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Stop press! MARVELous.

I’m working on probanly the biggest project of my career so far at he moment, which is named Sound Gorillas if you didnt already know. Anyway the idea of it is to release code red as a podcast.

The last few months have been dedicated to it and now its kind of getting somewhere. We were in the paper yesterday (Gloucestershire Echo) with the headline “Marvel as students bid to take over radio” which was a nice pun.

Jelmer and I were on twitter last night finding people to follow that might follow us back, but also did things that we like, so not many people might know them, but if they follow us back and see what were doing thats cool too.

Code red is an audio comic that we want to release, if you’ve not seen it yet, check out

Right… time to do more work. Looking forward to my job interview next week.

Panic Cake

So my last post was about moving house… and I mentioned that I found something which provoked some feelings and thoughts. I was going through my papers to shred and as I did this, I found a letter. It was my enrollment letter for University dated the 11th of August 2011. It says about going to the website to activate my internet, and get my I.D card. The card died about a month ago, and to get a new one I had to give the librarian the old one. I think I got a little attached to it. I wanted to keep it for memories but I couldn’t.

It says in the letter that I was to report to reception on the 19th of September at 10:30 am.  

Other than the boring official things like the assembly at the start, and the standard “this is a professional place” type thing, we had the thing where we were to meet your class mates.

On the 19th of September I met one of my newest best friends, Jelmer. We were to meet up with a person near by and find out some things about them. I remembered what he told me because it was similar in a way to what I was used to. He said that he used to do radio shows from his garage, and used keep it going during his dinner leaving early to ensure the song didn’t run out. I did the same with the radio station broadcasting from my room. 

It was duting that week I met Robin and Fred. We sat in the same area of the room which we still roughly sit in nearly 3 years later. I met some memorable people. The ones that stuck out back then were Dan, Taz and Neil for me… Oh and a quirky girl who liked men in knitwear or something… I forget her name but I’m pretty sure I do a show and a little bit of work with her sometimes (That was Zoe by the way). They seemed to be in a group that changed a little before it settled down, but there were people in that group I wanted to talk to, but ended up not being able to. I guess all the other people were in halls and near by each other, and I’ve always been one to be outside the group, but either form my own or just help gel another group together. In the back of my mind though as everyone sat on a log made into a chair, I knew I would have another 3 years to get to know these people. I was right because I’ve worked on many assignments and projects with Zoe, and I’m glad things have turned out the way they have. I’ve also done some ace assignments with Jelmer and Robin who I got closer to while doing the creative media assignment, and without them, there would be no code red and no in the dark radio show. Some people really stuck out for me, and some i appreciate more than others, but I’ll never forget the first day and how much I wanted to be with the crowd then. I’m glad there is nobody in the class that I don’t like or would like to be out of my life. 

But the uni days are coming to an end soon. It’s a little bit upsetting and makes me feel rather down even though I know I have built good friendships with the people i mentioned above and others. I just wish that we weren’t all moving away from each other so we can still have film nights and things. I enjoy them and they are one of the things I will miss the most, and Im more than 100% sure that some of them have no idea what it all means to me. The words I’ve written are a very small indication.

Anyway in other bloggy things… the news is that I’ve got a job interview date confirmed for Fun Kids. It means going to london which will be interesting as I’m not a fan of London. But if that’s where the party is… I’m there. 

Also in Code Red news… I sent out the press release to news papers and radio station news places today. The reply was from the Gloucestershire Echo. I did my highpitched squeel in panic… and instantly stated that i need a “Panic Cake” in order to put me back on track. I squeeled because they offered to take a photo of us… which will be happening at 9am tomorrow morning. I feel like other members of the team should be around to join in.

And Finally… Today I looked at some of the other blogs I’ve subscribed to and one of them did a personality test. I always do those things and I got interested. Apparently my personality type is INFP which is Introverted iNtuitive Feeling Perceiving meaning Introverted feeling with extroverted Intuition. I knew I was introverted and Extroverted.

Right. I need to get some sleep and not let the thoughts and letters get the better of me. Tomorrow… I’m off into uni to finish off some things, do a special task and get some important uni work done. Later this week I’ll be messing with audio tapes.

Moving house

The lack of updates usually means somethings going on. If you thought this you get 100 golden goose symbols.

Today I moved out of my student place, only to be there a couple times a week now as im in my newplace with aphre in Gloucester.  Upin moving my things, I stumbled apon  a letter. As my battery is low, I shall share it with you when I get battery which will probably be tuesday, it made me a little emotional so I decided to stop thinking about it and tell you about it.

Till then tho be good amd miss you all.

Who are THEY?

So right now im going through a very strange part of my life. Theres loads of changes happening very quickly. Its all very interesting.

The bbc thought I was rubbish so I didn’t get te interview for the tallent pool there, but im still goin to london for an interview.  Not for the bbc, but for a children’s radio station.  I applied for a job and they offered me am interview. I shall let you know what happens with that. Im not keen on londonning by myself. I get nervous around too many people in strange places im not used to. Im only now comfortable with Manchester.

Plus the baby is coming in a matter of weeks. He could arive any time though really. I am moving out of my student place this weekend which moving in isn’t scary. Moving out knowing that part of my life is over is a bit upsetting. Im moving in with Aphre into Gloucester.  Its not too far away. Plus the business and looking for work and stuff.

so yeah its spooky, although it shouldn’t be. Spookily if 30 this year. I dont feel like I act like I am. I still think you should be able to chame your legal age if you can change your name. Then again if you’re 70 and you legally change your age to 14 then that couldn’t cause all sorts of jimmy Saville situations. Im in the wrong year or the wrong body or something.

Recently ive been getting annoyed with things that shouldn’t annoy me. Like the long levens co op is the wrong colour, why they dont do takeaway lasagne.  Why they dont make the nice flavour of lilt any more (the one with mango in) . I don’t know tho they are but they need toget their shit together.

Anyway time to do a sleep. Night you lot.

Its been a long week

So ive not updated for a while so I should I guess to keep you all interested.

Im just about to have a pizza. It smells dangerous.  Its got red chillis on it so yeah, if ts unbearable then I’ll let you know.

Its been an interesting week, and a stressful one. I get bad skin when im all stressed. Oh my god thats hot. This week has been a week of deadlines, broken windows,  marathons, my mouth is burning, and then working nonstop til about 3 hours ago. Ouchy! I shouldnt have chilli but I love the taste.

Today I have been working on the crowd fundin for code red. So far nobodys pledged but it burns so much! And ive eaten half why did I think this would be a good idea.  They brought back 15 to one? So yeah I did loads of work, for some reason kickstarter isnt working properly. It works on indiegogo though. Do me a favour… if you dont donate, please share it. The page is . Ahh I got some chilli on the side of my mouth, it feels like a cold sore.

Yesterday I made the video, and applied for a job at fun kids. I went for one at the bbc but got the thing back today saying no go away.

Another thing today… I got some coconut yogurt.  Im not sure if I should have eaten it because it tasted a little like face cream or body butter migt taste. It was kinda nice but with that stuff in mind, it tasted a little medical. I’ve given up in the pizza by the way it was too unbearable.

Tomorrow I need to be up early because I’m getting the train to see Ruby in the morning. I’ve already seen the lego film – and yes I call it the lego film because im english – but I’m thinkin of taking her to it tomorrow because she said she’s not seen it yet. Everything will be awesome.

And finally something thats been making me upset a little recently… uni finishing. I had a bit of a cry just before watching captain America last week… so yeah it wasn’t the trailers. Its like a test of a break up. All my friends are not going to be around anymore.

The pizza is still left, my belly hurts 😦 . I hope a magnum helps.

On that note, I hope you have a wonderful time til the next blog.

5am stuff

So a 5am blog is nothing irregular for me. Let me tell you what im doig.

Im in a chair. To my left is a Jelmer and an Alex. To my right, a sleepy Taz under a floor blanket. Its probably the most messiest su space ever.


So many laptops

Post 569

So since the last post, I had 3 hours sleep and lived the day and it’s been fairly OK. we went to a place called Grumpy Whiskers and had a cheesy burger thing and some cider while watching a poetry slam.

This was a very small break compared to the rest of the day of editing and being late for a meeting thanks to the 3 hours.

I go to bed feeling rather annoyed though. I feel like I’m being  avoided by a friend because this person seems to act strangely around me, differently than before and it’s rather upsetting. They’ve actually had a reason to contact me, but have gone through friends rather than dealing with me. Yeah, i know I’m going from body language and stuff before, but to be honest, whenever I’ve had a suspicion about things like this I’m spot on. I know I’m good at reading body language and signals people send off, especially negativity which I’m putting down to my past and people who have hurt me.

And I’m a little upset about it because it’s like they’ve told others about it, and then they act strangely around me too or give me an odd look. I love my uni friends and I’m going to miss them all but to feel like there’s a lot I dont know that is getting in the way of them acting normal around me which makes me act strangely. I know gossip happens and I really don’t mind that, but it kind of feels like there is a vibe of this and I’m not liking it. Especially when I almost have a cry on my radio show about how much I’m going to miss them.

I’m also aware that I’m really tired which magnifies my feelings… life would be much easier without those. I’m also stressing out because I’ve got a deadline tomorrow, and I’ve also not seen Aphre since the weekend, and kinda missing her a lot.

Slugging into my bed

So ive just got back from tone after helping for the radiothon. I slugged my way back to my place (the closest thing to it anyway) and im finished for the day,

Just wanted to say hi