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I’m Free

So It’s past midnight so technically it’s Monday the 25th of January and I’m free to say whatever I want. I was under a contract which meant I couldn’t talk about certain things. I will do some more explaining about that situation at some point next week. I’ve written the post already and I’m really looking forward to releasing it.

Firstly I’ve been looking for work again, and at the moment nothing’s come up. I’ve contacted Audioboom to see about putting ads on the Sound Gorillas channel so hopefully soon I’ll be posting new stuff up and possibly revisiting some of the older podcasts.

I’ve got another plan I’m investigating, with help from Amazing Aphre. I really hope that it’s a thing that will happen and if it does, well it will be cool. i’m not putting my hopes up though.

Also, as I’m not doing any radio right now and, well back in August 2014 I was going to start doing an independent show online. I did a few shows but then the podcast was offered and I went with that. At the moment Zoe seems too busy to talk to me let alone do a podcast right now, so I’m going back to the show idea, although I may do some sort of podcast, I’m still deciding. The Johnny Robinson Affair will be launching in February. I’ll figure out a date then.

Recently I’ve had issues with creative stuff. It’s probably down to my mood which hasn’t been great to be honest, but I’ve been in the situation where my creative energy wants to be focused on something that I’m not doing, but I want to be. It’s an annoying thing, as I start something and it doesn’t flow. It happened a lot with reports when I was at uni. Anyway these things pass, and the creativity wont be so fragmented.

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Yesterday NOW

Ok, so I didn’t blog yesterday, and that’s because I was a busy bunny.

I was speaking to my good friend Jelmer on skype last night about various things, and then after I got back into writing. I’m sometimes on and off with it, and have been attempting to get these episodes done for a while. My writing process is a mixture of ideas, I write them, then go back and connect them better, and i’m really excited about this plot and what it follows on to, and right not it’s flowing… which is why I wrote from 11:30 all the way til 4::30am.

Here is a few teasers, and you can see why I was up so late.

CR scenesTeaser

Oh no, what happens to C.A? Why are my writing instructions so terrible? What’s the fire all about?

Amazing Aphre got me some Beyer dynamic DT 770 (250 oms) headphones for my production stuff as a Christmas present, and they came yesterday. I was mega excited.



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