Monthly Archives: October 2012

Technical times

Todays been a bit of a bore outsider terms. I had the chance to be geeky to create something cool. Lots of work but means others can have fun with it and also maybe make listeners stay a bit longer.

I got Tone Radio’s play out computer to do the new station sound. Mainly the jingles and sorted the music into certain catagories, aswell as adding more tracks to the library. The thing is, as soon as i got home and settled the computer crashed so i hope somethings not gone terribly wrong after all that work.
Did that till midnight, and i did a radio show earlier in the day from 2-4. I really should put them up soon so i dont get a backlog. I did the classic chart which seems to be going ok. I did 1984 today which yeah, it was a bit old, but i think i pulled it off. Did a cheezy countdown to the Wizard by paul hardcastle which was mega cheezy. My Auntie messaged in. Shes not seen or heard me since i was a kid so must have been weird for her. Ruby heard me on the radio for the first time too. 
Not much to say about today really other than night pop pickers.

One of my moods

I’m in one of my moods tonight. Luckily its not too bad but yeah i’m not too chirly right now.

I’m not into the same stuff my house mates are, and i’m skint anyway. Im having an old fashioned comedy night on TV… which is what i did as a teen. Weird seeing Andy Parsons on a different panel show. Which chuckle brother will die first?

But yeah i’m moping around on the sofa really. I’m worried i’m making my crush too obvious and felt bad about that too today. I’m so concious about it, which is probably why i shall end up totally lonely forever, This will no longer be mentioned.

What ever happened to those Munch Bunch yogurts that you could tip into a bowl and it stayed stuck in the shape of the pot? i used to love them. They were in bigger pots. I have no idea what the hell that stuff was thinking about it. I think its fromage frais now and comes in pots you can eat with your fingers. It was like some sort of fruit milk jelly.

Check me out being so alone.

So anyway i was working lots at Tone today sorting some music out. thinking of starting a little team to critique the music thats sent in and whether we should play it.

The house smells like smelly sticks. It reminds me of one of my sexy ex girlfriends because her room smelt like them. She had nice smells in her room, i never got to touch her boobs unfortunatly because she said if i did she would hit me… although they were pretty ace, i just never got to have a go on them. When the sticks are burning though it reminds me of something else. Might be why im feeling strange cause i had one burning. Maybe i need a different flavour. I used to hate them when i was a kid

I should probably go to bed. Im getting up tomorrow at a reasonable time. I suppose that not actually want to get up after a 9 hour sleep is a sign i need more sleep.

Goodnight 🙂

Seven minutes past midnight

So i’m just about to get ready for bed and i’ve read the blogs and things i usually read before bed. I have a bit of a routine. Hi by the way, i’ve not been on for a bit. Things got a little busy, and now they are quiet. probably down to the lack of money :D.

Other aspects of life… well the women thing, did i not say at some point that im not going to bother talking about girls because i constantly fail? Well the matter has been on my mind lately again because of a few things. Someone had been paying me lots of attention and coming round lots but i dont like her in that way. Plus i need to move on in life, meet new people who make me giggle and i can have fun with. Theres kinda someone i like as well but its my fear coming back again. the chance usually is dare i say something it will make things tremendously awkward and end up in a total fail. I think i need proof that they like me the same way before i take the step into the darkness. I believe in a thing called love. Ohhhh.

Hey guess what i have? No its not a STD (As above, shit with getting girls) or a fabulous life… oh no, its better. I can bury my head down into my laptop when i want to be anti social and go on my… PRO TOOLS! Yay! I’m still getting used to it. If you dont know what pro tools is, its not a box of tools that live in a rack in a garage, its an audio editing software. I have been using Adobe Audition/Cool edit since 2003 and i decided that i needed something more up to date. I finally received the last bit i needed to get it working on my computer and since then i have been geeked out in how to use it. I just need to remember what Lansley said about how to do effects. Audition is so much easier to use though and has some pretty helpful short cuts that pro tools doesn’t have. But yeah i just need to use it more. The Cool Edit King is hanging up his crown.

So i was reading some blogs as i have established above, and the subject of halloween costumes came up and it got me thinking. Im pretty sure i mentioned this somewhere but why do girls get dressed up as fairies at Halloween? Even kids. FAIRIES ARE NOT SCARY!

When i worked at Coliseum literally half the customers came in being fairies. I can understand witches, that makes sense, and so does ghosts. So forr anyone contemplating fairies this year… here are a few suggestions:

Ghost Cat
Severed Hand
Girl who died in a well
Eaten person
Prison Zombie
Jeff Goldblum in the fly
Jeff Goldblum in jurassic parks
Jeff Goldblum
T Rex
Zombie T Rex
Zombie fly t rex Jeff Goldblum thing
Mark Bolan from T Rex
The goat from Jurassic parks.

I could continue but i shall stop now. I want to go to the night out but i fear i may not be able to. I’m gona pop to the bank in the morn and see if its a doable thing. Anyway till i update again. Taataa!