds to speak to the woman, when 1. I easilly could of got my money if the jobcentre if they did their job peoperly and 2. if i spoke to someone i would not be so pissed off that i had to keep calling!

Afterwards Caroline went to the bank. If you line up to see a cashier they tell you to put NOTES or a cheque in the machine… You’ve just waited to line up to put your money in through a cashier and they tell you to use the machine where there is a line where the old man cant figure out how to use the machine. What if you have to put £28.64 in change into the bank? (It’s possible, you might of been saving your money in a biggy bank and want to move it to a propper bank or you might be an old lady) You cant put all that in the machine cos it only takes notes.

Then it’s time to go home on the bus… Im sure that not all bus drivers of swindon are like this but most of the busses are… I go on the bus. I got some change for it on purpose (Got a paper) but 50p was stick in my keys in my pocket so i’m trying to get it and the bus drivers looking at me like “You gonna pay me then??”. ITS NOT MY FAULT THAT YOU WORK FOR A BUNCH OF PENNY PINCHING BASTERS WHO WON’T GIVE YOU CHANGE TO RIDE THE BUS!” I eventually got my 50p after pulling out a pound and about 10p in change (He didn’t even have to wait more than 20 seconds) i got on and sat down, with him shaking his head at me. WELL EXCUSE ME, BUT YOU WANT THE RIGHT CHANGE!

The busses over here have these stupid machines so you have to give the correct change and if you don’t you don’t get change. It costs 90p to get to/Back from town, or £1.70 Return (I’l only get on the bus if it rains or is too cold usually). If you get a return and you put £2 in the machine you don’t get 30p back. same if you put £1 in for a 90p trip. Most people wouldn’t quibble about a mere 10p/20p/30p, but when you think about it that money could go else where. Putting 10p in a charity box helps a charity, Saving that 10p 9 times i catch the bus gets me home again, and if every1 on the bus/going on the bus put 10p more in the bus company are making 10p for every one who goes on the bus (And how many people are bothered about a mere 10p? NOT A LOT! How many people ride the bus each day? A LOT) and as far as Day riders, they are charging 20p more than the other bus company operating in swindon which is £2.70 so the people putting £3 in the machine are leaving a mere 30p (You could het 3 10 penny sweets with that or even get a Swindon Advertiser for an extra 5 p). So how much are Thamesdown Busses making from people who leave there change?

I had a really good idea for a feature for a radio show today, but i int saying just incase it gets nicked.


Well i’m in my room Digitalising my tapes, Watching Phoenix nights, Just watched East Is East (didn’t put that on dvd tho) and watched the Adam and Joe Show. Im also going to do a DVD full of adverts.

Been out with Caroline for valentines Day, We went to Wetherspoons for a meal and a drink. She left over the Tipsy after downing Sambucas and Taquilas and a cocktail i’d created. I would of loved to do more with her (I didnt mean it like that… Dirty Minds) But i havn’t got the money… And she wasn’t in a good mood with me today, Poor Thing 😦

I told her that on Saturday I’d be watching “Hot Fuzz” at the cinema. I saw the trails on the internet and TV and found out theres screening on Valentines day, I asked her if she wanted to go and watch that, she said “I’m not bothered” and got the feeling that she might not like that cos it’s more of a lads movie, and i wasn’t too keen on what she wanted to watch, so i asked her for some suggestions “I Dunno… What do you wanna do”she says. I say “Well i’m asking you what you wanna do” Followed by “I Dunno, What are we doing about shopping tomorrow” So i tell her what my dad said “Going to tescos in the morning, then My Brother Mat is coming round about 4/5 oclock.. She Suggested that we go to the pub for a meal and i said “about 8 then?” And she said ok and told her that it’s our day together all day today as i’d been rather busy lately with the computer.

So the 14th comes along, and we go shopping, get home around 3 then go to the shop, and at about half 4 bump into Mat and Andrew on the way home… And then i Get told… “We’re not watching that on saturday now cos it’s on today, Come with us today! “I said i would if i didn’t say to Caroline it was our day together today” They are all “Ahh jonk come on” and “You were going to go today anyway” (I told him the day b4 that it was on at the cinema on the 14th and was thinking about going but not sure) and like them being like they are, they tell me that they are going NOW and want ME to come.

So we were hanging around mine for ages, and the movie was supposed to start at 5:30 and i am telling them over 60 million times “NOT TODAY… TOMORROW” They say No they are busy tomorrow and “Just go today, you was anyway” “No, look, Change a plans, plans a change, and i’m not going” and go to caroline for support.

“They want me to go to the cinema, the movies at 5:30 (It was 5:00 by then) and i’m spending the day with you today, Do you want me to stay here, or go with them?” “Not bothered, Go with them if u want” She says. “But i want to stay with you” I say and she says”well if you want to go, go with them” With a Face on as in to say “But i want you here”. i told the other 2 that the signals she was giving was for me to stay, but she still wouldnt say to them that she wanted me there!!! So i said to her “Tell me what you want me to do!” “I’m not bothered… THROW ME A FRICKIN’ BONE HERE! I wanted her to actually say to them “I Want him here” but Nope “Go with them if you want to see the movie” “But i want to be with you” i say “Go with them if you want to see the movie” (We go on like this for 20 minutes) Then the other two say “Jonk She said you can go” Then i say “Yeah but what she says and what she means is 2 different things” “No Jonk, Come On she said you can go”. The other 2 are getting verry angry, it’s 5:30 and they think they’ll get in still (Cinema’s 15 mins away) because the trailers are about half an hour.

So i’ve then said Fine then I’l go with them. Just before i go out i say to her that i wanted her to actually say to them that she wanted me with her “Well you want to see the movie” NO I FUCKING DONT!!! When it comes over picking a movie over my Fiance, i’d pick my fiance every time unless she says different. She said different and she didnt tell me or anybody else what she wanted, so i went.

Well Anyway it’s 5:35 at this point and i go to the cinema. I tell the Other 2 that it’s probably booked or we’re too late. We get there and it’s Booked. THANK FUCK!! Well anyway i get a ticket for tomorrow. “Hang on jonk” you say… “They are busy tomorrow playing football” Well Change a Plans, Plans a Change and now were going tomrrow.

Anyway i get home and Carolines in a right stress with me. SHE TOLD ME TO GO!!! Then started saying that i was the one who wanted to go. “I asked you what you wanted me to do, It didn’t matter what i wanted” I Say “Why did you go then” She goes. “Because you wouldn’t say that you wanted me to stay. I wanted to stay with you but you wouldnt tell them so i went.

I noticed that girls seem to do that sort of thing tho, They wont tell you what they want, How am i supposed to know what she wants if she dosen’t say!!!


God… What a mess. We Cleaned our friend’s room yesterday. Imagin the most dirtyest room ever, Think of it again and thats it.

I’m sat in my room right now watching the Young ones series 1 trying to finish the alcohol Rich, Caroline and i baught the other day. I made a cocktail that i’m calling Toxic Waste. It’s cherry and it burns on the way down and makes you go ARRRUGHHHWWA when you drink it. Its (Roughly) 8 shots of cherry liqure (20% alcohol), 10 shots of bacardi(37% i think), Half a bottle of Red (TESCOS) TVX (5%), 10 shots of Spirit of louisiana (Cheep version of southern comfort, 37%), 8 shots of vodka (40%), half a bottle of Smirnoff black ice, and half a bottle of lemonade. Rich was drinking that louisiana stuff most of the night and then had some of the toxic stuff. he didnt seem drunk that much when he left, but he told me he had a hang over in the morning, Not suprised. He drank half a 70cl bottle of 37% alcohol and then had half a glass of that Toxic rubbish.

I’m off to bed now. Night yo

WKD – Plastic Bottles

I went into Yates today. Asked how much Double Jack Daniels & Coke/Pepsi was and said it costs something like £3.20. (It was pretty expensive for a Wednesday i thought) So i settled for a wkd… Only to feel awkward drinking it. Upon inspection, i noticed the bottle was plastic.

I felt like a kid and i drank the bottle quicker, and for fun i wanted to hit my fiance with this light plastic bottle on the noggin.

I understand it’s to make a safer night out and people who feel like bottling people won’t be able to (Without getting a smack in the face after realising the bottle never smashed and never hurt them at all because it’s plastic) . At first i thought it was a good idea, but i felt really silly drinking out of a plastic bottle and kinda put me off going there again, But I’ll still go there because it’s not a really big deal. It was 3pm on Wednesday afternoon and would of thought they’d change the bottles round but oh well. Went on to Wetherspoons, had my Wkd in a Glass bottle and had some food. Tasty.